Dawn Magical realism and gritty mystery meet in Brooks s provocative dissection of family friendship and faith A tense psychological thrillerhard hitting Publishers Weekly Dawn Bundy lives in a cave In h

  • Title: Dawn
  • Author: Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780545328869
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • Magical realism and gritty mystery meet in Brooks s provocative dissection of family, friendship, and faith A tense psychological thrillerhard hitting Publishers Weekly Dawn Bundy lives in a cave In her head Where s she s been hiding for two years Hiding behind headphones From the two hottest girls at school, in their impossibly short skirts and unbearably tighMagical realism and gritty mystery meet in Brooks s provocative dissection of family, friendship, and faith A tense psychological thrillerhard hitting Publishers Weekly Dawn Bundy lives in a cave In her head Where s she s been hiding for two years Hiding behind headphones From the two hottest girls at school, in their impossibly short skirts and unbearably tight tops, their skin close enough to touch Not talking to her mother, not about what matters Not thinking of her dad, the drug addict, the ex con, born again but far gone Two years is a long time Enough for the cave to grow so small that her breath feels like stone in her throat Two years is no time at all Nowhere near enough to forget To pretend that nothing happened Deep one perfect morning.

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    1. Why do I keep reading books by Kevin Brooks when I always feel ticked off by the end? Could it be the covers, appealing as hard-Candy? Is it the promising cover-leaf descriptions? Am I Being a sucker for marketing? Every time I get done with one his titles, I feel a bit cheated and a bit muddled, as if I've taken a turn down Road Of The Dead-ends. When will it Killing God on me that I just don't like what he does? [This last sentence would work better if I could have easily inserted 'Dawn,' inst [...]

    2. Because I was sexually abused as a child, this book made me think about some past memories. I spent nights crying myself to sleep feeling aweful. This being said, reading Dawn is more like an adventure through the darkest corners of one's mind. The reader must be prepared for great writing, but also great hardship if any kind of abuse (especially sexual) is in his or her past.

    3. Dieses Buch war wie man so schön sagt "One hell of a ride"!Der Schreibstil war interessant und hat dem Buch das Gewisse Etwas verliehen. Dawn war ein authentischer Charakter und das was mit ihr passiert ist hab ich mir von Anfang an gedacht, nur alles was danach kam war eindeutig unerwartet! Tolles Buch!

    4. I really enjoyed this book; obviously it was written for people younger than myself but I think the younger me would have given it 4 or 5 stars. The narrator is a believable teenage girl and the story is good, with a lot of action at the end.

    5. I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 because overall it was okay. I liked this book because it was like a mystery when Dawn's dad (main character) disappears and she's left with her mom. Dawn is kinda anti-socialist and doesn't have many friends. I liked this book because it was greatly detail but the book constantly talks about random things that doesn't really have to do with the plot of the book. I really do recommend this book.

    6. I love Brooks' writing. The sass from Dawn throughout the story was on point and I found myself laughing out loud throughout the whole book well, until the ending. Which was not what I expected. The story took an unique turn and for a 13y.o to be dealing with all that, it felt a bit much. I still loved it. It has some trigger points though so reader be wary.

    7. a different writing style. Some of life's larger questions being raised in an interesting manner. raising awareness of the struggles of Dawn's of our world

    8. >>Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier: wort-welten/ Dawn könnte ein ganz gewöhnlicher Teenager sein. Sie könnte. Dass sie es nur auf ihre Art ist und nicht ganz in das Bild eines Teenagers passt, das die Allgemeinheit erwartet, hat sie Gott zu verdanken. Zumindest ist es das, was sie glauben will. Denn zu sagen, dass ihr eigener Vater sie vergewaltigt hat, weil er von jetzt auf gleich regelrecht besessen von Gott und der Bibel war, würde all das irgendwie wahr machen. U [...]

    9. At first I didn’t like this story and I almost didn’t finish it. The reason being is that I thought it was going to be another book that ripped on organized religion and its agenda was to prove there was no God. But because that was so in my face, and me being a huge Brooks fan, I knew he had a twist in the end that I would be pleased with. So I stuck it out and finished in hopes I was right.Though ‘Dawn’ wasn’t my favorite of the Kevin Brooks books I thought it was nicely done. It was [...]

    10. Killing God, by Kevin Brooks is about a fifteen-year-old girl called Dawn Bundy. She lives with her mother in an ordinary house in a town in England. Dawn tends to not care of she is attractive or not, and mainly stays alone in her room with her two dogs Mary and Jesus. These consequences happened because her dad left by loving too much drugs, alcohol and mostly God. Now she hates God.The reason why I picked up this book from the library was because the author was Kevin Brooks. Having to read hi [...]

    11. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooDawn Bundy has set out to kill God. She is not exactly sure how to go about it, but she is sure it's the only answer.Two years ago her father disappeared. It's not that it was a terrible loss. He was a drunken drug addict and pretty worthless as far as she could tell. However, since he disappeared her mother has fallen apart. She spends her time in front of the TV usually drunk and zoned out on her antidepressant meds.Dawn goes to schoo [...]

    12. I hate to be so critical but I don't think there was a single thing I liked about Dawn. I really can't think of one thing right now. It just wasn't a book for me, I guess.Dawn is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl named Dawn Bundy. She lives with her mother because her father disappeared over two years ago. Ever since then Dawn just hangs out by herself or with her two dogs, Jesus and Mary. She doesn't know why her dad disappeared but she does know that he wasn't the same dad anymore and that [...]

    13. I read the US version, entitled Dawn. I don't think they changed anything else though.All in all, this was a disappointing effort from Kevin Brooks after the compelling Black Rabbit Summer. I had high hopes for this one because of the sample chapter I read online, as well as the descriptions of mystery and magical realism (I failed to see any, really) on the front flap. I still think this novel had some great moments. My favorite part is where Dawn paints all the alphabet letters on the snail sh [...]

    14. I don't know what to say about this book.1) Brooks NAILS the voice. Perfectly. However (and this sounds horrible considering all the stuff she went through), I couldn't say if I liked Dawn and I wasn't sure that I really liked any of the characters. That's not to say that I don't like books with characters who do horrible things or aren't particularly sympathetic. However, this book needed sympathetic characters to power the plotline - even the main character(s) were underdeveloped and uninteres [...]

    15. Dawn lives an odd life. She has no friends to speak of, wears old, shabby clothes, but has the largest television and computer set up of anyone in her class. She helps her mom by cleaning the house and purchasing groceries, using money she finds in a duffel bag under a floorboard in her mom's room. And they never talk about where the money came from or why her dad left suddenly two years ago, until two of Dawn's "friends" from school come to her house, curious about her flat-screen TV. Suddenly, [...]

    16. Dawn is a gritty, kind of harsh, but very realistic look at the life of an ordinary girl whose life has gone off the rails a bit. Dawn's father has been gone for 2 years, after a long decline into drugs and alcohol. Her mother has shut down and spends her days drinking and watching the TV with glazed eyes. They've been surviving on disability payments and the duffel bag of cash they found under the bed after Dad disappeared.Dawn keeps very much to herself, focusing on her dogs (Jesus and Mary), [...]

    17. I kinda guessed what happened to her when she was thirteen and she started to mention that her dad was drunk a lot.So, I guess the book was alright. It was pretty dark in comparison to other books. The main character, Dawn, is a fifteen year old girl who lives with her mother and take cares of herself. She is known as the loner-lesbian girl even though she doesn not know if she is one(fore she has enever found any guys attractive). She reads the Bible a lot knowing that God is not real and decid [...]

    18. Loved it! I stopped reading books by several other English authors because I couldn't get into the heads of the main teen characters and understand their world. Unlike those, this is in clear English rather than dialect. The voice of Dawn really held my attention. Even though there are things going on like drugs and alcohol addiction I felt separated from it by seeing everything through her eyes and relating to her coping mechanism. Since I don't smoke or drink I find it disgusting but she was o [...]

    19. This is a very unqiue story about a young girl that lives in a cave within her own mind. Her choice for a cave was due to her attempts to withdrawal to a place that no one would want to be. A place where she would be safe from everything and everyone that surrounds her. This story carries incredibly dark thinking that I found to be a hard read. The reference to God, and her attempts to find him for her own purposes was incredibly twisted. Being that I am a firm Christian believer this was a diff [...]

    20. This book is about a teenage girl named Dawn, that likes to keep to herself in her own quiet world. She doesn't consider herself to be pretty, and doesn't have too many friends. Her current family reality is an alcoholic mother and a father that disappeared 2 years ago. Her father however, left behind a significant amount of money and Dawn has always wondered why. All of a sudden, two of the popular girls from her school, Taylor and Mel,start to pay her some attention. Dawn proceeds with caution [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book even if it was majorly depressing and nothing like the novels I would normally read. It tells the story of Dawn, a 15 year old who has every right to hate God even if she doesn't believe He exists. Two years previously Dawn's father becomes a born again Christian, after that he is obsessed with God and Christ and this then ruins Dawn's life. It was heart aching and terrifying to see how something can change somebody's personality. It was real. Really real. The trauma D [...]

    22. Kevin Brooks is one of my favorite authors for getting into the nitty gritty of a teenager's life. Dawn's father disappeared two years ago and her mother is pretty much a walking zombie. The thirteen year old Dawn from two years ago lives in a cave inside fifteen year old Dawn's head. Now, the two hottest girls in school are paying attention to her and she's trying to find a way to kill God. The original title in England was "Killing God". You really get an idea of what Dawn is going through and [...]

    23. 15-year-old Dawn Bundy:lives with her alcoholic mom, contemplates killing God, and is a loner. 13-year-old Dawn Bundy:lives inside the cave in her, is trying to suppress her memories of sexual abuseand is trying to forgive her abuser.Dawn struggles to forget, all the while remembering. She misses her dad who has disappeared and worries about a mom who is increasingly dependent on drugs. Dad's shady dealings come back to haunt them when Lee Harding, a convicted felon, is snooping around for some [...]

    24. So I thought I might have a different opinion from everyone else on this book. But sadly I do not. I like Kevin Brooks he's a good author, but this book bored me. I thought the two popular girls had a totally different reason for trying to get Dawn to be their friend and all, but it was an entirely different reason than what I expected. Dawn was a boring character. The whole cave inside her head idea had a purpose and all, but it wasn't really some mystery or anything. This story just bored me a [...]

    25. MINIRECENZIA NA BLOGUKilling God sú akoby dve knihy v jednej - a nie v tom pozitívnom slova zmysle. Jednou z nich je prvá polovica: atmosferická, chladná, upršaná, nádherne pomalá. Hrdinka sa ide prejsť. Zájde do kníhkupectva. Vracia sa naspäť. Premýšľa o živote. Nádherne napísané, prekvapivo pútavé. Wau.A potom akoby autor rukopis odložil a vrátil sa k nemu o niekoľko mesiacov neskôr len aby ho nejako dokončil, pridal prehnanú drámu a meh koniec. Čiže - potenciá [...]

    26. Published as "Killing God" in the UK, "Dawn" is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl who essentially hides a "secret self" inside of her: the girl she was at the age of 13, when her father disappeared.Living with her alcoholic/drug-addicted mother, Dawn is responsible for the both of them, as well as her dogs, Jesus and Mary. Interspersed with song lyrics, Dawn tells her story, carefully avoiding any thoughts or input from her thirteen-year-old self.When two of the popular girls from her school [...]

    27. Jeugdboek van Kevin Brooks. Hoe vermoord je iets wat niet bestaat? Interessant uitgangspunt :) Het is een donker boek waarin een puber een miserabel bestaan leidt. De muzikale rode draad komt van The Jesus and Mary Chain (hun nummers vormen de titel van de hoofdstukjes)- een groep die mij in de jaren tachtig fel interesseerde omwille van hun licht fantastische 'Psychocandy'. Het boek balanceert tussen fascinerend en onnozel; zo heten Dawn's (hoofdpersonage) honden, Jezus en Maria dus krijg je ee [...]

    28. "Killing God" was an interesting title, one that caught my interest whilst browsing the library. As a peaceful athiest, I liked the sound of such a ridiculously radical title. A few of my religious friends found the title odd and a bit disturbing. As I continued reading my ideas of the characters changed drastically. Especially when it came to Mel. Them repressed memory and grim past all flow back into Dawn as he enters her life once againIt seems the emotions are flat most of the book, but over [...]

    29. Dood aan God is een prachtig rauw portret van een door verslaving en incest verscheurd gezin, zonder valse emoties, zonder zo zwaar te zijn dat je er als lezer depressief van wordt. (Het is hier en daar zelfs (zoals altijd), gekruid met absurde humor, zoals de verklaring over de benaming van haar hondjes) Eenmaal begonnen met lezen laat het verhaal je niet meer los. Zoals alle Kevin Brooks boeken, een indrukwekkende coming-of-ageroman over een jong meisje dat worstelt met zichzelf, haar omgeving [...]

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