The Body in the Attic

The Body in the Attic Caterer Faith Fairchild and family are living in one of historic Cambridge Massachusetts venerable Brattle Street houses while the Reverend Tom teaches a course at the Harvard Divinity School and d

  • Title: The Body in the Attic
  • Author: Katherine Hall Page
  • ISBN: 9780060525316
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caterer Faith Fairchild and family are living in one of historic Cambridge, Massachusetts , venerable Brattle Street houses while the Reverend Tom teaches a course at the Harvard Divinity School and does some soul searching is his Aleford parish his true calling One night in downtown Boston, Faith is startled by a face from her past It s Richard Morgan, a former boyfrCaterer Faith Fairchild and family are living in one of historic Cambridge, Massachusetts , venerable Brattle Street houses while the Reverend Tom teaches a course at the Harvard Divinity School and does some soul searching is his Aleford parish his true calling One night in downtown Boston, Faith is startled by a face from her past It s Richard Morgan, a former boyfriend from her life as a single woman in Manhattan Their heady, whirlwind affair in the waning days of the self indulgent 1980s ended abruptly Now he s back, as exciting as ever.Then something occurs that turns a pleasant sabbatical into a nightmare Faith discovers a diary, written in 1946 and hidden in the attic, that reveals an unspeakable horror Suddenly dark secrets seem to permeate every room And with Richard guarding strange secrets of his own, Faith is soon caught up in solving than one troubling mystery with a murderer lurking a little too close to home.

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    1. #14 finds Tom taking a short sabbatical from his Aleford Parish to teach a term at Harvard Divinity School and Urban Ministry caring for and feeding the homeless. The family is transplanted from Aleford to the professor’s Battle Street Home in Cambridge, a preschool spot takes in Amy and Tom’s parish secretary takes Ben back and forth to school from Cambridge. This leaves Faith free to settle into the house which gives her bad vibes, she runs into a former, pre-marriage fling at a soup kitch [...]

    2. My first book by this author. I really enjoyed it although I kept thinking a body actually would be found in the attic. It's a tale of Faith Fairchild a caterer and minister's wife who with her family temporarily take up residence in Cambridge. Her husband is teaching a course in divinity school and takes over the professor's house. While exploring the house one day, she finds a diary that reveals dark secrets of the prior owners. As Faith tries to find out what happened to the woman who wrote t [...]

    3. Plot, as such, overwhelmed by peripheral history lessons about Boston,Harvard and Cambridge,awkwardly and intrusively inserted. Main character dull,insipid. And-- worst of all-- nothing happens. Faith eats And eats. Unpacks. Eats. Unpacks. Explains how to cook asparagus and finally finds a diary in the attic. Gee, that's never happened before. Unoriginal. Dull. Predictable and not driven successfully by plot or character. Spare yourself. Give it a miss.

    4. Love mysteries, so I try out new authors a lot in that genre. Some I like, some I don't. Katherine Hall Page is a great author who keeps you entertained. The Faith Fairchild series is a great, light, entertaining, read!

    5. I liked the book. However, I kept thinking that bones would be discovered in the attic. The plot is good, the ending not as good as I thought it would be.

    6. The best part of this book was the Author's Note at the end of the book about comfort foods and comfort reads. I thought that was very well written, interesting and nostalgic.

    7. Publication-date-wise, The Body in the Attic is fourteenth in the mystery series, Faith Fairchild; chronologically, it is thirteenth. This story is set in Cambridge as Tom is teaching at Harvard. My TakeThis story is rather different from the ones that have come before: Faith is "cheating" on Tom while Tom is not playing fair with Faith nor are there dead bodies in the usual sense. The tragedy of that young girl…thank god, we've come as far as we have in "letting it all hang out"!I do think th [...]

    8. This book is full of awkwardly-inserted mentions of real places in Harvard Square, Cambridge, and downtown Boston and environs. It almost feels sometimes like the story is a vehicle for describing the locale and showing off local knowledge. A lot of it is accurate (I work in Harvard Square, and did live in Cambridge at the time this book was written.) I did laugh at the mention of the "Fresh Pond Bread and Circus" - I'm pretty sure that's been a Whole Foods since before 2003(?). There are also l [...]

    9. Liked the story with the diary--that was really cool; hated the stuff with Mindy *totally irrelevant,* the stuff with Richard *the reintroduction of his character was just as pointless as the first time we met him, and Faith's whining and messed up relationship with him was annoying,* and I hated how Faith was back to just considering her kids a nuisance again and avoiding them as much as possible. She and Tom really need to fix their relationship and definitely should not be parents, and that g [...]

    10. Be forewarned that this book is dark. In the form of a diary a young woman's imprisonment, rape, brutalization and humiliation is documented and left hidden for over 50 years. Faith Fairchild, mother of two and wife to a pastor, finds herself temporarily relocated to Cambridge, MA so that her husband can teach for a semester at Harvard's Divinity College. They are offered the opportunity to housesit for a colleague on sabbatical in the beautiful and affluent Bostonian neighborhood of Brattle Str [...]

    11. The Body in The Attic (Katherine Hall Page)Murder/Mystery. Faith Fairchild is a caterer married to a minister. Her husband take a sabbatical from the church to teach classes in Cambridge. While Faith is reluctant to leave her home, even just temporarily she dose. They stay in the historical home of a fellow professor and there while exploring the attic she finds an old diary. She delves into the diary of this woman and is determined to find out who she is. One day she helps her husband in a soup [...]

    12. I have read the Faith Fairchild mysteries since they were first published, although somewhere along the line I had stopped looking for new ones. I was pleased to win a copy in the drawing. The Body in the Attic is a departure in place for this married couple and, interestingly, gives Faith a bit of a break from her business while creating logistical problems for her in their temporary Cambridge home. The finding of a diary and the revelation of its contents portend a somewhat unexpected denouem [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book through First Reads in exchange for a fair review.Although this is the fourteen book and the first one I have read in the series, the author does a good job of providing relevant background information about the characters that I was able to follow the story line with numerous characters from the previous books. The book has well-developed and realistic characters in addition to a complex and a multilayered story line. This slow-paced murder mystery has so ma [...]

    14. This was a book about a family, a lost love, and how we react to these things as we age; more of a mid-life crisis meets a historical romp through Cambridge rather than the mystery it is touted to be.I loved the flawed characters in the book but disliked the plot. The ending came out of nowhere careening into the story like an out of control car and the food descriptions seemed forced and out of place when they were inserted into the story. If you want to read a book that showcases Cambridge and [...]

    15. Faith and her husband Tom are having communication problems. He makes a decision to teach at Harvard for a semester and lets her know after it is a done deal. She runs into an old flame and sees him for lunches without telling Tom.She also keeps secret from him that she finds an old diary of an abused woman name Dora who lived in the house they are staying in. And Her secret almost turns fatal as the past endangers the present.This was a very sad story. And though not as much of a mystery as oth [...]

    16. Ugh! I hate it when a great idea is ruined by poor writing. The author has NO real description of Faith. We don't know what she looks like at all, etc. After 30 pages of dialogue and vague descriptions, I shut this one for good.Funny thing is, I picked up Mary Stewart after this, and it's like going from F writing to A writing. Stewart's description is just right-- lush and appealing but not the point of her books. I won't be reading anymore of these.

    17. I enjoyed this, although it's not really much of a mystery. But I like that the characters are flawed, and not in an attempt to be funny, rather just to make them seem more human, I guess. Of course there were some very cheesy lines. One of the final paragraphs reads:"He stood up and Faith walked straight into his arms. They held each other the way soldiers home from battle hold their loved ones. They were both crying."Don't you want to gag? Thankfully there were not too many of those!

    18. I was more emotionally engaged with this book than I have been with others in the series. I also felt the recipes were a welcome addition; in the past they felt intrusive. It was a good quick read.The diary itself was a bit too Woman in White for me, without ever approaching the masterpiece that is The Woman in White.

    19. I received this book as a winner. Katherine Hall Page has been one of my favorite authors for years and I found myself looking forward to each reading from the unknown lady held prisoner by her husband. I also looked forward to each meeting with her old friend. Disappointed with that outcome but that is what makes a story interesting.

    20. This book was a bit hard to get into at first but around page 90ish it picked up a bit. It was a bit interesting as far as the so called mystery went but being schooled on Harvard and the Boston area was a bit to historical for my taste in a mystery. I received this from a giveaway. Thanks.

    21. It always disturbs me when Tom and Faith are at odds. I count on them living in relative harmony. And that's probably why I didn't like this installment as much as I usually do. Nevertheless, I loved the big unveiling - I, at least, was truly surprised. Had not seen that coming.

    22. Not my favorite. I think it was the diary that caused me to struggle with this one- too sad, too real. Although I was intrigued and wanted to know what happened to Dora, as much as Faith did, I found myself putting the book down each time a diary entry began.

    23. Yet another dreary, depressing addition to this series. Tom is acting weird, Faith seems to be contemplating an affair and the lady in the diary is being tortured. Where in the world is this series going?

    24. I liked this book, however not as much as the other books from the series. I prefer when the setting is Faith's hometown of Aleford rather than somewhere else. I enjoy the characters and reading about how her little children "grow".

    25. not my favorite one of these to date. an earlier one, i thought it would give me some insight into faith and tom. it just makes me sort of hate them both.i mean, i already think they're bad parents, but now i think they're selfish and clueless, too.

    26. Good series - I've read 2 or 3 of these characters before. The recipes make me hungry, and in this book, I really like that history of Boston and Cambridge that the authors tucks in throughout the story.

    27. My library calls these kinds of mysteries "cozies". They are just a fun read and not too mentally challengingbut this one was a great read. There were two mysteries going on and some twists in the plot of each. This is the best of " The body books I've read so far.

    28. The three stars are based on the first 90% of the booke denouement would get one star at best. Engaging story, smoothly written and unfolded ends in a silly, bordering on the absurd, reveal. Enjoyed the set-up, but was disappointed in the contrived conclusion.

    29. I enjoyed this mystery. I finished it several weeks ago and I still think of it. To me, that's the mark of good book. I wish it had had a better ending but loved the romance and mystery. I plan to read more Faith Fairchild mysteries.

    30. I found the plot in this book a little melodramatic and over the top, but I enjoyed catching up with the characters.

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