Paris: The Collected Traveler: An Inspired Anthology and Travel Resource

Paris The Collected Traveler An Inspired Anthology and Travel Resource Each edition of this unique series marries a collection of previously published essays with detailed practical information creating a colorful and deeply absorbing pastiche of opinions and advice Eac

  • Title: Paris: The Collected Traveler: An Inspired Anthology and Travel Resource
  • Author: Barrie Kerper
  • ISBN: 9780609804445
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Each edition of this unique series marries a collection of previously published essays with detailed practical information, creating a colorful and deeply absorbing pastiche of opinions and advice Each book is a valuable resource a compass of sorts pointing vacationers, business travelers, and readers in many directions Going abroad with a Collected Traveler editioEach edition of this unique series marries a collection of previously published essays with detailed practical information, creating a colorful and deeply absorbing pastiche of opinions and advice Each book is a valuable resource a compass of sorts pointing vacationers, business travelers, and readers in many directions Going abroad with a Collected Traveler edition is like being accompanied by a group of savvy and observant friends who are intimately familiar with your destination.This edition on Paris features Distinguished writers, such as Mavis Gallant, Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, Herbert Gold, Olivier Bernier, Richard Reeves, Patricia Wells, Catharine Reynolds, and Gerald Asher, who share seductive pieces about Parisian neighborhoods, personalities, the Luxembourg Gardens, P re Lachaise and other monuments, restaurants and wine bars, le Plan de Paris, and le Beaujolais Nouveau Annotated bibliographies for each section with recommendations for related readings An A Z renseignements pratiques practical information section covering everything from accommodations, marches aux puces flea markets , and money to telephones, tipping, and the VAT.Whether it s your first trip or your tenth, the Collected Traveler books are indispensable, and meant to be the first volumes you turn to when planning your journeys.

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    1. I'm still not sure just what to think of this book. I read/speak fluent French, I've translated from both modern and middle French and published in peer-reviewed journals about the French language, which is to say, I know the nation, the language, the people—and Paris, I do know Paris. That stated, I have to feel Ms. Kerper and the authors she's selected in this anthology miss or skip over much of what makes contemporary Paris really great and unique. She claims to offer a insider's nuanced vi [...]

    2. I've catalogued this under 'read', because there isn't a shelf for 'really can't be arsed'.It's thicker than a Bible, and weighs well over a kilo it's neither a book to walk around Paris reading, nor even to be lightly considered as hand-baggage on the flight there. Plus it's mind-bogglingly boring. I suppose it's a compendium of all the relatively-unsung articles about the city that could be found. The 'further reading' pages (thicker than most actual guides to the city) are, I assume, an exerc [...]

    3. Something about the title, I went into this book not expecting it to be an enjoyable read. I thought it would be more stuffy, less inviting; instead, it absolutely makes you yearn to return to Paris if you've been and probably pack your bags if you haven't. There are so many little tips and tidbits that one would never find in any guidebook, yet if you've never been and are looking for a guidebook, this is not the one to find your way to the Metro by - it is, however, one to make you smile at th [...]

    4. I feel as if I've actually GONE to Paris after reading this book! :) Definitely a must-read. It does what any good book is supposed to do: it makes you appreciate the beauty in small things. It makes you savor life.

    5. This book is an absolute treasure trove.Whether you are an armchair traveller, a seasoned sojourner, or wistfully wishing for a season in Paris, then this is THE Paris book. It is the best place to start when planning a trip, and would be an essential companion for dipping in and out of whilst in Paris.I must admit to being a bit of a factoid-monger myself, and Ms Keppner's disarmingly honest account of her own proclivities (even to the extent that her husband must make sure his friend is in Par [...]

    6. A set of essays almost all by some American women writers who have lived in Paris for many years. They each finds a niche of topic to write about, mixing in each's own personal stories, personal liking, and references to other books. This book is perhaps good for casual readers who will leisurely live in Paris for a year or more, but not a systematic reference for usual travelers-- too many passages centering around words 'I', 'my', and 'me', which stand between them and information they intend [...]

    7. I won this book via a First Reads giveaway. It's really not the kind of book you can read cover-to-cover, and equally not one you'd buy just prior to a trip to Paris to plan your sightseeing, etc. It has been WAY too long since my last visit to Paris - I hope the next one won't be too long in coming. This book seems like it would be best for someone who is already very familiar with Paris or is hoping to become so. Maybe a student spending a year studying there, or someone who has to travel ther [...]

    8. The Collected Traveler series is intended to give a visitor a feel for the place through a collection of articles. It's not supposed to take the place of a guidebook and it's not supposed to be too time sensitive. I wish the author had reminded herself of that while she was putting the book together. It's a largish book, but a third is taken up with the sort of things one uses a guidebook for; packing guidelines, currency tips, etc I think that Kerper, traveling as frequently as she does, wanted [...]

    9. I love this book! it's loaded with lots of valuable information like where you should go,the must see attractions,pictures of places,arts,food,culture,articles,website and shop recommendations,funny stories and revelations and all sorts of things that's definitely worth checking out.Even at the comfort of my home I felt and can totally imagine all these beautiful places,the streets,the french culture,what its like and so on.Though it's quite heavy and bulky I highly recommend it! especially to t [...]

    10. This book was not what I expected at all. I was hoping for a detailed look at many different places in Paris to visit, especially some not commonly visited by the average tourist. The book is actually a group of essays about different aspects of Paris, some interesting and entertaining, some boring and not necessary to the book. I did enjoy the essay about Julia Child and one about enjoying Thanksgiving in Paris. There are also some great lists throughout of other books that give a more detailed [...]

    11. Paris: The Collected Traveler is a travel guide extraordinaire. Liberally sprinkled with photos, it contains fascinating articles by a variety of writers along with editor Barrie Kerper’s own insights and experiences. You will learn about the region itself; its foods, including breads, chocolates, and wines; as well as many historical places of interest. You will be entertained by French customs, exposed to its language and phrases, and directed to the most romantic spots in Paris. You will al [...]

    12. It's important to note that this book is a companion guide, not a guidebook per se. This book would be best for someone who would enjoy a series of essays in which Paris is the setting, not necessarily the main character. This book gives you the flavor and history of Paris and is best for someone who would like a big picture rather than a more detailed guide.This is a great book for foodies, history lovers, and anyone who appreciates art. Kerper profiles Parisian writers from Proust to the moder [...]

    13. I just returned from Paris, and this book was EXACTLY what I wanted to read prior to and during my time there. It's not a guidebook (our friend Rick Steves gave us all the information we needed on that front) but a collection of essays dedicated to every aspect of visiting and living in Paris. There are sections on personalities, museums, food, all of the things one notices about a city that is not their own. It's quite an extensive volume, with recommended reading lists on each topic to continu [...]

    14. As a French person living in Paris, I found it quite interesting to read a book about Paris that was directed at American tourists. It's interesting to see what other people might find strange that I take for granted (the hand-held shower for example). Not all the articles are interesting and I found the author slightly annoying at times (I agree that you have to have some kind of preparation before you travel but with her it becomes a full time job!), especially when she hadn't checked the spel [...]

    15. I received this book via the First Reads program and as an avid Francophile, I was so pleased to receive it! The book is a collection of essays and articles--not something you want to read cover to cover--but an excellent volume to reach for when you feel a longing for la belle France! Some of the essays are more entertaining than others. I especially enjoyed Julia Child's piece. Warning to travelers--this is not really a travel guide, although it does have some interesting tips and tidbits. It [...]

    16. very good. brought back many memories of my trips to paris. makes me want to go back so i can visit the places recommended! this would make a great present for anyone traveling to paris or those who love it.i would've liked to have more content in the first chapter and not so many recommended readings. although very good recommendations, they were more of a distraction and a slight turn off to finishing the book. i was glad the following chapters had more articles. (Received free through First [...]

    17. This collection of articles (most re-printed) has something for everyone who is planning, or dreaming of planning, a trip to Paris. Use it to supplement traditional guide books: included are some wonderful pieces about the cafe culture (including etiquette and dos & don't's), specific arrondissements (including le Marais, to my delights), areas outside of Paris (Versailles, Chartes, Loire Valley), and little-known treasures within. A love letter to Paris, essentially. Feel free to skim over [...]

    18. I generally like anthologies and recommended reading / bibliography-style books. This is both. I particularly liked that the editor brought a varied selection of books and articles across many decades of reading and research. That being said, this collection is not as current as it could be, despite this being the most recent edition. Also, on a personal note, having just moved back from Paris to the U.S I could have picked a better time to read this.

    19. I love Paris and was really happy to win this. It's quite long and I'm reading more things at the same time, so I don't know how fast I'll get through it, but it definitely feels like I will love this. As I've gotten through it more, I see that it is more of a companion guide than a travel book, but I think that's great. I'd love something like this for any place I go.

    20. An absolute must before your next trip to Paris. I love the bibliographies organized at the end of each chapter as it really helps you hone in on the minutia of whatever Parisian passion piques your interest. The various compiled articles come from periodicals, essays, and, well, just about every written source around! I turn to it before every trip to Paris to get myself psyched up.

    21. The one about the military leader kept in a cage for years and years and years gave me nightmares. The one about the woman who went to a fine restaurant off-season still makes me smile. The one about the "secret word" in the bakery taught me a lot about manners in Paris.

    22. I'm all bummed as the library wouldn't let me renew this. But, having read over 200 pages, I am going to put this on my Kindle for sure. It's a delightful read whether you are planning a trip to Paris or not.

    23. What a helpful and interesting read in preparation for my first trip to Paris! A little bit every day of the author's enthusiastic and engaging voice sent me to other resources and made me even more excited for my travels.

    24. Really enjoyed reading the different vignettes in this book. Would be great to be able to use it as a travel resource on a personal trip to Paris, someday!!

    25. SO much more than a travel guide. Brings the full enchantment that is Paris to life and makes me long for a trip there soon. A really pleasant surprise read, enjoyed it thoroughly.

    26. Some excellent essays and a lot of information, tips, websites and recommendations on things to do, see and experience in Paris. I'll definitely be looking for an updated copy when I next go.

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