One thought on “The Prince Who Knew His Fate”

  1. I'm not entirely sure how to rate this. It seems unfair to judge a story from 3000 years ago that was written in pictures (though aren't all letters pictures, really?)The premise of the story is that a bunch of goddesses told a king that his son would be killed by a crocodile, a snake or dog so he is locked up until he is an adult and asks to leave (he gets some serious defence for his journey though).There are a couple of facepalm moments. When he asks for a dog his father goes "yeah, give him [...]

  2. An interesting "bilingual" fairy tale told in the original hieroglyphics and a literal English translation by Egyptologist Dr. Lise Manniche. The endnote was super interesting and the concept is very cool, but the story itself (and that it's a literal translation) is super boring.

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