Valley Of Death, Zombie Trailer Park

Valley Of Death Zombie Trailer Park Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico there s something horribly wrong in a remote valley To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes sin

  • Title: Valley Of Death, Zombie Trailer Park
  • Author: William Bebb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico there s something horribly wrong in a remote valley To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes singing to the moon When Josey drives his truck down into the valley he quickly learns the horrifying truth It s not coyotes howling it s men or what used to be men Josey diJust a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico there s something horribly wrong in a remote valley To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes singing to the moon When Josey drives his truck down into the valley he quickly learns the horrifying truth It s not coyotes howling it s men or what used to be men Josey discovers that the valley is home to the depraved, the noble, the damned, the innocent, the beautiful, and of course the walking dead When the least dangerous thing you encounter is an angry rattlesnake you know you ve made a wrong turn in Albuquerque.The story is over 110,000 words in length It s eighteen chapters of adventure, excitement, horror, and thoughtful humor.What kind of zombies are they There has been an interesting but ultimately pointless debate going on for years about what constitutes a zombie Is it a dead person who walks around causing mayhem Or is it someone who is violently insane and seeks only to kill and destroy Why not both Nestled in a remote valley, the residents of The Albuquerque Springs Trailer Park have lived out there lives nearly forgotten by the rest of the world The trailer park is home to dozens of illegal immigrants, a hermit who has turned his back on society, a veteran of World War 2, a grumpy old woman, a family of Meth cookers known to local police officials as the Redneck Gourmets, and a beautiful young woman, are just a few.Life was peaceful, quiet, and boring until a deadly industrial accident killed Juan, one of the illegal immigrants His friends and neighbors promised to dispose of the victim s body Unfortunately, he came back and disposed of them one mouthwatering bite at a time.William Robert Bebb Who is he Born in southern California in the 1960 s, William Bebb is a man of many talents In the late 1980 s and early 1990 s, he earned scholarships for Forensic Speaking at two universities William was also Editor of a University of Alabama at Birmingham newspaper from 1989 to 1991 Also, he won numerous awards for extemporaneous and other speeches at intercollegiate competitions across the country.After graduating with a degree in Communication Arts Broadcasting from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1993, he worked in the exciting world of Academia till 1996 Recognized as an invaluable asset, William was recruited to a worldwide television network where he has prepared programming for millions of people since 1997.

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    1. Normally I like the "First Paragraph" start, but this book's dedication is so freakin' on point that I have to quote it: This novel is dedicated to all my friends and enemies who made me what I am today. With a special thanks to my ex-wife, who taught me the true meaning of horror.Wow. Just wow. This has got to be one of the best, craziest, whacked out zombie books I've ever read. There's a Pulp Fiction-esque cast of characters that boggle the imagination with their inventiveness - a septic tank [...]

    2. Bebb’s book is a fresh, engaging take on a zombie outbreak. The origin is a factory error, which is decidedly different from the more usual government experimentation or voodoo approach. It’s great commentary on the exploitative practices of factories, not to mention the exploitation of illegal immigrants, without ever being too heavy-handed or preachy. The zombies are a mix of the rage virus and traditional undead. Before dying they are inexplicably full of rage and will eat almost anything [...]

    3. Instant William Bedd fan! I read soooo many Zombie stories and while most are good more are average, very few are excellent. Valley Of Death, Zombie Trailer Park is one of those few. The story never slows once it get going, it just doesn't stop. There are a few "flashbacks" but they are never very long and complement the scenes. The characters are wonderful and well written. seriously the characters are great. Even as new characters/victims are introduced through out the story it never takes awa [...]

    4. At 2% I gave up. I couldn't get into it, and the author's flippant attitude during the author's note was a turn-off. This is not fanfic; people are paying for this. Hire an editor, or at least have a grammatically-inclined friend beta read.

    5. For some reason I have been obsessively reading zombie books lately, and it all started after Halloween too (weird I know). But its okay because I love all things zombie, though I really wouldn't want to ever meet one. That said, I can't comfortable give a synopsis of this book. There is just so much going on and I know I would end up giving away to many spoilers.This book was good, and I really enjoyed it, had everything you look for in a zombie book. I liked most of the characters, but in my o [...]

    6. This book is great because of the surprise factor. I mean, reallywhat do you expect from a book titled "Zombie Trailer Park" you expect zombies, and a trailer park. This book delivers perfectly in both these categories. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how the book flowed, it was an easy read, the characters were about as deep as you would expect from a zombie genre, maybe even a little more fleshed out than expected. There was even a few tongue-in-cheek moments that let you know that the [...]

    7. Ooo, if you look at the cover just right, there's a skull in the middle. :) I loved this zombie book. The story was told through a large cast of characters, which would normally annoy me, but it this case, most of them didn't last long anyway. This is a hilarious take on a zombie outbreak taking over a trailer park sheltered in a valley. A handful of survivors have managed to stay hidden and after 3 days, are wondering when help's coming. But when there is no cell reception and the telephone pol [...]

    8. Lots of blood and gore, but character motivations are clear and reasonable. One of the best zombie novels I've read. Strong characters, a lot of humor, and really holds up to the end. LOVED IT!My 71 year old mom even read it and loved it!

    9. I really enjoyed this book and I'm not a huge zombie fan (though my husband is). I believe those who are zombie fans could really like this story. There are a lot of good disgusting descriptions of death, various forms of undead, and injuries on (live) people. There are some good people and there are some people you hope you would never meet either because of their stupidity or downright meanness as characters in this book. I like that not everyone is a great shot with a gun, a fantastic hero-ty [...]

    10. TITLE - VALLEY OF DEATH - ZOMBIE TRAILER PARKAUTHOR - WILLIAM BEBBIts another hot and steamy Monday in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Josey is trying to get thru his day like any other human being walking the earth. He has a job to do at the Albuquerque Springs Trailer Park, when driving his truck into the valley he gets an odd feeling and something is just not right.Beaumont Bio Chemical company is trying to cover a death that went all wrong. A factory supervisor pays off a few illegal immigrants to [...]

    11. A secret, a few miles away from New Mexico. There is something in mountains, something that know one knew about. One day a guy named Josey. Goes up the mountain, he uncovers the truth of wether zombies are real or not. Will he make it out of there alive? Who knows maybe or he will die trying to escape. You want to know then read the book. Wow! I can't imagine me stuck somewhere I can die. Just imagine yourself reveal a secret, a dark secret. Would you like it? Not me, though I enjoyed this book. [...]

    12. This book was ok, it did take about half the book to set the characters, but then it moved fairly quickly. As for it being a zombie book, I don't really think it succeeded very well. When I think Zombies, I think of classic zombies, not like some of the monsters described here. After I thought more about it being like 28 Days Later I was able to enjoy it a little more.The thing I really hated about this book was the authors attempt at describing what some animals were thinking, or even more anno [...]

    13. Not a great story but somewhat entertaining strictly for the zombies. The story seemed to drag on with characters thrown in just to stretch it out. I can't say I felt emotionally attached to any of the characters either except for the dog. Parts of the story didn't feel right to me either. The truck running out of gas didn't make much sense given Josey was in the middle of his run when the story started. Then when this "hero's" actions basically caused the death of two innocent characters, no on [...]

    14. this story is good, and i like this book however the author messed up big time when he goes back in time and starts to talk about other things, it takes away the flow and its confusing to say the least. Every single time the story gets intense, interesting and i am at the edge of my seat, BAM!! he cuts the story, he goes into a new paragraph and has the character reminisce about the past, this is so ongoing that i gave up on trying to finish reading the book!! had he not done that, then this boo [...]

    15. Interesting Characters and Fast Moving ActionThis story was probably the best Zombie book I ever read. With the interesting characters and the fast pace story this would be a great movie. I would like to say that I agree with the author about the dog and also his comments about Charlie. A lot of sadness but more bravery than I have seen in people for ages. Only o e suggestion - proofreading. At times I had to slow down to understand because words were left out or duplicated in a sentence. Still [...]

    16. i love this book!! i had a hard time putting it down. i fell in love with a couple of the characters, they're all so realistic. do not let the title be deceiving, although i LOVE it, i know some will skip over this book because it does sound kind of cheesy lol. it's outstanding. i was on the edge of my seat all last night, trying to get to the end and see how it turned outke i said, outstanding!!! i think i need a sequel :P i thank you, mr william bebb, for such a twisted imagination ;) i mean t [...]

    17. Lots of Gore.I'm 70%through and the plot doesn't really take off but I didn't have high expectations was a free book on kindle fire.I have been on a zombie kick lately but in all fairness I really don't have much to compare this book toammatical errors and some missing words don't bother me too muchstly, the descriptions are over the top.if you enjoy just gruesome Gore on top of more Gore this is right up your alley or should i say valley

    18. This book was GREAT! I wasn't expecting much after I read the forward (haha, though) but it was a fairly quickly paced book that kept me wanting to read more and more. I enjoyed the characters, there was fantastic background development that wasn't too much, but made you feel like you knew them. I was really excited to continue reading about everyone in the sequel, Zombies of All Hallows Evil, but when the book cut off I was bummed I didn't have the rest on hand to finish :)

    19. I snagged this off for free. Judging by the title I thought it was going to be some silly zombie book. Was I ever wrong! From the start you are thrown in the action. The characters are well developed and you form a bond quickly. I love the two different types of zombies running around. Throw in a killer snake and some Redneck meth cookers to add to the mix. Loved how the guy who started it all got it in the end, Who knew a trailer park could be one awesome place for a zombie uprising.

    20. I got this book as a free download and I loved it. It had everything you would want from a zombie story. Characters you could identify with, plenty of gore and pulse pounding action, some humor and heartfelt moments. I had a hard time putting it down and definitely recommend it, it was a crazy ride. I will check out other books from the author and look forward to read more of his books.

    21. Really not bad for a first time writer. He may have been overzealous in some characters' background stories. A number of the characters seemed to be identical in voice. But he also made certain none of his characters was perfect and each made at least one wrong decision which kept the story moving. And this was a zombie novel; there were enough icky parts to satisfy the reader.

    22. I thought that it started out okay. BUT--then it dragged on and on and on!! I quit reading it at the 75% mark when the author added new characters. It seemed as though the storyline was not well thought out and the book consisted mainly of the author continually adding new characters and then spending too much time expounding on them. I wouldn't recommend it.

    23. Basically unreadable. The book opens with a kind of foreword where the author explains that this (this!) is improved re: spelling/grammar over the previous edition. And/but it would almost be *better* if it were rife with these kinds of errors. Instead it's just a series of gross-out moments and zombie non sequiturs.

    24. A pretty decent read, kinda funny in spot, kinda gruesome in others. The cliched relationship between two of the characters dropped the rating for me.Very funny beginning, where the author apologized for grammatical mistakes in previous versions. Didn't catch many in this one, other than lack of quotation marks in spots.Recommended for zombie lovers.

    25. I have nvr read anything from this author before but I must say am highly impressed with this book is a very interesting story definatly not your typical zombie book has real depth to the characters that you normally don't find in a zombie story. To cut straight to the point this book is definatly worth reading very well written and am looking forward to reading more from William Webb.

    26. I'm on a zombie reading kick I think due in part because of my love for "The Walking Dead" tv show. I can't get enough of zombies! This book was entertaining. There are some gruesome parts, so I wouldn't advise reading this while snacking. Unless you want to use it as a weight loss aid!

    27. The zombie trailer park book was GREAT I'm already going to buy the next book in the series. The characters were engaging and the story was GREAT!!!! I loved it and it gave you a little preview of the next book which HOOKED me

    28. Very slow starter. It took half of the book to get it all set up. But once it did, it moved. Kindle edition has the beginning of the next one in the series. Interest sparked but not sure if I will dive back in. Did love the author's note at the end. Clever.

    29. GOOD BOOKThis is a really good book! I've read a lot of Zombie Apocalypse books and this one will keep you hopin. You will hold your breath and wonder, how the hell they will get out of this one. Whatever you imaginet me it will not happen. Good read!

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