Ask Amy Green: Bridesmaid Blitz

Ask Amy Green Bridesmaid Blitz Ask Amy Green With her mum s wedding fast approaching Amy is on a mission to find the perfect bridesmaid dress And what better place than the fashion capital of the world She and Clover are on the pl

  • Title: Ask Amy Green: Bridesmaid Blitz
  • Author: Sarah Webb
  • ISBN: 9781406316933
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ask Amy Green With her mum s wedding fast approaching, Amy is on a mission to find the perfect bridesmaid dress And what better place than the fashion capital of the world She and Clover are on the plane quicker than you can say va va vroom But there s trouble in store when they meet a certain Parisian garcon Full description

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    1. Amy and her (very young!) aunt Clover are back, and there's a ton going on. Amy's boyfriend Seth's mother is having trouble with her cancer coming back, Amy's mother is stressed about her upcoming marriage and is trying to deal with too small children while her fiance is working in a hospital AND trying to write children's songs, and Amy's stepmother is expecting. When the baby is born prematurely, Amy's father doesn't have much time for Amy. When Amy is able to go to Paris with her aunt Clover [...]

    2. In the third installment of the Ask Amy Green series, Amy continues to dish advice on her aunt’s advice column. However, this time around she may need some of that advice for herself. From boy drama to her mom’s wedding to a new premature baby at her dad’s, things are just getting all tied up for our heroine.This book was a funny and cute read. Full of hilarious moments and a really sweet romance, this book was a perfect middle grade novel. Bridesmaid Blitz was also easy to relate to as it [...]

    3. A brilliant book, I love the way there is two problems she has to sort them out. Mills is a bit of a pain though and not much girls have a boyfriend who says 'I love you' before Christmas on second year. So that wasn't very realistic but I absolutely loved it and am wishing for an Aunt Clover myself!!!!

    4. Loved this! I love the modern day language, the bits of Gaelic that were slipped in and all the characters were great, especially Amy and Clover! It had some fun moments, some sad moments and some that you couldn't help but giggle at! I'm definitely going to read some more in the series!

    5. Funny, light read about the mis-adventures of Amy Green as she travels to Paris for the weekend with her young aunt and soon-to-be-remarried mom. Loads of Irish/British slang!

    6. I love this book to bits, it is so realistic and believable. There are some "help" pages included in the book from some of Clover's articles that could help anyone in their life. These include problems to do with boys and self-esteem so I find it good because some of the "problems" I can relate to. The book is great, the language easy to understand with the odd French or Irish word thrown in for effect, but the meaning of the words are obvious. If you love fashion you'll like this, the clues in [...]

    7. A brilliant novel by one of my favourite authors Sarah Webb about a typical Irish teenage girl.A funny romance about a typical girl ther is no better a book.

    8. The writing seems geared toward 12-13-year olds, but the situations are more mature. Some crazy antics that can make for a fun read for teens.

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