La dodicesima vittima

La dodicesima vittima Nancy Jo la figlia diciannovenne del senatore Ed Norris viene ritrovata morta con un calice d oro in mano Poco dopo la scultrice forense Eve Duncan trova nel frigorifero di casa un calice simile p

  • Title: La dodicesima vittima
  • Author: Iris Johansen Giulia Antioco
  • ISBN: 9788865080290
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nancy Jo, la figlia diciannovenne del senatore Ed Norris viene ritrovata morta, con un calice d oro in mano Poco dopo, la scultrice forense Eve Duncan trova nel frigorifero di casa un calice simile, pieno di sangue l avvertimento inviatole da Kevin Jelak, un serial killer convinto di potersi trasformare in un dio vampiro ultimando un macabro rituale d iniziazione ScegNancy Jo, la figlia diciannovenne del senatore Ed Norris viene ritrovata morta, con un calice d oro in mano Poco dopo, la scultrice forense Eve Duncan trova nel frigorifero di casa un calice simile, pieno di sangue l avvertimento inviatole da Kevin Jelak, un serial killer convinto di potersi trasformare in un dio vampiro ultimando un macabro rituale d iniziazione Sceglie donne belle, forti, intelligenti, perch crede che bevendone il sangue potr appropriarsi delle loro qualit Inoltre, da quando Eve Duncan ha ucciso il killer Henry Kistle inconsapevole alleato di Jelak l uomo le ha giurato vendetta Sar lei la dodicesima vittima, quella che gli consentir di diventare immortale Nel frattempo, il contatto fra Joe Quinn, detective della polizia di Atlanta e compagnodi Eve, e Megan Blair, l amica sensitiva di Eve, ha risvegliato i poteri extrasensoriali latenti in lui Joe un uomo concreto e scettico, finch non si ritrova faccia a faccia col fantasma di Bonnie, la figlioletta di Eve scomparsa anni prima, e con quello di Nancy Jo Inizia cos un gioco mortale, nel quale saranno coinvolti tutti gli affetti pi cari di Eve, tra scene avvincenti e poteri psichici fuori controllo.

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    1. I usually adore Iris Johansen, and I've read several Eve Duncan books. However, this is a series that needs to endobably a couple of books ago. Johansen's writing style is still excellent, but the rehash of situations, characters and memories is worse than a long-running soap opera. Eve Duncan - hunted by what, the 20th serial killer who is drawn to her "strength" and claims to have killed her daughter, Bonnie? Conveniently, after each claim is proved false, ANOTHER serial killer pops up to clai [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. There were elements that I really liked in this book, like the logical, practical Joe Quinn being in turmoil. BUT the moaning about Bonnie over and over in each book is getting old. I don't blame Joe for being tired of Eve depressed over Bonnie, I am too. Now, Eve is entitled to miss her and be sad, but the obsession and one track mind thing is truly getting old. How many times do we have to hear about the Bugs Bunny t-shirt that Bonnie is wearing and it's her favorite shirt that she [...]

    3. Iris Johansen has done it againI made the mistake of opening this book when I knew I was working under a project deadline sucked me right in!I was already a Johansen fan and especially an Eve Duncan (forensic sculptor) fan. What really interested me about this book was the more adult treatment of the "vampire" and "paranormal" phenomenon. Between the Twilight series and the new "True Blood" TV series it appears the paranormal is here to stay.I like the concept of a mortal to vampire resurrection [...]

    4. I couldn't get beyond CD # 2 because it was the Bonnie obsession again which is always woven into whatever murder is happening in that particular book. Wrap up this plot, please.

    5. newandusedbooks/index.Blood Game: An Eve Duncan (An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller) By Iris Johansen St. Martin's PressMay 2010An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller ~ Eve is concerned over her relationship with lover Joe Quinn. Joe has been distracted and often curt with Eve. He has told her that he doesn’t intend to help her look for her daughter’s killer, but there is another crazed killer in the area, and he has his sights set on Eve. This man, Kevin Jelak, is also on Eve’s short list of kill [...]

    6. A Train WreckThis is my second Iris Johansen book; the first being Deadlock (which I gave two stars). I thought I would give Blood Game a chance since Johansen is apparently a bestseller and has flocks of fans. Needless to say, this will be my last Johansen book.My first gripe (and this is more of my lack of previous Eve Duncan reading) is that there was nothing to suggest that there is paranormal psychic hoopla from the book synopsis. Paranormal stuff is not bad per say (I love urban fantasy an [...]

    7. Ok, another creepy criminal, but the story was compelling! If I had the option, I would have read this straight through without putting it down was like that :-)I was happy to see Megan still in the picture, and Joe needed her advice was almost comical. Having Megan waken a gift of seeing and communicating with ghosts in Joe was perfect! Now he and Eve (once she shares her ability to see Bonnie with himI can't wait to read what happens when Eve reveals that she has been communicating with Bonnie [...]

    8. A continuation of the Eve Duncan series. I continue to read them, though I am at the point of thinking that Johansen needs to wrap up the continuing, ever-evolving, "who is Bonnie's murderer" storyline. It is starting to be like a soap opera, in a bad way.

    9. another not very likable book sorry to say I usually love her stuff but this was rote and not a real page turner.

    10. Once again I've picked up a book that was part of a series, in fact it was #9!So, I'm not sure if these characters have been experiencing ghost all along or if it's a newer experience. When I read the jacket, I was intrigued by the psychic part of this book. But reading it, it went way out there! To a 15 century cult that made it to modern days, to vampires wanna-be, to a person that could transfer some of her psychic abilities to someone else Okay, way too strange for me and way too unbelievabl [...]

    11. Blood Game (#9) by Eve Duncan. This book in the series was a little on the weird size but I still enjoyed it. Eve makes her characters very likable so you want to keep reading about them. I like the way she keeps her main characters and brings other characters in and out of the books in her series.

    12. Oh wow! If you like thrillers, this one is for you! Eve Duncan is back, a forensic specialist.A Senator's daughter is found murdered, her body has been drained of blood. Eve knowsshe is looking for a crazy psychopath. Eve knows she needs help and enlists the helpof Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire even though she knows that she is putting them indanger. An intense read!

    13. Completely hooked on this series!I have read many books, and this series is one of the best I have ever read. I absolutely love the characters and the roles they play. I can't wait to start the next book.

    14. I'd like to give this more then 3 stars but I'm disappointed that this book moved to Joe seeing dead people I really hope the remaining books don't go this way. I get Bonnie for Eve but lets not go beyond that.

    15. I think that this book has a lot of blood in it and that you should not read if you like the fact people drink blood to try to become gods. Many innocent lives are lost in this book. Still recommended to people that are into mystery books and a little gruesome, like me.

    16. Have read several Iris Johansen books and enjoy them all, especially those with Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn. However it is time to put the finding of Bonnie to an end, can't keep dragging it on forever.

    17. Loved the book! Great story, excellent writing, outstanding characters. This book had everything, intrigue, mystery, suspense, romance, even a little horror. The amazing thing is that everything fit. It even had a happy ending.Definitely recommend.

    18. Another great read. Iris Johansen is one of my favorite authors to now read. Love the characters and story lines are the best. Can't wait to start another book.

    19. Love all the Eve Duncan books. This was an enjoyable read--but portions of it were outside the realm of what would truly occur to me.

    20. This is my second Iris Johansen book. I was drawn to her initially because of Pandora's Daughter's opening lines. I was creating a Creative Writing class for high school students at the time, and Johansen's opener was one of the BEST examples I'd seen in a long time. It was like a bolt of sizzling lightening flashing from heaven to my feet. When I started taking up reading voraciously again, I picked up some more of her books. I'm nearly done with TWO of her books. I'll probably copy and paste a [...]

    21. Zoals Pablo Picasso de kunstwerken uit zijn Blauwe Periode, afwisselde met eerst een Roze Periode en vervolgens een Kubistische, zo heb ik zelf blijkbaar de gewoonte om in 'blokken' te lezen. Van de 'betere' (en vooral triestige) verhalen, naar de spannende boeken, om vervolgens heel veel ontspannende romans te lezen en uiteindelijk te blijven hangen bij de fantasy boeken.Het is niet echt een bewuste keuze, maar eerder zoals je in een kledingwinkel ook onbewust naar je favoriete kleur grijpt. En [...]

    22. Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesA CK2S K2 Recommended Read!Eve Duncan has seen some of the most evil people imaginable through her work as a forensic sculptor and her search for the body of her long dead daughter, Bonnie. Yet now she is up against the most dangerous of criminals yet Jelak. It will take everything Eve has to face down this latest threat.When a senator's teenaged daughter, Nancy Jo Norris, is found murdered and drained of blood, with a stained goblet close by, they know this i [...]

    23. Okay, I admit it - the only reason I'm reading these is Seth Caleb. Cannot understand his character sees in either Eve or Jane, but he's really interesting and I'm skimming every book looking for him! Books themselves are pretty awful, the women are bitchy bullies and the men, mostly, are just there for decoration. I started with the most recent in the series and am now going back to get Caleb's back-story - why doesn't she just write a book about him?

    24. I'm going to try and be a little more serious about this review.This was the first book in the Eve Duncan series that I read, and again, I'm probably biased because of that; however, I did find this to be one of Johansen's better novels. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker (hahahahaHA) for vampires. Especially in a less, well vampire-y setting.I was drawn into Eve's story almost immediately, and was honestly more interested in reading about her hunt for Bonnie's killer than I was in Eve's profession [...]

    25. Ho comprato questo libro per caso, in una libreria dell’usato. Mi sono accorta nel leggerlo che era un seguito di qualcosa d’altro. In effetti ci sono parecchi richiami a qualche capitolo precedente, di cui non se ne sa l’esistenza, almeno sul libro stesso. Cercando qui e là su internet, ho scoperto che è un’autrice molto prolifica (almeno nel suo paese), e che questo è, forse, il quarto o quinto libro della serie di Eve Duncan. La protagonista come dicevo, è Eve Duncan e nel corso d [...]

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