Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

Eat to Live The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss In this completely revised and updated version of Dr Joel Fuhrman s EAT TO LIVE THE AMAZING NUTRIENT RICH PROGRAM FOR FAST AND SUSTAINED WEIGHT LOSS Dr Fuhrman offers his healthy effective and scien

  • Title: Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
  • Author: Joel Fuhrman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this completely revised and updated version of Dr Joel Fuhrman s EAT TO LIVE THE AMAZING NUTRIENT RICH PROGRAM FOR FAST AND SUSTAINED WEIGHT LOSS, Dr Fuhrman offers his healthy, effective and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly and keeping it off The EAT TO LIVE vook offers even insight from Dr Fuhrman with 13 videos in whIn this completely revised and updated version of Dr Joel Fuhrman s EAT TO LIVE THE AMAZING NUTRIENT RICH PROGRAM FOR FAST AND SUSTAINED WEIGHT LOSS, Dr Fuhrman offers his healthy, effective and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly and keeping it off The EAT TO LIVE vook offers even insight from Dr Fuhrman with 13 videos in which he works with patients on losing weight and improving their lives by reversing disease and adopting healthier eating habits Dr Fuhrman takes us into his own kitchen to prepare his favorite high nutrient foods and to the gym where he demonstrates easy to adopt workout techniques.

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    1. Things I learned from this book:- olive oil is NOT a health food- cancer is a fruit- and vegetable-deficiency disease- 2% milk is 35% fat (by weight it is 2%, which is irrelevant)- fruits/veggies contain THOUSANDS of phytonutrients that make them superior to any derivative foods i.e. fruit juice, apple sauce further proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts-all medications are toxic to varying degrees, whether side effects are experienced or not- not all proteins are alike; prote [...]

    2. Eat to Live is such a life changing book!!!! It's changed the way I look at food. This isn't a fad diet book. It's a book that examines the American diet and exposes it to the truth it really is.disease causing.Now here is the downside to the diet: 1. It's extreme compared to the American diet so unless you are very motivated to change, the diet will prove to be foreign and challenging. 2.Since no one really eats like this, it's hard to find healthy options when you go out to restaurants.3. It c [...]

    3. Life changing for me. It's marketed as a diet book and I NEVER would have picked it up based on that but Jenna swore it would change my life. . d it did! This book is great because it provides basic nutrition information and provides summaries of medical/health studies to help educate you and provide motivation to eat healthy. You can tell me a million times to eat my fruit not drink it but if you tell me exactly what happens in my body suddenly I think "Oh! I don't want to do that" and I don't [...]

    4. This is NOT about a diet. Which is what all the diet books say, I know, I know. I believe this truly is the exception, focusing on nutritional excellence, disease prevention, and backed by serious research.If you ever had a suspicion that there was something really wrong with a 100-calorie portion pack of cookies getting a "thumbs up" from your weight loss group leader, or felt kind of freaked out that a doctor was recommending several months of protein shakes laden with fake sweetener, then thi [...]

    5. This is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in eating healthy by sticking to a diet full of vegetables and fruits. It is not just a diet book, but a lesson in nutrition. The best part about the book, though, is all of the recipes and ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your everyday. Everything from ice cream made from only fruits and nuts to purees of lentils and vegetables to use as a veggie dip. Here are the basics of the nutritarian diet:Very limited meats including fish or me [...]

    6. **Originally I gave this a 3 star rating. Make sure to see the update below.I know, I know, only a three? Nothing personal to the author, it was a ton of good info and I will never think of what I eat the same way again. I've been practicing it this week, but have yet to get on the scale. I think I have definitely lost weight though. I'm just not a non-fiction lover to be bluntly honest (I agree there is good info, just not what I jump excited at.) This book could have been MAJORLY condensed. In [...]

    7. This is one of those books that you don't want to read because it might be true, and then you read it, but you don't want to try it because it might be true, and then you try it, but you still don't want it to be true because if it were true, you'd have to change your lifestyle, and after you changed, you know that you'd never want to go back to your previous bad eating habits because you'd feel fabulous, lose a ton of weight and be disease free for life - if it's true. Most of the premises in t [...]

    8. The nutrition/eating book I recommend to the majority of my patients, and one of the only nutrition/eating books I recommend to anyone, since it's one of the only ones that doesn't require a major suspension of disbelief when it comes to physiology. The book gives a solid foundation in nutrition and foods and helps you understand why you're making the food choices you are. Requires a major lifestyle change for most people, but with serious payoffs -- I lost 50 lbs, went down 3-4 pant sizes (arou [...]

    9. Listen, I've read a lot of diet books in my day because I'm a lazy fat guy who has a "health blog" as a side project so I have to review some of these diet books. If you want to lose weight and be really healthy--read this book, it has a chance of changing your life. However, the moment you step into the world of Joel Fuhrman realize you're stepping into a infomercial. I mean, yes, his book is full of valid research and tips that are extremely useful to get you to lose weight full of testimonial [...]

    10. This book changed my life in a big way. I read it 6 months ago or so and was astonished to read about real nutrition and how it is different than what the government recommends we should eat. In fact, it is very nearly opposite. In all honesty though, I was skeptical but decided to give the 6 week plan a try. Basically you change your food intake to include plant based whole foods and remove all animal products and processed food. It was difficult and I fought intense cravings, but he claims it [...]

    11. Bullet Review:300+ pages of "Eat my diet and watch the pounds slide off". Granted, we need to get back to eating more fruits and vegetables, but I wonder how practical this diet is and how likely people will stick to it. I'm also not a fan of how Fuhrman nearly promises that this one-size-fits-all diet will miraculously get rid of all medications a person is one and eradicate as varied diseases and ailments as asthma, cancer, diabetes, and IBS. He insults people who don't want to get on the diet [...]

    12. I'm only giving this four stars until I can try it for myself and see. If I like it, I'll up it to 5 stars later.Basically, Fuhrman's theory is that we should be eating mostly vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts. Everything else (dairy and meat, oils and fats) is mostly not very good for us. A little bit is okay, but not much, whereas it's nearly impossible to overeat fresh produce. He recommends a six week period of only eating the good stuff in order to cure your body of the addictions we have [...]

    13. So, this book almost convinced me to become a vegetarian. It is very well written, but a tad preachy. The author does a great job explaining why vegetarianism is good for you, but then goes on and on about how dumb you must be to not believe him. Or something like that.I was shocked to learn the nutritional value of some foods. I had no idea lettuce had protein or fat. I loved all the tables which showed me how ignorant I've been my whole life on the real make-up of food.I thought he used resear [...]

    14. Eat To Live took everything I have learned about nutrition and put it all together. It was great. I do have a couple of problems with it, but I am still following the basic program outlined, just with a few tweaks.Problem number 1: Nothing is said in this book about food combining. I don't agree with eating fruit with other foods besides greens. Solution: Just eat the fruit first thing in the morning by itself, or a few hours after eating a meal. Easy.Problem number 2: I don't agree with the sug [...]

    15. If you haven't tried this nutritional program, then you cannot adequately review this book. In a matter of 10 days, I have lost 8 pounds without ever being hungry. My blood pressure is 116/68 without any medications and the arthritis pain is almost gone. I can't imagine how good things will be after the 6 week detox period.Some of the changes in eating habits were difficult, but my eating habits got me where I am. So, how's your eating habits working for YOU? There is so possible way you can be [...]

    16. Dr. Furhman's book starts with a hand full of principles that are helpful to losing weight and then ventures out into lala land with a hypothesis for a vague and unbacked theory about nutrition (H = N/C where H is health, N is nutrition and C is calories) for which he has zero empirical evidence. Using this formula, he extends the principles he brought in past any reasonable application to a point of extremity that is likely to be counter productive for people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. [...]

    17. Dr. Fuhrman makes a lot of sense. I started drinking those diet so-called shakes (one in place of each meal) when I was nine years old. Nine. By the time I was at the proper weight for my height and structure, the muscles in my jaw had begun to atrophy from not chewing anything. My friends' mothers said this was a bad idea, and my mother bristled at that, but they were right.Through my teens I went through bouts of fasting; just eating one meal a day; and 900-calorie-a-day diets in order to stay [...]

    18. My husband and I have done A LOT of research on health as it relates to nutrition. This book is life changing. After 6 weeks of following this doctor's advice/eating plan, I have lost 20 pounds. My husband has lost weight as well. We feel great, and have tons of energy! Blood pressure and cholesterol are down. Inflammation in the body is gone. Things are getting better each day. The big kick is that we do not have any cravings. The chemicals in the American diet are what give us cravings for mor [...]

    19. I have read this book at least half a dozen times! It has been the most helpful nutrition book I've ever had. I bought it after reading The China Study, which itself was excellent but doesn't give info on what exactly to eat and why. In Eat to Live, Fuhrman explains clearly exactly why animal products are not best for our bodies. He also explains how the best way to choose healthy foods is based on nutrient density per calorie.Caveat eater: The nutrition info is the best, but the recipes are not [...]

    20. The basis of Dr. Fuhrman's theory is H = N/C. In other words, your health depends on the nutrients of the foods you take in in relation to the amount of calories they have - you want most of the foods you eat to be high in nutrients but low in calories. Leafy greens should comprise the bulk of your diet, followed closely by other vegetables and fruits. Grains are a bit of a second class citizen, and all animal products should be eliminated or reduced to less than 12 oz per week. Eat to Live is g [...]

    21. My brother highly recommended this book after he lost 31 pounds in three months, and I am such a naive moron when it comes to diet books that I fell for it. I like the theory behind it: eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat. But Dr. Fuhrman's advice is near impossible to follow. He wants you to start out by eating a pound of raw and a pound of cooked vegetables each day, as well as a ton of fruit. No meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, or egg whites. You can add beans and nuts as the week goes on, [...]

    22. I read this book becauase I had heard that it was good for people with auto-immune disorders, which I have a few. I have to say, as a person who thoroughly researched vegetaranism about 15 years ago I knew most of the information in the book already but had forgotten some of the key/crucial elements of eating well. My entire family has been following the diet for about three weeks now. The first two weeks I was down 7 lbs. I have a significant amount of weight to loose and I have tried pretty mu [...]

    23. This is definitely one of the top books on health and weightloss on the market. I love Dr Fuhrman's realistic, scientific, no short-cut approach to weight-loss and more importantly good health. The author's core message is that good nutrition is the way to permanent weight-loss and a disease free body. He teaches that our focus should be on consuming nutrient rich plant-based foods which are naturally low in calories but high in nutrients, fiber etc. His approach doesn't involve counting calorie [...]

    24. My idea of healthy living? Eating what I want, when I want in whatever amount I want. Oh, and getting some sun while I'm at it, but not in the arena of exercise. Sometimes I go outside and stare at the "butterfly tree" in my backyard or walk out to the roadside to collect the mail from the post box. That's it for me. Reading this book has made me realize that I need to eat better, exercise more and live life more fully. Everything I thought I knew about health was turned upside down as a result [...]

    25. Dr. Fuhrman is certainly full of enthusiasm for his plan, but I'm not sure how realistic it is for most people. He makes a good case for food being the best medicine, but I think it's rather insulting to imply that cancer is caused by not eating right. He makes some odd statements too. It's sort of beside the point that 100 calories of spinach have more protein than 100 calories of steak.I think I'd be willing to give a modified version of his plan a whirl. Eating 2 lbs of green vegetables, four [...]

    26. This is one of those books that you wish everyone would read and put its lessons into practice. I've given several copies as gifts hoping it will help the people I care about. There are tons of nutritional facts and thorough explanations of nutritional and bodily processes but basically it comes down to this: H = N / C. Health equals nutrients divided by calories. I bought this book to help me train for a marathon. I didn't think I'd be able to meet my goal with my old nutrition habits. 1 week i [...]

    27. I recommend this book with excessive enthusiasm. I kind of want to carry a copy on me at all times and tell people all about it, but that has a way of getting annoying. I think the part I really love is the first 2/3 of it - which is essentially straight up logical, factual, no-brainer nutrition facts that our American society has made foggy over the years with lacking information and misleading diet trends. I found it so compelling to read that my husband had to ask me to stop telling him every [...]

    28. This book has BLOWN my mind. Really. I'm blown away. I've been feeling rather unhealthy of late and was trying to figure out how to improve my health and nutrition, while also losing a lot of weight. I picked up this book because (hangs head a little sheepishly) I saw an interview with Alanis Morrisette on TV and she said this book "changed her life." I figured, "hey - it if worked for Alanis, maybe it will work for me." Wow - I certainly feel like I'll never look at food the same way again.Dr. [...]

    29. I will always give a book 5 stars when it changes my life for the better.:-) This book is also well-written and has lots of ideas for practical application. A new way of eating that was easy to follow. Basically his plan is to eat an unlimited amount of Fruits and Vegetables and Beans/Legumes. You only get 1 cup of whole grains and 1 cup of starchy grains a day. And no dairy, animal products, or treats.I've been doing it for a week and can tell a real difference in how I feel. I think my previou [...]

    30. Very similar to "The China Study," "Fit for Life" and "The Original Fast Foods." I think I'm needing a lot of repetition in this area.I think that I like to be entertained by my food too much (ya think?) and so it's hard to eat raw, whole foods. Good things in life do not entertain, they enrich your life. This book continued to hammer away, like the others listed, as to why I need to eat whole foods. Lots of education.One of the things that I found funny in it is that I'm suppose to weigh 111 po [...]

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