The Mystery of the Nervous Lion

The Mystery of the Nervous Lion Hired to discover why a wild animal farm s tame lion has become unpredictably nervous three young detectives begin an investigation that uncovers a smuggling operation

  • Title: The Mystery of the Nervous Lion
  • Author: Nick West
  • ISBN: 9780394923086
  • Page: 203
  • Format: None
  • Hired to discover why a wild animal farm s tame lion has become unpredictably nervous, three young detectives begin an investigation that uncovers a smuggling operation.

    One thought on “The Mystery of the Nervous Lion”

    1. I found this to be one of the better volumes. It was set in a wildlife park, which automatically upped the cool factor. The boys also had to deal with lions, panthers and gorillas, so we had a little more adventure than usual as well. Add in the usual twisty mystery with bad guys and good guys being all mixed up and you have another great mystery from the three investigators.

    2. »Hm, Koks für eine halbe Million? Wie soll das zugehen? Ich meine, wer hat für sowas Interesse?« Abgesehen von Peters amüsanter, doch recht kindlich anmutender Aussage, war das Buch nicht so wirklich meins. Das hat mich wenig überrascht, weil ich auch das Hörspiel nicht sonderlich mag. Die meisten Fälle in denen es um wilde Tiere gehen hinterlassen bei mir einen schalen Nachgeschmack. So auch hier, allein die Art wie ein Leopard erschossen wird und Justus versucht die Blutlache auf dem B [...]

    3. The boys are despatched by Alfred Hitchcock to Jungle Land, where the owner - Hitchcock’s friend Jim Hall - is having trouble with a nervous lion and not just that - escaped jungle animals, mysterious intruders and a film crew who keep getting in the way, also make an appearance. I’ve always considered this a weak story (certainly the weak link in the series) and, whilst this read disproves that, I can see why it was long-held viewpoint- the central MaGuffin doesn’t stand up to much scruti [...]

    4. AH&T3I Update: 16 read, 12 Hardbacks to go (and all of the remaining 15 in paperback)Kin Platt, aka Nick West, only wrote two of the original T3I series books. The Mystery of the Nervous Lion was his second and final effort with the series. While there was nothing wrong with this story, it just seemed to lack a certain pizzazz than many of the other T3I stories do have. All of the normal T3I elements are present in the plot. The three boys assume their normal roles. The Jones Salvage Yard an [...]

    5. Moja ukochana seria z dzieciństwa. I choć byłam w stanie dosyć szybko odgadnąć, kto stoi za przedstawioną w historii tajemnicą, to i tak bardzo dobrze mi się czytała. Dużo wskazówek, dużo podejrzanych i jak zawsze wspaniały klimat. Seria godna polecenia dla młodszych czytelników!

    6. The Three Investigators go head to head with the safari!The Story.Alfred Hitchcock has found an exciting new case for the Three Investigators. An old friend of his, Jim Hall, runs an animal sanctuary that is often used by movie companies to supply trained animals for filming. But recently, Jim has been having trouble with George, his prize lion. Normally a gentle creature, George has been becoming nervous, and therefore his behavior is increasingly unpredictable. Unless the reason for this varia [...]

    7. Whit this book I discover Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators, was a gift from my grandfather, I don't have the original book, I had to buy it again used but it'a great for any age, any time.

    8. I needed to get to about the near-end of the book before I could fit all the pieces together. I felt like a detective myself reading this!

    9. The second and last of the 3I books by Nick West. This one is better than Coughing Dragon but hardly memorable.

    10. Liked it very much! Imagining I was Jupiter Jones. It's a very entertaining book, at least for 14 year old school boy like me

    11. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

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