The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale

The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur A Prehistoric Tale Once upon a time seven tiny duck beaks pecked their way out of their eggs but the eighth egg was a little bit different What emerged wasn t a duck at all he was a dinosaur Everyone notices how diffe

  • Title: The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale
  • Author: Cheryl Bardoe Roy D. Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780810997394
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time, seven tiny duck beaks pecked their way out of their eggs, but the eighth egg was a little bit different What emerged wasn t a duck at all he was a dinosaur Everyone notices how different he is He doesn t waddle His teeth are too big Feeling ugly and outcast, the dinosaur duckling leaves his family and ventures out on his own Again and again he trieOnce upon a time, seven tiny duck beaks pecked their way out of their eggs, but the eighth egg was a little bit different What emerged wasn t a duck at all he was a dinosaur Everyone notices how different he is He doesn t waddle His teeth are too big Feeling ugly and outcast, the dinosaur duckling leaves his family and ventures out on his own Again and again he tries to make friends, but everyone runs away Over time he grows bigger and bigger but still can t seem to find his rightful place One day he unexpectedly comes across other dinosaurs that look just like him, and he discovers he s really a T rex This humorous and charming take on The Ugly Duckling also includes an author s note about the dinosaurs depicted and the early ancestors of modern ducks who lived side by side, and features scientifically accurate illustrations of the creatures Praise for Ugly Duckling Dinosaur Facial characterization excels A sure winner for those dino hungry readers Kirkus Reviews The extensive appended notes, including details of recent fossil findings, and a bibliography will grab dinosaur buffs and widen this title s potential for curricular sharing Booklist

    One thought on “The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale”

    1. This story is an adaptation of the well known “ugly duckling”. However, this story comes with an interesting prehistoric twist. When the egg hatches, the creature that emerges doesn’t look, sound or even act like the other ducks in the nest. But the good-natured mother duck promises to love and care for him just the same. This ugly duckling goes out to search for his true identity but wherever he goes other animals flee at the very sight of him. But soon enough he finds an enormous dinosau [...]

    2. Why I Love My Job: I read this whole book thinking, "Well, this is okay. But how could they publish this book? Dinosaurs and birds didn't live at the same time, dinosaurs EVOLVED into birds, every kid is going to know that. Maybe they did it just as an excuse to use dinosaurs to retell this story. Well, okay. But still." And then I get to the end, and what do I get? THREE PAGES of back matter, discussing current beliefs about the shared history of dinosaurs and birds, explanations that they did [...]

    3. Summary: This story is about a dinosaur who was born into a family of ducklings. Immediately, he felt out of place and did not understand why he looked different from his siblings. He saw himself as ugly but his mother encouraged all of his positive traits. As he grew up, he wanted to find his place in the world. He searched everywhere until he found a family that look just like him and found his forever home. Themes: This is a wonderful story that teaches the importance of self worth and beauty [...]

    4. Seven ducklings hatch from eggs, but one large egg remains. When it does hatch, instead of a typical duckling, a large scaled creature emerges. The mama duck treats it as one of her own, but the creature does not feel that he belongs and other creatures run away and call him a monster. He leaves the duck family and sets out on his own looking for his place in the world. Everywhere he goes creatures run from him until one day something goes BOOM BOOM BOOM in the forest. It is a large and scaled c [...]

    5. I've read a lot of books with oversized eggs that hatch to reveal creatures other than those expected such as a lizard or a dragon. But this is the first one I've seen that takes place during the prehistoric period. When Mama Duck's eighth egg finally hatches, she reassures him that the things that make him different from the other ducklings in her brood can be used to his advantage. Because his appearance seems to frighten every creature he encounters, he runs away into the forest. He fares no [...]

    6. The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Tale is a spin from the original The Ugly Duckling. This book not only tells a great story about a dinosaur trying to find a place where he belongs, but it also lists the different types of dinosaurs for the children that are interested in dinosaurs, this book is perfect! Even at the end of the story, the author does some really cool facts and gives the reader some extra information on the types of dinosaurs that were listed throughout the book. At first [...]

    7. As big of a disappointment of a children's book with dinosaurs as I've run across. The story wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Unfortunately, I actually found the art to be bad. An obvious allusion to the classic story of the ugly duckling, told in a prehistoric locale. We love dinosaurs in our house, and it was great that the story included correct information about dinos and a few notes after the story to teach more. It's just too bad the story itself was eh. On the positive side, my single fav [...]

    8. What a fun tale of a confused dinosaur! The young T-Rex has no idea what he is, other than much different than the other animals in his area. He is much larger, and more powerful than the other creatures and this makes him feel left out because no one wants to be around him. I think this is something that many people can relate to. Sometimes it feels like there is no one to talk to or hang out with that you have something in common with. If you read this book it will remind you that there are pe [...]

    9. When a baby dinosaur hatches into a family of ducks, he worries that he doesn't fit in-- a prehistoric twist on Andersen's The Ugly Duckling. Through most of the book, I was disturbed that the science was incorrect. Was the author implying that the dinosaur evolved from the birds. When the baby dino is rescued by a mother dinosaur at the end, the origins behind how the egg wound up in the duck's nest were still unclear to me. The author's note at the end provided some explanation, but overall I [...]

    10. I was a little on the fence with this variation on the Ugly Duckling story. Overall the illustrations are very colorful and engaging which I loved. However, initially the drawings made me wonder if something was incorrect. The baby dinosaur looked like a dinosaur but the mother duck and her ducklings looked a lot like present day ducks. I appreciated the author's note at the end and at that point things were clarified for me. I think young children will like it. Would also be interesting to use [...]

    11. The illustrations were nice. I was kind of feeling it until I got to the end. How do you completely just leave your family behind and how does the author think that that's an okay thing for young children to do? Maybe I'm reading to much into this, but the mother duck raised him. Even though we all knew he was a T-Rex, he was basically kidnapped. Nope, this doesn't sit well with me at all.

    12. Loved this book! Not only does this story capture the old classic, but it makes it boy friendly. In addition to it's obvious themes, it can be used to connect ideas about special families like foster families and adopted families.

    13. My daughter (6) loves the Ugly Duckling. We've read many versions of the story. Picked this up at the library today. It kept her and a 4 year old entertained and inspired a game of T-Rexing through the yard, but it was not my favorite version of the story.

    14. So this is actually pretty great. My kids loved reading it right after finishing our myths, legends, and fairy tales unit. Has some pretty great information at the end of the book, and a comprehensive (and CURRENT!) bibliography!

    15. A cute twist on the classic sure to be enjoyed by every young dinosaur expert. Paired with some nonfiction and dinosaur research is back!

    16. I can see where a dinosaur fanatic would enjoy this retelling. For everyone else it's really not a must read.But for a dinosaur fanatic it is cute enough.

    17. a very cute version of The Ugly Duckling but with a baby t-rex. This book is all about finding out who you really are. Not trying to fit in

    18. Fun twist on the ugly duckling. Obviously, the dinosaur is not a duckling, although he sure tries! Pretty wordy but a cute story for the fans of dinosaurs or fairy tale spin offs.

    19. It was fine. Just fine. A bit long for storytime, but generally entertaining. Nothing particularly special to my mind.

    20. A take off on the familiar classic tale with a dinosaur twist. Large illustrations, perfect for reading to a group.

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