Blanco Humano: Montaje final

Blanco Humano Montaje final El sensacional Peter Milligan FUERZA X X STATIX vuelve al personaje que le catapult a la fama Christopher Chance con el espa ol Javier Pulido al dibujo

  • Title: Blanco Humano: Montaje final
  • Author: Peter Milligan Javier Pulido
  • ISBN: 8496325504
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • El sensacional Peter Milligan FUERZA X, X STATIX vuelve al personaje que le catapult a la fama, Christopher Chance, con el espa ol Javier Pulido al dibujo.

    One thought on “Blanco Humano: Montaje final”

    1. Now this is a delicious and challenging graphic crime novel. It centers on Christopher Chance, a bodyguard who uses Hollywood's best tricks to remake himself in the image of his clients, drawing fire from their enemies as a human target to protect them. The main story is a sleazy profanity-laden noir story, as Chance kills a blackmailer and then assumes his identity to try to find the child hostage who hasn't been returned yet. There are some great surprises and some incisive critiques of Hollyw [...]

    2. Lo atractivo de Montaje Final está Christopher Chance y lo que sufre cuando debe asumir una nueva identidad. Es un personaje complejo y obsesivo que Milligan toma su tiempo en llevarnos por un viaje hacia las frágiles capas de su psique.Javier Pulido se luce en el arte de esta historia.

    3. The characterization was weaker in Milligan's second outing in this series. There was more narration and exposition, but not a greater psychological depth requiring it. We were told too much and shown too little. The themes explored in Chance's character didn't cover any new ground when compared with the first series, though the dialogue and pacing were strong and there were moments where Milligan's flair for honest little moments and realizations showed through.Pulida's art did not impress. Its [...]

    4. Although I saw the pilot of the TV adaptation of Human Target at Comic-Con this last year, I couldn’t say that I was exactly wowed about it. Sure, it has the hunky Mark Valley from Fringe and the babelicious Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica. But the premise seemed too schticky to me. But once I heard that it was actually based upon a Vertigo comic, I decided to give it a second go. But this time on the four-color page, in lieu of the pixilated colors of light of my 42” flat screen HDT [...]

    5. Not quite as good as the first Human Target. It's nice to see Milligan trying new things, like the episodic form, but I prefer the short story form of the first.

    6. Milligan is absolutely at his best in this novel-length story which deals with issues of identity and crime in a very noirish and fairly deep manner.

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