The Risk of Darkness

The Risk of Darkness Child abduction crazy grief of a widowed husband a derangement that turns to obsession and threats violence and terror add up in newest cases for handsome introverted Simon Serrailler His cool res

  • Title: The Risk of Darkness
  • Author: Susan Hill Steven Pacey
  • ISBN: 9781405666510
  • Page: 121
  • Format: MP3 Book
  • Child abduction, crazy grief of a widowed husband, a derangement that turns to obsession and threats, violence and terror add up in newest cases for handsome, introverted Simon Serrailler His cool reserve has broken the hearts of several women Now his own heart troubled by a feisty female priest with red hair.

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    1. This is becoming one of my favorite series and this has been the best episode so far. the characters continue to be vividly drawn, their actions often woefully human and unexpected. Easy endings and plot resolutions are not part of Hill's metier. She is much wiser than that. And we readers are blessed with the result. I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the Serrailler series. They are like little gifts to myself.

    2. This is just the kind of mystery series that I love. Susan Hill developes her characters in the small town of Lafferton, so you get to know the townspeople in a limited way, just as you'd nod to them on the street in real life. And the main characters are good people, with real problems and serious personality flaws.There are a lot of different threads in this one, the main story being solving the case left hanging in the last book. The author has no problem portraying evil psychopaths. They are [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. Loved the first one in the series. Number 2 and this one followed cases of child abduction / murder with the same perpetrator. I don't enjoy books where kids are snatched/hurt. This one felt disjointed to me in the way it was written and organized. Lots of dark and sad parts. I love her writing and probably always will, but I think I'll try one more in this series and may give up if it's not a 4 or better for me. British mysteries are my ultimate comfort read, usually, but for the rea [...]

    4. When I came across Susan Hill as a judge for the 2011 Man Booker Prize, I remembered that she is best known for her ghost stories and her much hyped Mrs De Winter, a sequel to Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. More recently she has turned to writing crime stories featuring DCI Simon Serrailler. The Risk of Darkness (2006) is the third in a series of five.Hill is clear that the Serrailler books are crime novels – but not detective stories. She sees the crime novel as ‘a serious literary genre’ [...]

    5. I must be feeling nostalgic for England this week; two posts in a row on British books! This one caught my eye because I used to read Susan Hill when I was in my twenties, when she was writing rather good, creepy ghost stories. I had lost touch with her career for some time, and was quite surprised to see a library recommendation for a Susan Hill crime novel? Well, I had to read on and find out.On the face of it, The Risk of Darkness is just another British police procedural, a genre which has i [...]

    6. This is #3 in the Simon Serrailler series.Children have been vanishing. There are no leads, no sightings, no bodies, no forensics.Then a child is seen being snatched. Suddenly they have a vehicle description and a partial number plate. Will it be enough to catch the abductor? And if it is, are they going to be able to link this abduction to the other missing children?Another easily readable and enjoyable crime novel/family saga from Susan Hill.

    7. Oh, jeez, where to start?It says on the cover that this is a "Simon Serrailler Mystery" . . . except that it's not a mystery at all. A serial abductor/killer of children has been at work; early on, that criminal is identified and apprehended (by Serrailler, in a genuinely exciting bit). We never actually find out the eventual fate or the motivations of the killer: all we're given is a sort of "evil incarnate" explanation, which might perhaps satisfy all the holy rollers who stuff the novel's cas [...]

    8. After The Various Haunts of Men and The Pure in Heart, this is the darkest of the series in chronological order. This picks up immediately after the end of the second book and starts with the capture of the child abductor. The sub-plots involve a man going mad from grief after the death of his wife, and the introduction of a female rector to Lafferton, as well as the continuation of the stories of the Serrailler family.As other reviewers have said, this is mis-represented by the publishers as a [...]

    9. I have just read Susan Hill's second and third mysteries, The Pure in Heart and The Risk of Darkness, back-to-back, and I'm so glad I did, because the stories continue almost seamlessly. A warning to readers looking for cozy mysteries: these are darker than most, and they don't have the tidy Hollywood endings we've come to expect. Many of your favorite characters will meet bad ends, you'll find yourself feeling a bit sorry for the well-rounded (but no less creepy) villains, and all of the second [...]

    10. The Risk of Darkness is the 3rd in a series of atypical crime novels featuring the detective Simon Serrailler. I have very much enjoyed the series so far and I will be putting book no. 4 on my reserve list soon. However, I would offer some cautions to a fan of straightforward who-dunnits and police procedurals about Susan Hill's style.Crimes are not neatly solved in this series. The police are not Sherlock Holmsian in their perceptions and abilities. Loose ends are left hanging. Questions are le [...]

    11. I was a bit disappointed with this one. The first book in the Simon Serrailler series was fantastic. It has a gripping plot, interesting protagonist, excellent character development, and a lovely English village for it all to percolate in. The second book in the series was also very good. This one; not so much. The synopsis of this book states that it's "filled with action and adventure". I would restate that as "filled with random craziness and and chock full of characters that I don't give a f [...]

    12. This third book in the Simon Serralier series picks up right where the second, The Pure in Heart, ended. It would definitely be best to read this series in order, because a lot of the loose ends from the previous book are sorted out here. However, the kidnapping story started in the second book still leaves a few loose ends even by the end of this one, so I hope that more of the story continues in the fourth book.This is definitely an enjoyable series, but one that requires a bit of patience fro [...]

    13. Another great crime novel featuring Simon Serailler and his team. I read a lot of crime series and this one is different for a couple of reasons: firstly, the books are very character-driven, not just the police officers themselves but also the victims and even the perpetrators, whose emotions and thoughts are very much at the forefront of the narrative; secondly, the books are rarely about the solving of one particular crime but rather involve several investigations on which the team may be wor [...]

    14. This is the third in the Simon Serrailler detective series and for me the best so far. Probably because I am getting used to the author’s style of switching from one thread to another which can be confusing as they are not always related. Whereas Simon played a rather minor role in the first book of the series I now feel I know him better though I still don’t like him much and prefer his sister Cat. Indeed there is so much information about the Serrailler family as a whole that it often seem [...]

    15. The third installment carries on from the second book with Serrailler still hunting for a child killer. The series also introduces characters whose part in the story is at first unclear. The books don't come from the pov of Serrailler, there is his sister Cat, his father and mother. There's also the sense that no one is safe with Hill not afraid to kill off a well liked character.Enjoying this series a great deal, just wish Lafferton existed.

    16. I’d left this an ununusually long time to start, having read the second Simon Serallier novel a good nine months ago now - and that one leaving a lot of ends to tie up. This book runs with those both beautifully and painfully - keenly described characters and their human condition mean the former; the latter the stark subject matter of vanishing children. More ends are tied up in this book - but still a few remain to tease you on to the fourth. For those wanting a challenging detective series [...]

    17. Uh-oh, I'm involved in another series! The Risk of Darkness is a Simon Serrailler mystery and I do believe I'm in love. Not really, but Serrailler is a wonderfully conflicted British detective with a good heart. He is a triplet whose sister lives nearby in Lafferton, and brother lives in Australia and has little to do with the family. Simon is close to his mother but his father is rather too aloof for the triplets to feel much for him. Sister Cat is a doctor with a generous soul which often caus [...]

    18. Esta novela se lleva las cuatro estrellas por la originalidad de su planteamiento, aunque mi puntuación final es un 3 1/2; porque aunque el viaje es placentero, pues Hill sabe cómo construir personajes y captar la atención del lector, el final resulta un tanto decepcionante, tanto en el aspecto de lo personal para su protagonista, como en el hecho de que algunos aspectos queden sin resolver, si se trata de buscar porqués.Una novela negra en la que muy pronto no sólo se sabe quién es el cul [...]

    19. The main character in The Risk of Darkness is Simon Serrailler, a British police detective who is also an artist. He has a quirky family & interpersonal troubles & is likely to remind you of PD James' Adam Dalgleish. This is the third book in the series. I thought I hadn't read any of these, but realized as I was reading that I recognized Simon & found that I had read the first one, The Various Haunts of Men.This is a slow, almost meditative book that I hesitate to call a mystery bec [...]

    20. I don't often read crime novels but I saw this on the bookshelf and decided to give it a try. I think it is maybe the 3rd book in the series and maybe I should have read the others first - but the story was reasonably self contained and what wasn't I figured out.Overall the writing was good. I did not overly like the shifting from one character and threadline to the next at every given opportunity however. It did make for a slightly disjointed storyline. Maybe this is a particular writing style [...]

    21. This author and this series was recommended to me with the caveat that I should begin with the first in the series of the Simon Serrailler mysteries, The Various Haunts of Men. I think that would have been a good idea in this case. I find Susan Hill to be a good writer, in that I enjoyed this book for the most part, it kept my interest up and she has good language skills. Even so, there is something a little off with her style. The book cover compares her to P. D. James and Elizabeth George, but [...]

    22. This book is more or less a continuation of The Pure In Heart. We find out who is responsible for the kidnapping of young children in the Lafferton area. We also meet some new characters. A recently widowed man whom we watch decend into madness and the havoc he causes. A young female priest new to Lafferton who becomes a victim twice over. We also see into the mind of the person responsible for the kidnappings along with the mother of the perpertrator. Again the author provides us with not so mu [...]

    23. Someone must've told Susan Hill to ratchet up the energy level a little, because in this book, sleepy little Lafferton is almost as crime-ridden as Cabot Cove. It's distracting how many unpleasant things keep happening to the main characters (especially the poor new priest), and Hill's juggling of the many strands of story is not as sure as in the previous two books. She spends too many chapters with the killer's mother and neighbors, neither of whom she draws particularly well; the treatment of [...]

    24. This is the third of the Simon Serrailler mysteries. It is not a stand-alone book. Hill builds on her previous Simon books. As usual, there is a crime -- small children go missing and are never heard from again. No one has ever found the remains. How can smart little children get into a car with a killer? They are trained not to do so! Yet, the children keep disappearing. And, as usual, there are multiple family problems, Simon's casual girlfriend does not want to be casual anymore, a new woman [...]

    25. I'm a big fan of Susan Hill and this series in general but not this installment. I simply found it overwrought, especially the bereaved widower so deranged by grief that he becomes a dangerous stalker and the elderly psychiatrist assaulted by a former patient. Everyone in this novel is out of sorts, including DCI Simon Serailler, who is in danger of becoming so hardened that he no longer empathizes with anyone's troubles but his own. Even Cat Deerbon and her husband are at odds in this outing, t [...]

    26. Susan Hill is one of my favourite authors from way back but I'd not read her 'crime novels'. So when a friend recommended them I went straight to the library to find them and came across 'The Risk of Darkness.' I love the way Susan Hill writes, so spare, careful, lucid and clean. Her characters are great and the story gripping. BUT for me it wasn't a 'crime novel'. It was a novel about people, how they were in the world, how they related to each other and how they coped with the various things t [...]

    27. This is the third in a wonderful new British series. The detective, Simon Serrailler, is a wonderful character and his family are too - he's a triplet; his sister and her husband are doctors, as were his parents so he is the family rebel. The other triplet, Ivo, lives in Australia and looks to figure in the next book. The plots and crimes are interesting and well done but the characters are what drive this series for me. Serrailler is also an artist; he draws and exhibits and sells his work unde [...]

    28. Hot on the heels of reading the second Simon Serrailler book, I've now finished the third. This one carries on immediately from the 2nd and ties up some of the outstanding plots. Susan Hill is good at depicting the banality of crime and subverts some of the usual crime novel tropes. She also ensures that although the character of Simon Serrailler is very much the 'romantic loner' he can also be a bit of a conceited sh1tIt appears to me after reading two of the series in short succession that Hil [...]

    29. This was such a disappointing book. Who did it? We find out near the beginning, without really doing any detecting. Why? Who knows? Such wickedness is apparently beyond human understanding. So what filled up 3/4 of the book? Just a soap opera of the so-called detective, who seems to have no real understanding of human motivations, and his sister, who finally decides to spend 6 months in Australia. Oh, and the love interest (not) who decides to go live in a convent. What has happened to the tradi [...]

    30. Death, death, death, and more deaths; departure, departure, departure. Deranged murderers. Not much else to this one by Susan Hill. It' s too much death happening to different people in a short span of time in a village environment to be remotely realistic. I would like to read more mystery and less death scenes. Though Hill's characters are interesting, and there are many, they are bounced in and out of the story until death overcomes them, or they are left for a follow-up in the next book in t [...]

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