Shock Totem 3: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted

Shock Totem Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted Shock Totem presents issue their biggest yet nearly % bigger than the first two It features previously unpublished stories from the likes of John Skipp Tim Leider S Clayton Rhodes Steven Piri

  • Title: Shock Totem 3: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted
  • Author: K. Allen Wood D. Harlan Wilson John Skipp Mercedes M. Yardley S. Clayton Rhodes Aaron Polson Tim Lieder Amanda C. Davis
  • ISBN: 9780615435558
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shock Totem presents issue 3, their biggest yet, nearly 50% bigger than the first two It features previously unpublished stories from the likes of John Skipp, Tim Leider, S Clayton Rhodes, Steven Pirie, and eight others, plus one poem Also conversations with D Harlan Wilson and Count Lyle of the band Ghoultown, nonfiction from Mercedes M Yardley, and much

    One thought on “Shock Totem 3: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted”

    1. Outstanding as always. Standout stories were Drift by Amanda C Davis, A Birth in the Year of the Miracle Plague by Jeremy Kelly, Wanting It by Aaron Polson and Eye, You by Joseph Morgado. And Mercedes M Yardley once again provided a poignant non-fiction piece.

    2. There is always something in an issue of Shock Totem that enthralls me, and for two issues now Mercedes M. Yardley has been the deliverer. Her trips down memory lane have twice led me along a path where something with very sharp teeth greeted me at the end. I don't always go for nonfiction, especially when I'm on the hunt for short stories--which ST provides with great proficiency--but if Mercedes is writing it, then count me in.Okay, on to the fiction.With this third issue of ST, they managed t [...]

    3. Another solidly entertaining and enjoyable read from Shock Totem. This one if the fattest so far in sheer volume, although lot of it is padding, many more reviews and a very long interview with a person from a band. I read it all, but given preference, I would certainly prefer just the stories. Music to me is the sort of thing to listen to, not to read about. And frankly, it seems out of place in a publication going for twisted macabre tales. It was actually shocking to read a negative review of [...]

    4. Fantastic collection. Especially loved "The Meat Forest" and "Drift." If you like dark fiction, pick this up.

    5. I have the whole collection of Shock Totem buried in my kindle want to-reads. I'm glad I opened another one of these books. I found another book added to my shelves. Digging Up Donald (Yeah that's my name) by Steven Pirie. I will probably be reading that real soon. Bloodstained & Blue Suede Shoes I found to be an interesting research piece and Ruth by the Sea by the flash fiction winner of 2010. Was great. Below are others I enjoyed with a small review. Drift by Amanda C. Davis"The snow has [...]

    6. Another super collection of stories from writers to watch. Once again I found myself totally absorbed in the stories I look forward to reading the next issue. Shock Totem continues to rank up there with Cemetery Dance magazine and Dark Discoveries as the places to go to read great new horror and fiction.

    7. 3.5I'm very picky about horror fiction and there were a couple of stories I really liked in this issue but also a few that didn't quite resonate with me. I look forward to seeing what is in the next issue.

    8. Even better than Volume 2! The byline for Shock Totem is: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted. What you get is a collection of stories (and more) that don't fall into the standard horror mix. These are tales that Vincent Price might regale you with, or Lovecraft would nod at with approval. If you're looking for guys with chainsaws running around, you're in the wrong place.I don't think I've mentioned this before but the cover art always sucks me in. This issue, featuring a house of surreal, [...]

    9. So this was my second trip into Shock Totem land, and just as great as the first (er, my first, which was the fifth one, that is)I found myself liking stories I don't usually care for. Like John Haggerty's "The Meat Forest" with its cast of nasty characters, or especially the gruesome "Worm Central Tonight!" by John Skipp. That one starts: "So I'm burrowing into this dead guy's eyeball" and just gets better from there. Yeah, probably wasn't the best choice to read while eating supper, but it was [...]

    10. After reading Shock Totem 4, I had high expectations for Shock Totem 3. And yes, I seem to be working my way backwards! My expectations were completely justified and Shock Totem 3, for me, provided yet another set of wonderfully crafted stories under yet another gorgeous cover.Midway through Shock Totem 3, I read "Drift" by Amanda C. Davis. This story captured me with its very natural, very realistic portrayal of a child. The descriptions brought to mind images of my own little brother and so wh [...]

    11. Best yetI have all issues of this superb mag. Having read the first few issues, this I have decided is my favourite. Not a sentence wasted. Quality oozes throughout. Buy now or pay later.

    12. As with all short story collections, some great, some ok and some simply a waste of time. Overall I did enjoy reading these stories though, and I have to say. There is some high quality here.

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