Snapshots Alain Robbe Grillet has long been regarded as the chief spokesman for the controversial nouveau roman This collection of brilliant short pieces introduces the reader to those techniques employed by Ro

  • Title: Snapshots
  • Author: Alain Robbe-Grillet Bruce Morrissette
  • ISBN: 9780810113282
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alain Robbe Grillet has long been regarded as the chief spokesman for the controversial nouveau roman This collection of brilliant short pieces introduces the reader to those techniques employed by Robbe Grillet in his longer works These intriguing, gemlike stories represent his most accessible fiction.

    One thought on “Snapshots”

    1. "Snapshots" is an apt descriptor of these brief, sometimes near-static vignettes, lines and geometries and reflections that sketch a form from a fixed viewpoint or camera angle. For the most part, they're entirely fixed on visual arrangements with little or no narrative content, and, since this is Robbe-Grillet, no allegoric or symbolic sense. Unsurprisingly, I liked the later examples most -- he begins with images, moves through a couple scenes, then begins deconstructing mundane spaces, and fi [...]

    2. This one would be in my top ten all-time for short story collections. The beach story is Philip Glass long before Philip Glass became Philip Glass. Yummy.

    3. Unfairly maligned as an experiment whose time has passed, Robbe-Grillet's attempts at completely objective fiction may be intellectual exercises more than they're stories, but then why was I drawn back to the six pieces in this slim little book? Why did I make someone else read it, just so I could figure out what I was feeling? They aren't conventionally satisfying, but damn it, there's something going on that I can't quite pin down. Or maybe there's nothing going on.I think the reaction above i [...]

    4. Very strange little experiments, in which the dichotomous form/content model [which I generally find at least to have a certain utility] kind of breaks down. I think the most interesting 'story' is the first of the "three reflected visions" trilogy, where the pure, skeletal vision of wielding -solely- a very specific type of dry exposition [colors, textures, (most elaborately:) the physics of the reflective surfaces], is without exaggeration the entirety of the 'content.' I think these are true [...]

    5. Part of what I love about Robbe-Grillet's work is the contrast between his incredibly exacting and specific descriptions and the uncertainty and ambiguity of his narratives, which creates this often intense feeling of unease and dread. For this effect to work, there has to be a narrative. In Snapshots, we only have descriptions. And while I admire Robbe-Grillet's technique, without the narrative it has no real effect and feels less like an innovative, powerful style and more like the empty exper [...]

    6. This all reminds me of the resilience that we have as parents. Somehow once we have a child our ability to bear pain becomes a deep well. Weather it is from the moment of child birth or hearing those first harsh words spoken from anger of an upset child to doubling over in agony when we can not save them from themselves. My own mother lost a child at birth and my mother in law lost a son in his teens as well as my Dear Hubby lost a step son in his teens too. Soul wrenching grief overtakes a pers [...]

    7. If you're driving into town With a dark cloud above you Dial in the number Who's bound to love you Oh honey you turn me on I'm a radio I'm a country station I'm a little bit corny I'm a wildwood flower Waving for you Broadcasting tower Waving for you And I'm sending you out This signal here I hope you can pick it up Loud and clear I know you don't like weak women You get bored so quick And you don't like strong women 'Cause they're hip to your tricks It's been dirty for dirty Down the line But y [...]

    8. C'est un ensemble assez inégal, pourtant très riche et très visuel. Chacune de ces scènes pour être donner lieu à un magnifique court métrage, tant cette écriture paraît cinématographie. 5 étoiles pour Le chemin du retour et La chambre secrète qui sont de loin les deux extraits les plus chauds, les plus vivants et surtout les plus organiques !

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