Kindergators: Hands Off, Harry!

Kindergators Hands Off Harry Wells details of the kindergarten classroom are spot on and as always her illustrations rendered here in textured mixed material collages perfectly capture young children s body language and emot

  • Title: Kindergators: Hands Off, Harry!
  • Author: Rosemary Wells
  • ISBN: 9780061921124
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wells details of the kindergarten classroom are spot on, and, as always, her illustrations, rendered here in textured mixed material collages, perfectly capture young children s body language and emotions BooklistBeloved picture book author illustrator Rosemary Wells brings her signature humor and trademark knack for understanding young readers to issues of personal s Wells details of the kindergarten classroom are spot on, and, as always, her illustrations, rendered here in textured mixed material collages, perfectly capture young children s body language and emotions BooklistBeloved picture book author illustrator Rosemary Wells brings her signature humor and trademark knack for understanding young readers to issues of personal space in the first book in the Kindergator series Perfect for classroom use or for reading and sharing at home Guess what happened at school today Kindergators work and play happily in Miss Harmony s class But Harry isn t being a good classmate He s disrupting Friendly Circle, causing accidents, and upsetting the class Can the Kindergators find a way to help Harry learn to respect personal space

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    1. We've enjoyed reading so many books by Rosemary Wells that I just assumed this would be a hit. I no longer have a kindergartener, our youngest just "graduated," so I figured that this wouldn't be too babyish for her yet. The narrative was interesting and the illustrations are very likable, even for alligators. I liked the mixed media for the textured skin of the little alligators, it was very subtle and creative mixed in with the rest of the cartoon-like illustrations. The story is probably usef [...]

    2. I can't decide whether this book is brilliant or horrific.Brilliant~First book I've read in a LONG time where the students' names seem authentic (Babette, Miracle, Jazzmin, Raul).~Harry isn't miraculously "cured" of naughty behavior~AND HE KEEPS MESSING UP.~Benjamin's too-small spare set of clothes made me LOL.~Classroom meetings, thinking chairs, super-cheesy teacher -- sounds like a real classroom to me!Horrific~What if a teacher uses this book TOTALLY SERIOUSLY, rather than with a half-smile [...]

    3. This book is didactic which I usually don't enjoy but my Kindergartner LOVES this book. He relates to the problems the classmates face when one child doesn't behave well. It was also good for him to see that Harry was awarded the gold star (for his improvement) even though the other kids followed the rules the whole time. The illustrations were great and we loved the appearance of texture on the gators skin! This is BY FAR our favorite Kindergarten book.

    4. There are many children that need movement and are just a hands-on type of kid. On the flip side, it is hard on the other students when they have a classmate that does not know how to respect others personal space. In this book, Harry could represent many of those children on either side of the coin. Harry finds himself getting in trouble because he knocks over others, pokes at others and just has a hard time staying still and keeping his hands to himself. The story is gentle and makes for a goo [...]

    5. The artwork was really cute, and parts of the story were great, but overall, it didn't excite me. I had trouble with the ways that the teacher handled troublesome Harry. He was clearly desperate for attention, even negative attention, but the teacher's "punishments" only permitted him to draw more attention to himself. It was only when one of the kids came up with an innovative idea that Harry learned his lesson. I'm not sure that the author meant to portray the teacher as mildly incompetent, bu [...]

    6. The perfect story for introducing rules in the classroom. Harry cannot keep his hands to himself, and the other students are annoyed by it. The teacher redirects other students while as the same time working on Harry's behavior. The story culminates in a gathering at the friendship circle where everyone has a chance to share how Harry's behavior makes them feel. A note at the end of the book suggests ways to encourage classroom harmony.

    7. This book is a cute story about a "kindergater" who keeps doing things that get him into trouble. I liked this story because it is funny, entertaining, and teaches young children lessons about personal space and good and bad consequences to their behavior. I think this is a good book for children in preschool or kindergarten because the book focuses on teaching children behaviors they need to know as soon as the get into a social environment.

    8. Kindergators: Hands off, Harry is a great book to discuss citizenship in the classroom. Harry, an alligator is rude to his friends until after a class meeting, he apologizes. I liked the book. It was long enough to use for a lesson, but not too long so that other activities could be used to extend the content knowledge. The author chose to use alligators as characters to keep the students' attention. This book is a concept Kindergarten level book.

    9. Traditional Literature: Picture Book. Copyright: 2011Being the mother of boys I had an instant connection to the book. Harry is a typical little alligator who does not respect others space, he is not a very nice friend and he upsets his classmates. Together Mrs. Harmony and the Kindergators teach Harry to respect others personal space. I think this would be a great book for kinders (hence the name) to teach about personal space in a humorous, lovely illustrated book.

    10. Okay, Rosemary Wells does didactic a lot better than, say, Joy Berry, but this is still incredibly didactic. Useful for teachers and parents, but I feel kind of sorry for Harry, who is basically Max in an alligator suit and therefore should triumph over all the Rubies!

    11. Harry doesn't get appropriate personal space, following directions, or manners. The other children and the teacher are a bit fed up. I can see where this is goingt sure that the solution would be appropriate. But maybe I am looking at this one too much from my administrator lens.

    12. My son has had some "hands off" issues this year, and this fantastic book not only has some great conversation starters for before and after reading this story (at the back of the book), but it models how not to behave. I also love that the main character redeems himself in the end.

    13. Ok. For K-1 to learn about personal space. Not my favorite example of a teacher handling this type of child. I do like"you used your hands for helping!" Drawing attention to all the good and positive ways kiddos can be.

    14. This book is great for kids who need to learn how to play well with others. Excellent!Check out my blog for more:bookgirlknitting/

    15. Tongue in cheek classroom humor- all manner of 'inside' jokes about classroom vocabulary.Amusing and a pleasant lesson in cooperating at school. Great teacher gift, cute kindergators!

    16. Best line"Harry is disrespecting the thinking chair!" HA! :)I wish I could feel the texture of the alligators' skin in this picture book.

    17. Ahh, we've all had students like this in class. How nice that with patience, love, and lots of do overs, they eventually get it.

    18. In this book, Harry does bad stuff. I like it because Harry gets in time out for most of the time. -by Alexander

    19. Story about a disruptive alligator child in school and how the alligator teacher successfully manages it. Class visits!

    20. This is an excellent book to help show students how to use their hands to help others, not hurt others. It helps teach problem solving. It also has great tips for teachers.

    21. A wonderful picture book to help little ones learn about the concepts of personal space and not hitting from the creator of "Max & Ruby", Rosemary Wells.

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