Tony Curtis: The Autobiography

Tony Curtis The Autobiography Hollywood legend Tony Curtis gives readers one of the most scandalous eyebrow raising sheerly enjoyable Hollywood memoirs of our time From the New York streets in the s to alcohol and cocaine in t

  • Title: Tony Curtis: The Autobiography
  • Author: TonyCurtis Barry Paris
  • ISBN: 9780688097592
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hollywood legend Tony Curtis gives readers one of the most scandalous, eyebrow raising, sheerly enjoyable Hollywood memoirs of our time From the New York streets in the 30s to alcohol and cocaine in the 70s, Curtis spins the tale of his life with brutal honesty and sharp, off the wall humor Photos.

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    1. Tony Curtis has to be one of the most interesting figures of Hollywood past. Arguably the best looking actor in the history of Hollywood and has starred in over 100 films.His autobiography is refreshingly honest and at times egotistical - but it doesn't detract from the warmth of the story he is telling. He is able to make fun of himself and he can pick out his own faults but at times he is a bit hyper critical of the same faults in others.The spirit of the man himself comes through in this book [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book-he shares a lot with his readers although he has a huge ego and readily admits to it too. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an up close, personal memoir.

    3. If you're into movie biography's then this is well worth a read. Written in the early 90's when Tony Curtis was in his late 60's, it's a great look back at an interesting career. There's lots on his major films like Some Like It Hot and Spartacus, with some funny anecdotes along the way. It's an honest book and Tony clearly has a decent sized ego - he doesn't exactly tire of telling us how good looking he was, but then if I looked like that I wouldn't either! Glad I finally got round to reading [...]

    4. Tony Curtis weaves his personal story against the backdrop of Hollywood in the 1950s and '60s. I read this book because I loved him in the movie "Some Like it Hot," to me, a real Hollywood classic. I never particularly liked any of his other movies, but "Some Like it Hot" was really off the top.In reading about his personal life, I think he really understood how Hollywood works. But he was very naive about his personal behavior and how it affected his family. Basically, he was a selfish man, who [...]

    5. Tony has lead quite a life. Admire his blunt honesty about his life . . . the drugs, promiscuous sex, alienation from his children when they were growing up. He has done great things in the movies, but his faults really bring out his human nature, warts and all. This book was written from his heart, from how he sees the world and his place in it. Awesome read.

    6. Seeing that the man has passed, I will not be insulting. It is interesting to learn that Mr. Curtis signed on with the wrong studio, as in the cheaper productions studio, and felt his career was forever handicapped by this fact. Also, he was a rather unapologetic philanderer, but in a good natured way. He goes way back, has worked with everyone.

    7. Tony Curtis story is definitely interesting. Lived a long life with good and bad things. Struggled with childhood issues, was a success in Hollywood, and was notoriously a womanizer. Had issues with his children but made up with them. It's amazing how he started acting in 1948 and saw the changes of Hollywood and embraced it.

    8. absolutely loved this book. full of in-depth gossipy details of Tony's life, from the get-go as a little boy. Experience his heartbreaks and triumphs. I am hanging onto my copy so I can check it on and off when his old movies air on TV.

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