Back to School, Splat!

Back to School Splat How can there be homework when it s only the first day of school Splat must pick only one of all of his fun summer adventures to share with his classmates at show and tell But in the end Splat may fi

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  • Title: Back to School, Splat!
  • Author: Rob Scotton Laura Bergen Charles Grosvenor Joe Merkel
  • ISBN: 9780061978517
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • How can there be homework when it s only the first day of school Splat must pick only one of all of his fun summer adventures to share with his classmates at show and tell But in the end, Splat may find that the best part of his summer wasn t an adventure at all

    One thought on “Back to School, Splat!”

    1. This book really should be called Splat's Show and Tell or something similar, as back-to-school isn't the true topic of the story. It's all about Splat recalling the fun things he did over the summer in order to choose something for his show and tell project. Pretty cute book, but someone should talk to Rob Scotton about topic sentences. Not one to pick up if you're actually looking for a story about going to school--we don't even see Splat AT school. The original Splat book is a better choice f [...]

    2. This book is so cute! I would love to read this book on the first day of school and then have a discussion of what each child did over the summer. That way the children get to talk more about themselves and get a chance to listen and make connections based on their peers summer adventures!

    3. It was Splat's first day of school. Splat was super excited to see all of his friends and his teacher. At the end of the day Splat was no longer excited. Splat's little sister asked why he was not excited? Splat told his sister that he has homework. His homework was a show and tell assignment from what he did over the summer. Splat told his sister that he did a lot of fun stuff and picking one would be very hard. As Splat is telling his readers what he did over the summer Splat's little sister a [...]

    4. Review:Here is silly old Spalt again. This is a great story to read the first couple weeks of school. Splat uses his imagination to think about all the things he could have done over the summer and he kept leaving his little sister out. It's cute when he decides to bring his little sister for show and share. Also I could read the story during a unit of study of family. We would discuss different family memebers and who all lives in our home.Learning Experience:I would have the children tell me w [...]

    5. Another book featuring my son's favorite ultra fluffy literary catSplat. In this book Splat gets homework on his very first day back to school. This one was cute as we learned all about the adventures Splat had over the summer. I love how he realized how important his sister was during those adventuresAs always my son LOVED the book. While he didn't catch onto certain things like Splat was swimming in swimming pool the whole time and not the ocean with sharks he still was able to get the overall [...]

    6. Over the summer Splat has his sister following him around as he was having one fun adventure after the other (snorkeling in the deep ocean etc.). Who hasn't had a sibling tagging along and can relate? Except now on the first day of school, his homework is to tell the class what he did over the summer. What's a poor kitty to do when he can't think of anything? Lucky for him, he comes up with a heart warming answer. I read this as a paperback, but would have loved it as a hardcover book instead.

    7. This book, I would use to teach children about having siblings and how great it can be. I would help them to see how Splat's little sister always helped him out even when he told her she couldn't come, and compare that to how siblings can help, too. I would also talk about the various things that children can do during the summertime as Splat does in the story and we would bring in our very own show and tell items from the Summer. Sometimes children don't like to help each other, and this book c [...]

    8. This is another fun book in the Splat the Cat series, originally by Rob Scotton. The story is cute and the illustrations are as adorable as ever. I'm not sure how I feel about the numerous stories in the series created recently by other authors and illustrators; it feels a bit commercial, but our girls like them, so I suppose that's all that matters.

    9. Ah, Splat. I remember being so excited about that first day of school. That first day of new opportunities. But then came the first night's homework. Why did Summer have to go by so fast?Splat gets to relive his Summer a bit for his prep work for the next day's Show and Tell. And Splat discovers what really was the best part of his summer. The illustrations -- as always -- are adorable.

    10. Splat the Cat is excited to go back to school after summer, but after his first day of school he's disappointed because he has homework. He has to do show and tell about his summer. He says to his little sister that his summer was full of wonderful things that there is to much to talk about, without telling the story in the end he realizes out of all the wonderful things he did the most wonderful was his little sister! A wonderful 'sibling' book!

    11. Even more adorable than the original. This one features Splat and his little sister. Splat is stressed because he has to take something to show and tell, something that represents what he did over the summer. Splat did a lot of things, so he’s having a hard time choosing something. He and his little sister recount all of the fun things Splat did, and Splat starts to notice a constant in his summer fun: his sister. So adorable! I now have to read all of the Splat the Cat books.

    12. This is a good read aloud for Pre K-3rd for the first day of school. Pictures are big and detailed. Splat has to write about what he did over the summer and as he goes through everyting he did there was one constant thing, he spent all his adventures with his little sister and that was his most favorite part of the summer.

    13. Read to my 2-year-old today. Bought it for my 8-year-old to go with the rest of his Splat collection. The best part about the Splat books is, of course, the pictures. They're so darling and totally lovable. The story on this one doesn't have as much to do with school (other than the premise for his homework assignment) as it does with family. Simple story and cute. Great kids' book!

    14. This book could be used during the first week of school to get the children to draw pictures or write stories about their summer. It could be used to help children who may need little reminders of the little things they did over the summer.

    15. Cute story about siblings. An activity I would do is having the children talk about the qualities for their siblings, older or younger. The children can draw a picture about something they like about their sibling and I would write what the children dictate to me.

    16. Rob Scotton does it again with this sweet Splat story. This book would be perfect in a classroom for text connection discussions about school, siblings, summer vacation, and using imagination during play. The fabulous artwork just adds to the enjoyment!

    17. Great "back-to-school" read for kindergarteners and first graders. My students really enjoyed the story, and were able to make accurate predictions about how the story would end. A good read for brothers and sisters as well.

    18. My son loves Splat the Cat, so this was a perfect back to school book. I love Splat's imagination. What made this book special for our family was the sibling interaction since my son has a little sister just like Splat the Cat. Cute illustrations and an endearing story.

    19. I would read this book during the first few days of school and have then draw a picture of their brother or sister and dictate what they say on their papers about their summer.

    20. Of all the things Splat did over the summer, he's most proud of his little sister who always tagged along.

    21. It wasn't easy on Splat to pick only one activity to share with his classmates. His summer was quite busy.

    22. bleh- gender stereotypes, Splat finds his little sister annoying and continually tells her she is incompetent.

    23. I was very UNimpressed with this story. I really disliked how mean Splat was to his younger sister during his summertime adventures.

    24. This addition to this series is just as good as the others! I know that kids who are fans of this series, are really going to enjoy this book. Another Splat the Cat hit!

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