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  1. “Trapped in Time, Space and Love” Set on a mountain overlooking the Hudson River this semi-comedy offers spectators/readers an extensive cast of diverse characters--something for everyone’s palate. Obeying the Unities of Time and Place Anderson's roster of ghosts and humans interact in a curious manner throughout one magical night on High Tor. The predominately male cast includes: an old Indian, a young man determined to protect and preserve his beloved mountain heritage at all cost; two [...]

  2. HIGH TOR. (1936). Maxwell Anderson. ***. James Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959) wrote this play, mostly in blank verse, as a plea to save High Tor, an actual mountain in New York state, from predation by a quarry company. The mountain sits alongside the Hudson River at its widest point, and provides an excellent view of the Hudson River Valley. The play features a wide cast of characters, including Van Van Dorin, the owner of the mountain, his Fiancee, the owners of the Trap Rock Quarry Company, a g [...]

  3. For those of you who think a story with written in verse featuring a suicidal Indian, a crew of Dutch ghosts and scheming land developers trapped in a steam shovel can't possibly work, well, you're right. This play is a bit of a mess. In a plot that would later fuel numerous mid period Steven Segal movies, the main character stands alone in defense of a natural piece of land against those who seek to pay him lots of money in order to turn the minerals in the mountain into something useful. The m [...]

  4. Play which is odd mix of realism (a man trying to save a mountain overlooking the Hudson River from being further scarred by developers) and fantasy (the ghosts of some Dutch explorers from hundreds of years ago appear at night on the mountain and interact with the current-day folks). Some of it is written in free verse, some of which is lovely and some of which is ridiculous. Interesting and mostly humorous, though I'm fairly certain this doesn't get revived much these days.

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