The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Study Guide

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Study Guide None

  • Title: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Study Guide
  • Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • ISBN: 9780137169863
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Study Guide”

    1. This book was okay but it did not really catch my interest mainly because of the way it was written with descriptions going on and on and because it is written in old English which I don't really like reading to well. The Scarlet Letter takes place in New England sometime around the mid 1600's when New England was still under Great Britain's rule. The book follows the life of Hester Prynne a young woman who has commited adultery against her husband and then kept the child and raised it, for her [...]

    2. Read an abridged version on audio. I loved it! I intentionally avoid abridgements, but this one snuck in. It is not a story about feminism, which is probably why it's losing popularity. That sort of marketing will make those who wanted to read it disappointed. It is a rich tale about confession, repentance, and living rightly after having made a wrong choice which was so horrific to the society around you that you've been initially villainized. It's a tale about living with dark secrets. It's a [...]

    3. It's a classic. The premise of the story is great. I love the self punishment Hester endures and her tenacity at keeping the secret of her affair. I really like how Hawthorne introduces her husband, Chillingworth, and his ruthlessly cunning behavior toward Hester and the minister, Dimmesdale, whom she has the affair with that bares her the daughter Pearl. I like how Dimmesdale doesn't have to wear an "A", but instead wears a silent guilt that is actually his demise. But I don't like Pearl. I don [...]

    4. What I took from the Scarlett Letter is a very profound, very simple concept. If I was lucky enough to ever have something distributed to the masses in any capacity or form, I would never make a book like The Scarlett Letter. This book helped solidify which spectrum of the writing world I wanted to exist in and it wasn't the one where this piece of literature existed or was heavily referenced. There were no tools that I wanted to play with in the plot or with the characters. While the type of so [...]

    5. I'd always wanted to read this, and while the going is a little tough with an old style of reading, the message was compelling. Sin can never truly be escaped from unless we confess and forsake and allow ourselves the blessings of repentance. It was also interesting to see the drastic difference between the view of the woman's sin and that of the man. It was definitely a harsh time in religion.

    6. I remember having to read this in high school groan but who knew it would turn out ot be such a fantastic read! There is no doubt why this one is a classic. It has everything - crime, sex, conspiracy, secrets, religion, public scorn, courage and cowardice, forbidden love, triumph over the odds, all of it.

    7. I read this book back in high school (I should say I read all the cliff notes to this book) and was not interested in it at all. I thought I would give it a try and it was much better the second time around. There are so many different issues throughout the book that I loved hashing over. It was fun!

    8. High school required reading and I have to say that even after visiting the House of the Seven Gables in Salem MA I still do not want to read this book again. Maybe it would be better now that I'm not a self centered teenagerbut what I remember of it I was bored stiff. I guess maybe I should give it another try. 3 stars because I imagine it is better then I remember from HS.

    9. This book would have gotten my highest rating except for the long and truly superfluous Custom House Preface. If you are picking up this book for the first time do your self a favor and skip that part. Instead savor the beautiful imagery and painful love story. Kudos for Hawthorn one of America's earliest feminist writers!

    10. Kelsey was assigned this for her honors english class over the summer. I told her i would read it with her. I can't tell you how very much i enjoyed it. excellent read. Very worth reading and being reminded of the changes in our society, and just how far we have come in humanity.

    11. This is one of maybe, two books I've read where without exception I just wanted the author to speedily kill off each and every character and get it over with. Of course I think I was eleven or twelve at the time so that may have somewhat affected my judgement.

    12. It's really American historic classic, so I have to give it a four. The values are really straight forward and necessary for society to learn. I think every child should've read it when they were young.

    13. Not my type of literature. Good to read for the value of insight, otherwise it plays out like a romantic drama. I found value in the portrait of 19th century Puritan society and their backwards view of marriage and women. Thats about all I took away from it.

    14. One of those books you read in high school. I like it though. Of course, I was a geek so I liked just about everything I read in high schoolexcept for Huck Finn!

    15. After I got over the hard-to-read part, intially the plot was pretty good! :) But I was not a fan of the ending! UghChillingsworth!

    16. The Scarlett Letter was a very well written truth of how woman were the ones who usually live with the cosequences of a child out of wedlock.

    17. This book is very hard to understand but if you can look past that it is actually an interesting story. It all depends on if you think it's worth it.

    18. Nice change of pace but a little tame for me. I read this for a book challenge and I wasn't all that happy with my choice.

    19. Wonderful classic! Why are people so intent upon punishing others for their mistakes? Made me sadpentance and learning from our own foolishness is a gift!

    20. Great story but it did not enthrall me the way I like to be enthralled. I am biased, however, being a lover of more modern literature, therefore I cannot write an accurate review of this book.

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