The Daredevil Book For Dogs

The Daredevil Book For Dogs The life and tale of a dog his thoughts and musings A parody

  • Title: The Daredevil Book For Dogs
  • Author: NickGriffiths David Mostyn
  • ISBN: 9781848372078
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The life and tale of a dog, his thoughts and musings A parody.

    One thought on “The Daredevil Book For Dogs”

    1. This was a book about Jason, a dog who tries to give humans instructions about how dogs think and gives dogs things to do to make humans crazy.Some of the things Jason suggests are funny, some are sensible If you sit down and think about what he says. If most dogs follwed some of the suggestions, they might make their owners scratch their heads and wonder where on earth their pet figured out how to do this.The book is good for a few laughs. It clearly says it is a parody on the front, so watch o [...]

    2. Possibly the most unfunny funny book I have ever read. A well-produced 160 page parody/duplicate of the best-selling Dangerous Book for Boys. Although I was in a good mood when I started it, and am susceptible to this kind of humour, I was not smiling when I finished it. Ponderous, leaden, witless. Don't waste your time.

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