The Island of Ted

The Island of Ted Ted is a mid tier Hollywood movie producer on the verge of losing his job and his mind After a string of personal tragedies Ted decides to leave it all behind and purchase his own island off the Phi

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  • Title: The Island of Ted
  • Author: JasonCunningham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ted is a mid tier Hollywood movie producer on the verge of losing his job, and his mind After a string of personal tragedies, Ted decides to leave it all behind and purchase his own island off the Philippine coast to escape from the evil and violence in the world around him With technology as his only companion, will Ted find what he s looking for, or will his past folloTed is a mid tier Hollywood movie producer on the verge of losing his job, and his mind After a string of personal tragedies, Ted decides to leave it all behind and purchase his own island off the Philippine coast to escape from the evil and violence in the world around him With technology as his only companion, will Ted find what he s looking for, or will his past follow him to paradise The Island of Ted is the story of one man s quest to find peace in a troubled world It combines elements of heart wrenching drama with comedy and suspense Written by Nashville based screenwriter, Jason Cunningham, The Island of Ted was a top 20 finalist in the Final Draft Big Break competition, besting thousands of entries Expanded Director s Cut Edition New Chapters Unabridged Content

    One thought on “The Island of Ted”

    1. I'll say up front that this is a bad review, but the book was actually kind of a fun read. The theme of people needing people no matter how much they think they don't was adequately explored.I got bored toward the end of the first section because the plot was glaringly predictable. I skipped most of the second section because for some unknown reason, the narrative went from first person to third person, with some slips into omniscient point of view. I read the last part, just to make sure I didn [...]

    2. I downloaded this for free for Kindle. Although the major storyline was fairly predictable it was a fast and fun read. It has a feel-good ending and would serve well as a beach/pool side read for the summer.

    3. What to say about this book It wasn't horrible, but it was really far from great too. I loved the premise, but the delivery was just, for me, lacking I think my biggest problem was Ted himself. I kind of think that Ted is borderline agoraphobic. It wasn't just that he was fed up with the world around him and needed to escape, it was more like he was scared of everything. Maybe not agoraphobic, but he definitely has some sort of mental or personality disorder. Before the (view spoiler)[ stabbing [...]

    4. This novel takes you on a journey of self discovery and really makes the reader think. I enjoyed this novel so much that I found myself still up in the middle of the night unable to put it down when I had work the following day.The characters are well thought out and I feel like the reader can really relate to. I feel the release of this novel couldn't have been timed better, with the world still recovering form an economic downturn. Overall a very good read and would highly recommend it to ever [...]

    5. The Island of Ted is a story about a man who became fed up with life, and decided to live on a private island. As I made my way through the book I found the characters enjoyable and the story interesting. Then the author changed point of view halfway through the book. He went from first person point of view to third person, then back to first person. It was jarring and took me right out of the story. I feel like I should give this book a lower score because of that, but seeing as I did enjoy the [...]

    6. Hollywood producer Ted is disgusted with his chaotic and empty life, as well as all the shallow people surrounding him. He purchases an island in the Pacific, swears off all ties to humanity and settles in for a life of solitude in paradise. Eventually he discovers peace and goodness in himself and others. This is a good story that flows well with a little humor, a few teary moments and some great characters. I got this as a free Kindle book. It is now available for $4.99.

    7. Another free Kindle book. I liked this book but really wanted more. (I'm seeing a theme with the free books.) I often find myself thinking the same way as this character. It would have been more relatable had Ted not been over the top rich. Maybe I was looking more for instruction on how to do this, I guess. Some things were super predictable and seemed to be put in for convenience. Also, there was one part with Nako that went unexplained which really annoyed me.

    8. The book has an interesting premise, and went in a direction I didn't expect. I thoroughly enjoyed the "no man is an island" angle. I have to say, though, that Ted seemed to get dumber and his self-pity more cliche as the book progressed. In other words: strong premise, and more than decent execution, but the rather poor resolution costs it the fifth star.

    9. Such an Easy read. The story just flowed. Especially the second half, it was hard to put it down. It said that it was Jason Cunningham's first novel, well I look forward to checking out his other works.

    10. Although I liked the story line (who doesn't wonder what it would be like to buy an island and live on it, away from the rest of the world ) I wasn't as enthusiastic about the writing. Minimal details and just not descriptive enough.

    11. Good so far. I understand the need to get away from it all - just don't have the money like Ted.A good book - definitely too good to be true, but shows a better life that being in the middle of the rat race every day

    12. Very good read! I read it in one day! Jason Cunningham had me hooked. His story kept me interested and didn't drag out or linger as stories of late. I would suggest this book to everyone, and I wish I had my own island.

    13. The Island of Ted was an enjoyable tale. Ted has had enough of the evils of our society and ditches it all for solitude on a private island. His solitude and island may be simple, but not the home he builds or the changes that follow. Sometimes you have to leave home to find your way back.

    14. Available to lend through B&N "Lend Me" - see link below for info and reviews. Leave a comment if you are interested in borrowing. searchrnesandnoble/The-

    15. I enjoyed the story line. A little disjointed, but I liked it. I originally read it because it was free for Kindle.

    16. a decent enough read. the character is not particularly likeable and the plot is predictable but it's well written and moves along quickly.

    17. Interesting plotline. The book was ok, but the whole thing is building to Ted's epiphany - which happens over about 3 sentences and then rockets to the end.

    18. I really liked this book. Yes it was predictable but the idea of just giving everything up and moving all alone to an island was enviable and intriguing.

    19. Interesting story about what is truly valuable in someone's life. It also carries the underlying message that everything happens for a reason.

    20. I just finished The Island of Ted and found it an enjoyable, quick read. I am rating it 3 stars as I found it a goodt spectacular book.

    21. This was a free Kindle book when I downloaded it. For a free book it was really great and if I had paid for it I wouldn't have been disappointed either!

    22. I found this to be an entertaining read. It read quite quickly and, since I'd lived in the Philippines, the locales were familiar to me. A relaxing beach read, for sure!

    23. I loved this book. I might have not had the pleasure of this story if not for E-Reader News Today on Facebook.Just read it!!

    24. This book is the whole package. It really makes you realize what life is all about.I loved Ted's journey of self-discovery. (There is some language in this book.)

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