Why Mermaids Sing

Why Mermaids Sing In London murder stalks the city s elite as the sons of prominent families are found in public places with their bodies mutilated and strange objects stuffed in their mouths and Sebastian St C

  • Title: Why Mermaids Sing
  • Author: C.S. Harris
  • ISBN: 9780451222268
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1811 London, murder stalks the city s elite as the sons of prominent families are found in public places, with their bodies mutilated and strange objects stuffed in their mouths, and Sebastian St Cyr takes time out from his shaky relationship with actress Kat Boleyn to track down the killer.

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    1. Sebastian takes on another puzzling and gruesome case at the behest of Magistrate Lovejoy. Young men are being murdered, their bodies brutally treated with objects placed in their mouths. The case takes him down interesting and surprising paths. This story is the best yet, written nimbly but without sacrificing the author's extraordinary skill in descriptively creating a strong sense of time, place and social atmosphere. I felt like I could see, feel and smell early 19th century London. The case [...]

    2. This is the third in the St Cyr Regenct mystery series and the best so far. Perhaps that because The characters are becoming so familiar now and are all really interesting but maybe it's also because the plot was very dynamic, twisting and turning in different directions.Sebastian St Cyr, Lord Devlin, has proved himself to be a super sleuth in the past and very adept at flushing out criminals in high society. So when a series of young men are found to have been killed in disturbing ways magistra [...]

    3. Book number 3 and this series keeps getting better and better. This one starts of interestingly enough and then just gains more and more momentum. I could not put it down. I thought I could predict the situation with Kat and I could not have been more wrong. What an eye opener!!! Sebastian grows more and more likable as does young Tom. The mystery is pretty intense and gruesome but really it took second place to the family dramas. I loved it all and want to start the next one right now!

    4. Another excellent mystery and quite a gruesome one. Sebastian is my Regency book boyfriend so back off everybody! Kat Boleyn is now out of the picture although I suspect it’s a temporary thing. We’ll see.Annoying that the first half of the series (except maybe the first) is unavailable on kindle, but the series is good enough to make it worth getting the real books. ( I do love real books but kindle is so much kinder on my eyes!)

    5. Another fine installment in the series and I am officially hooked and in love with smart and dashing Sebastian! The twists-and- turns of the story are particularly breathtaking. Once again Sebastian involved himself in solving a murder or, in this case, multiple brutal murders of several young wealthy men who had no apparent connection to each other.There are themes of revenge and taboos as well as honor, self-sacrifice, and trust. It’s definitely not a “cozy” mystery but it also not a sto [...]

    6. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: It's September 1811, and someone is killing the wealthy young sons of London's most prominent families. Partially butchered, with strange objects stuffed into their mouths, their bodies are found dumped in public places at dawn. When the grisly remains of Alfred, Lord Stanton's eldest son are discovered in the Old Palace Yard beside the House of Lords, the local magistrate turns to Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, for help. Ranging from the gritty world o [...]

    7. 5 brilliant stars. This book was just amazing. The murder/mystery had a lot of twists. It kept me guessing the whole way through. I would have never in a million years guessed the villain. Secrets were revealed and now there are more secrets to be reveled. The last few chapters felt like a run-away train and I was just hanging on while all of these life-changing events were happening one right after another. Of course I think Yates is "you know who." But, I'll just have to wait and see if I'm ri [...]

    8. Three and a half starsAh, this was a tough one to rate for me. On the one hand, the murder mystery was interesting as this time around Sebastian finds himself on the hunt for a serial killer. The murders themselves are disturbing as is the story behind the killer's driving motivation. Secondary characters like Earl Hendon, Paul Gibson, and Lord Jarvis continue to add much appreciated flavor to the telling and Sebastian's interactions with them, however brief, usually give at least some clues to [...]

    9. I've given this a B+ for both narration and content at AudioGals.C.S. Harris’ series of mysteries set in Regency England featuring aristocratic sleuth Sebastian St. Cyr is one I’ve been meaning to get around to reading for ages, but with the series now comprising eleven books with more on the way, I shifted it from my TBR to my TBL pile earlier this year. I enjoyed book one, What Angels Fear, a great deal and as a result, decided to carry on with the series in audio format.I’m now up to bo [...]

    10. Three books into this Regency mystery series and I'm hooked! Sebestian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is the dashing hero with a complex and mysterious past.d with each installment, another layer of his backstory is revealed and long-held secrets begin to come to light. The plots are clever, fast-paced, and atmospheric -- from the palace of the Regent to the slums and gritty underbelly of London, St. Cyr is drawn in to help solve grisly cases of crime and murder. Rich period detail, intrigue, romance [...]

    11. Once again, I enjoyed the mystery, but the Sebastian and Kat dynamic bored me. Thankfully, that seems to on the way out. Though, the way that happened was too soapy for my liking.

    12. I am liking Harris a little more with each book. She seems to have created a more streamline approach to her writing as opposed to the ping pong match I experienced in the first book in this series. Sebastian is such a likeable characterhe's flawed, haunted by what happened in the war, but at heart he is a caring person who wants justice in a world that he sees as being unfair (with rank and privilege). I love Sebastian's relationship with Lovejoyey play off of each other well and I think they u [...]

    13. Why Mermaids Sing4 StarsLocal Magistrate Henry Lovejoy seeks the aid of Sebastian St. Cyr when the sons of several prominent families are found viciously butchered. Skilled at ferreting out the truth, Sebastian’s investigation exposes a deadly web of lies that someone is willing to kill to keep secret. A rather straightforward serial killer mystery set in Regency England. Nevertheless, the aspects of the case make for gripping reading and the twists and turns in Sebastian’s personal life are [...]

    14. 4.5 - The most deliciously ghoulish of the first three, but I loved it and did not come close to guessing a number of developments, including the killer's identity. In this third book in the series, Sebastian is requested by Lovejoy to assist on a scandalous case filled with young men being butchered and whose bodies are subsequently left for display in very public areas. To add to the grisly deaths, all the men have an object of unknown meaning stuffed into their mouths. Sebastian at this point [...]

    15. I came back to the Sebastian St. Cyr series after a year's time and found that I love it now just as much as I did when I first cracked open the pages of What Angels Fear (which I had started because I was going through Deanna Raybourn withdrawal.)The third book in this series of Viscount St. Cyr's unorthodox investigation into murders that touch the nobility continues the delicious exploration of Sebastian's character amidst the themes of honor, self-sacrifice, and trust.A killer is following t [...]

    16. Only because of my love for Regency based mystery did I give book 3 a go. It quickly became apparent that once again CS Harris was going to fill space with repetitive description of eyes and wasted love. When I flipped to the middle and end to see if it would be worth struggling through, I discovered that in order to extend the love angst between Kat and Sebastian, the author chose to make them brother and sister. That did it. To sink to such levels turned me off reading any more of what was a p [...]

    17. Another good one in this series. Davina Porter showcases her talented voice with all of the characters; keeping each one distinct and unique, but I'm constantly drawn to her ability to create an endearing little character with 11 year old Tom. He's all boy with lots of heart and enthusiasm and I love hearing "him" talk. I look forward to the zany things St. Cyr gets himself into; and with murder being the center theme, there always seem to be juicy little side stories along the way to make the b [...]

    18. The book before this one, Why Gods Die, bored me. Though well written, I didn't like it. I didn't even review it. I just moved on, hoping this book would redeem the series in my eyes.This installment was better. Definitely more interesting, but it wasn't interesting enough for me to read the series any further. While the love story takes an interesting turn in this book, reading Sebastien and Kat's scenes together was like watching paint dry. I am rarely this disconnected from characters. But I [...]

    19. Wow! What a shocking twist to this series! I am officially hooked! I would recommend that if you start this series to read them in order and don't read the blurbs. I clicked on one of the titles that I haven't read and it gave away a huge spoiler :(

    20. what in the ever loving hell. my head is still spinning with that reveal lol. TRY NOT TO KIDNAP ANY MORE LADIESMAIDS

    21. I am so smitten with Sebastian St. Cyr and this series! It has everything I desire in this genre; excellent mystery aspect, complex political/social dynamic, forensics pertinent to the time, intriguing secondary characters, and the BEST hero. (view spoiler)[ While saddened for my darling Sebastian, I am glad he is rid of Kat. She doesn't seem to match his strong character. I have no idea where the romantic aspect is headed but hope she remains out of the picture. (hide spoiler)]

    22. Having a fondness forVictorian Murder Mysteriesthis story did not disappoint.Narrator Davina Porter never disappoints.Not quit clean. Mild foul language. Violence.

    23. Note: There are necessarily spoilers for previous books in this series.Background:This is the third book in the historical crime fiction series set in 1811 Regency England, and featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, the twenty-eight year old Viscount Devlin. In the first book, he was suspected of a murder he did not commit, and had to become something of a Sherlock Holmes to find the real murderer to save his own skin. In the second, he is asked to help solve a murder, based on his expertise evinced in hi [...]

    24. As with the other two books of the series, the plotting here is slightly all over the place. Once again Sebastian, Lord Devlin, is called in to involve himself in a murder. Two, in fact, as the horrifically mutilated body just discovered is the second such in a few months. He looks into the matter, trying to determine why two (or more) such dissimilar boys have been murdered in such a similar manner, all the while continuing to keep an eye on the matter of his mother which came up in the previou [...]

    25. Dang, these books just keep getting better!!Sebastian St. Cyr has been tapped to investigate the particularly gruesome murders of a number of young men who appear to have no connection. A ghoulish motive emerges, and while his final revelation seemed a bit of a leap to me, the pieces fit together nicely but in unexpected ways.Add to that, a rather cruel twist (let's just say my brain was yelling, "WTH?! We did NOT just go there?!) in the overarching storyline left me with a lingering question: j [...]

    26. If I hadn't already been determined to finish this series, this book would have firmly cemented me in. Holy crap, the revelations in this book. The main plot itself was harrowing enough in its content, let alone the way it was slowly revealed to the readers, but then I guess Harris threw up her hands and decided to throw all taboos to the wind.To all appearances, anyway. I am almost positive that just as Kat's origins weren't what she thought, Sebastian's own will eventually be questioned. It's [...]

    27. This third book in the Sebastian St. Cyr historical mystery series is the best of the three, so far. Someone is killing prominent young men who seem to have no connection between them or their families. Viscount Devlin (St. Cyr) is again asked, due to his position and skills learned in war, to help investigate. It is interesting reading about an investigation well before most forensics other than the most basic autopsy. Since most of the investigation involves just talking to people, it would be [...]

    28. This was such an amazing book. It's a little over 8 hours long and I listened to it in about 10 hours--I pretty much ignored my boyfriend and cats lol. The other books were good but this one has been the best so far. I was not expecting twists and turns of this caliber. I'm on to book 4.

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