Peek a Boo A sturdy and interactive board book invites very young children to play along with the classic peek a boo game as baby peeks at his family through actual die cut holes in the pages Book Details Format

  • Title: Peek-a-Boo
  • Author: Janet Ahlberg Allan Ahlberg
  • ISBN: 9780670871926
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Board Book
  • A sturdy and interactive board book invites very young children to play along with the classic peek a boo game as baby peeks at his family through actual die cut holes in the pages Book Details Format Board Book Publication Date 9 1 1997 Pages 32 Reading Level Age 3 and Up

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    1. A beautiful book for little ones, with piles of 1940s detail to discuss in the pictures. A word of warning, though: because I'm a bit dense, it took me a few goes to realise that the baby's father was not in fact in the Home Guard or the like, but actually on his last day of leave from the War (you see him gradually getting dressed in his army uniform over the course of the book). I now have a bit of trouble getting through the last pages without becoming teary

    2. This book tells the story of what a baby (around 10 months old) sees and does during the day. I really enjoyed this book and there are lots of opportunities for inference in this book. Children can look through the hole in the centre of the page and try to figure out what else the baby can see and what else is happening in the scene, for example what his dad is doing. This book could also be used with older children, perhaps in year 2 to year 4, to discuss the images (When were they set? What ar [...]

    3. Peepo is a picture book told from the perspective of a baby boy. He seems to be at the age of around 9/10 months old. Just around the age where he is able to sit up himself and is beginning to notice different and fascinating things around him. Things that perhaps the older children and adults are not noticing as they are so busy doing different things. For example, "He sees a bonfire smoking,pigeons in the sky,His mother cleaning windows,A dog going by". So while his Mother is concentrating har [...]

    4. 5* art5* story/poem/conceptThe perfect marriage of writing and illustrating. Absolutely love the details, which are so true to life (the baby watches the tassels on his Grandma's shawl waving in the breeze).You were right, Overbylass. We love it.

    5. A darling little rhyming book about a day in the life of a baby and his family. I believe the family is English since some of the words are not in common usage here. I read it to my granddaughter and she loved it as well. Truly lived up to its reviews.

    6. This is such a fun little book! I love the "peek through" pages where you get a glimpse of what is going on with the baby's family in another part of their house/yard. Super cute illustrations are full of detail but not too "busy" for little ones.

    7. While the rhyming in this book is lovely, and the pictures are sweet, the story and characters are very gender stereotyped. Mum has curlers in her hair; Grandma irons etc. Baby is too impatient to sit through the full verse and the pages get turned rather quickly, so I edit out the gender-restrictive parts.

    8. This book is about a baby and what he sees through out his day. There is a cut out on every page that children could look through. The pictures and text seemed super busy to me and there was just a lot going on in this book. Not sure it would hold a young ones interest for to long but I could see lots of possibilities for looking further into the pictures.

    9. Peek-A-BooPublished 1997, copyright 1981, Viking, The Penguin Group, isbn 0670871923A delightful and interactive peek-a-boo book for babies and young children. The book also hides a deeper message about family love in wartime England. While the Booklist review on the back of this book recommends it as a first book for babies, it is interesting enough on different levels that it can grow with your child until he or she is an early reader. The most obvious interactive feature that would appeal to [...]

    10. This story is set a few decades ago. As an adult, I enjoyed looking at the contrast in modern and post-World War settings in the family home in Britain. I love the way this book shows family unity. Most young children will be able to relate to a character, or relate a family member to a character the book has portrayed. Peepo is a fabulous picture book, which is told through the perspective of a baby boy (approx age of baby is 10 months). The baby is watching what is going on around him. The boo [...]

    11. Janet and Allan Ahlberg's story Peepo is based on the perspective of a baby boy. Throughout the day and the story, the baby is watching what is going on around him, for example his dad sleeping, mum cooking, grandma putting out clothes and so on.This book contains a hole in the middle of the page so the audience can only see a small part of what the boy is seeing until we turn the page. Therefore this is great for story time amongst the Early Years and Key Stage One as it promotes children to gu [...]

    12. This is a great picture book for Early Years Foundation Stage, giving teacher's the opportunity to introduce the early Historical concept of old and new. Reading this with a class and pointing to the old furniture, clothes and food and asking 'Do we think these are items from this time, or the past?'. I used this book with my year 1 phonics/reading group last year and they loved it. One child even managed to guess that the picture of Winston Churchill hanging on the wall was 'an important man fr [...]

    13. Book Review 5 - Peek-a-Boo – Janet and Alan Ahlberg. All children from nursery to key stage one will be able to happily read this book or have it read to them by a parent/guardian. The book starts off by showing a picture of a toddler in her crib and has rhyming lines to set the tone of the book and create a jolly mood for the reader. The toddler or baby looks out from his cot, chair, pushchair etc. There are holes cut out in the book to show beautiful watercolour images and the text provides [...]

    14. Peepo is a book about a baby who is very observant of his surroundings, he picks out specific details of what he sees and encounters in his daily life. The book has some interesting illustrations, it also has a circle cut out on every other page of the book were the baby peeks through. If you look carefully at the illustrations of this book, you can pick the WWII theme, which gives the book a time and setting. Upper KS2 children may use this book during their topic lessons on WWII, they may want [...]

    15. This has been a firm favourite since my oldest child was a baby and we own a well loved copy.The book is from the perspective of a little baby boy and will appeal to babies due to the asthetics of the book, with the cut out hole to the next page - perfect for chubby little hands to hold, through to older children and adults, as when you turn the page the fantastic illustrations depict WW2 scenes of family life.The book is written in gentle rhyme which we all know by heart and Janet Ahlberg's ill [...]

    16. I picked this up at the library last week because I like the Ahlbergs (I loved The Jolly Postman as a kid, and discovered Each Peach Pear Plum just before having my own kids) and thought my youngest would enjoy it. She did (as did the other two), but what made the book most interesting for me was the 1950's era illustrations, reminding me of the show Call the Midwife, which I've recently become hooked on. I checked the copyright (1981), so this was definitely done in a purposefully historical st [...]

    17. It took me awhile to really appreciate this book at it's beautiful illustrations. Eventually it became a favourite for all of us and an opportunity to talk about how the illustrations fit in to history and the events happening at that time.I've got it in board book format but given the discussions it could lead to, it might work better in picture book format, except the peep through pages would be more likely to get ripped.

    18. Peepo is such a beautiful and classic story! Miss 2 loves it and as she's grown older comments on more details in the pictures including the little toys in the page corners. I loved it when I was younger as well and am glad that I can share it again with her.

    19. Could have been a 5 star, but the kid had a speech impediment when talking about 'people' calling them "Peepo!" I just can't condone this. 😜

    20. Bought this a year ago for my son who is now 2.5. He really did not like it until a few months ago and now it's one of his most requested

    21. This book involves peek-a-boo, counting to three, and many words and pictures my almost-two year old recognizes, so it's a really fun one to read together right now.

    22. PeepoBy Janet and Allan AhlbergThis book has been dear to me ever since it was bought as a Christmas present back in 1989. Written by the successful duo Janet and Allan Ahlberg, it’s most definitely a heartfelt and mesmerising story for babies and young children that will last a lifetime. Peepo would be ideal for children aged 1-5 depending on the child’s level of reading. The illustrations throughout the book are detailed, colourful and inviting to the reader and portray a very British and [...]

    23. Another fantastic book from husband-and-wife team Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg.The rhyme and rhythm are just perfect, with the right amount of repetition. X-man is right in the Peek-A-Boo phase now and loves gripping the hole and turning the page (maybe the board book version would have been a better idea!).As he grows up the details of the illustrations will become more important - so hopefully it can end up being a whole-family-book. With the youngest enjoying the Peek-A-Boo, X-man enjoying [...]

    24. Pictures: So the Ahlberg books were popular when I started teaching (which I hasten to add was NOT in 1981) with their Jolly Postman books. I already had a Jolly postman book, and I figured this would be a good buy. The pictures in this are amazingly detailed and tell a completely different story to the one referred to in the synopsis above. The pictures give us an insight into another era and each time I look through the book I see something different. Despite the intricate detail of the pictur [...]

    25. This is one of my favorite "transition book" for infants. At the early ages most infants are attracted to books with one or two illustrations on each page, with less text. Their short attention span also lends to less of a continuous story in a book, which is why books by Eric Carle are popular in that age category. But when do you know if your baby is ready to move to a "story" or attend to a page with more details in the illustrations? I often tend to use this book to figure out of a baby is r [...]

    26. 'Peek-a-Boo' is a story that is set a few decades ago, possibly the during WW2. It is a story described through the perspectives of a baby boy. With its use of a cut-out peep hole it gives children a small insight into what the baby can see.I love how the story shows family unity and describes the everyday activities that most family homes take part in from the start of the day til the end of the day. Children can easily relate to one of the characters in the family, which allows the story to so [...]

    27. This book is, I believe, a British import. The language has changed to be more consistent with American usage, though.My nieces love this book, they love counting "One, two, three - PEEK-A-BOO!" with me and pointing at things through the cut-out holes in the book. I don't have any problems with the book (except one scene where, confusingly, the image shown in a mirror in no way reflects what's really going on. Very odd, and I wonder if the mirror was originally intended to be a photograph), howe [...]

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