Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising A contemporary paranormal romance out just in time to ride the wave of the newest creature craze mermaids

  • Title: Tempest Rising
  • Author: Tracy Deebs
  • ISBN: 9781408820186
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • A contemporary paranormal romance out just in time to ride the wave of the newest creature craze mermaids

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    1. **** Review contains some spoilers ****"Why can't you just tell me?" It was my turn to reach out for him, to grab his hand. "Because you're not ready for the answers yet."Does it sound familiar? It doesn't? Then this is certainly the right pararnormal teen romance for you. For me it is like a multi-echo-déjà-vu and therefore impossible to bear. I think it is probably not the author's fault or the book's. Perhaps I have just consumed too many stories of its "kind" in too quick succession and no [...]

    2. Tempest Rising is the story of a teenage girl who discovers she is destined to become a great and powerful mermaid. Being obsessed with all things Mer-related for all my life, I'm picky when it comes to books about the merfolk. But I can now strongly attest that Tempest Rising is my favorite mermaid book of all time! I really loved the main character of Tempest. She felt very human, despite being half mermaid. She knows from the book's opening that she is a mermaid and destined to become one. Ho [...]

    3. I have always loved loved loved the idea of mermaids, but yet to find a book that I could just sink into. I'm so happy to say that I finally found it in this book. It may not be an absolute favorite, but I have to admit, this book came pretty dame close.Tempest Rising is a very compelling story about a girl named Tempest who fears the loom of her seventeenth birthday. Her mom left her for the ocean when she was just ten years old, but left a note saying that Tempest had a choice. But does she re [...]

    4. Dearest Tempest,I think you're sigh, how do I begin?Let's say you're quite a contradiction, considering how you say you are not going to symphatize with yourself yet end up wallowing in self-pity just about all the time.Please, don't forget you've got a boyfriend. Regardless of how on-off he is, rules of a lady- you do not go around making out with other boys, no matter how hot they are and no matter how you attracted you are to them. Repeat, YOU-DO-NOT.Oh, and I don't get how you say you care a [...]

    5. I have found the perfect mermaid book for me. Tempest Rising is the most incredible mermaid book I’ve read to date. There are a few upcoming mermaid books that I’m anxiously waiting for, that I’m sure I’ll love, hopefully as much as this book, but so far, Tempest Rising tops every mermaid book I’ve read. It was just amazingly perfect, it had everything I could have asked for in a mermaid book. Mythical water creatures, magic, adventure, excitement, romance, surfing. I was extremely exc [...]

    6. Initial reaction: Cliched, but not terrible. There were times when I followed the narrative well enough, but it's something of a predictable story. Nonetheless, I think I'm going to follow this series through to the end.Full review:Tracy Deebs's "Tempest" series has been on my reading list for a long, long time, probably ever since the first book was released, but I just never had the opportunity to peruse it until now. I definitely have a love for stories set on the water and even mythos surrou [...]

    7. Tempest Rising is FINtastic!! Sorry I couldn’t resist! But seriously it was awesome. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of mermaids. I mean if my blog name didn’t tip you off, well it should have. Not that sirens are technically mermaids, but “the story mermaid” didn’t quite have the same ring to it as “the story siren” but anyway back to the review. I might be a little biased when it comes to this book because I do love mermaids, but it was actually a really spectacular story. I lo [...]

    8. Finished this one while stuck all day in the Tampa airport. So glad I thought to buy a couple books for the plane trip home. I learned so much about surfing from this book I think I'm ready to try it. still too scared of sharks. Love the magenta tattoo, the gills, and the sea witch. Oh, and Kona is pretty nice too. Ready for book two.

    9. Tempest Rising is a very deceptive book. What started out like a cookie-cutter pressed mermaid story went in this whole other… well no, it went in the same direction as all of the cookie cutter mermaid stories go, but to be fair, it's old enough for me to think that A) it did it first and many that have come out since have been loose imitations and B) it had just enough of a twist to set it apart from others. Either way- it ended up dark and so did my mood.From the very beginning, you know and [...]

    10. Tempest Rising was rather silly.Is it redundant for me to call a mermaid story silly? I don't think so. Mermaids are no more silly than vampires and werewolves and the like. If they're well handled. And the mermaids here are not.There's something about the realm of mermaids that has the potential to be gorgeous and beautifully written. The location alone is bound to be gorgeous; it's the ocean/beach. Beautiful. So if the author can find a way to capture that beauty in her writing, it's going to [...]

    11. Actual rating: 3.5 stars. I actually liked this more than I thought I would. Sure, it includes all the paranormal romance tropes done in the usual ways, it lags in the middle, and it has a few annoying bits (for example, halfway through the book, I swore that if Tempest described her board-short-wearing surfer dad ONE MORE TIME as a surprisingly young-looking guy who dresses like her friends instead of a middle-aged dude, I was going to rip the book apart), but it's competently written and has a [...]

    12. Tempest Rising was a really sweet Y.A. read that I blew through.Tempest Maguire is a bit of a tomboy; she’d rather be surfing with the guys and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Mark, then hanging out at the malls with her girlfriends. As her seventeenth birthday approaches though her body craves more then just riding the waves, it wants to be under them, despite how her mind and heart feels. After her mother walked away six years ago leaving her, her brothers and father behind, she swore that [...]

    13. I am in love with this book! It is such a well written, tight, clean book with a fabulous mythology, wonderful world building, and has a cast of characters I completely fell in love with. Tracy Deebs sucked me right into Tempest Rising. Tempest herself is a fabulous character that I loved getting to know. She's athletic, down to earth, and is stuck between choosing between two worlds, the human one and the one she's drawn to but knows little about, the Sea. One of the things I loved the most abo [...]

    14. I would rate this two stars but that star says "it was OK" and actually, I'm goin' more like, "this is so stereotypical it's boring". The concept is cool, but seriously, I HATE FEMALE CHARACTERS WITH MOODSWINGS AND TONS OF HOT GUYS VYING FOR HER HAND!!Don't you?Scenario: girl, who is inherently mermaid, falls off surfboard. Is about to drown. Goes through this emotional cycle in a matter of 3 minutes: shocked. Calm. Panicked. Afraid. Steamin'-hot-boilin'-mad. Panicked and then devastated in the [...]

    15. Plot - The plot is straight forward. No secrets. No hiding things. I like it because it easy for me to understand.Character - All of the character name are base on Hawaiian name. So I had not so much problem to remember it.World Building - The world building was not liberate in such details. It's more for the evil force in this world. The sea witch was really scaryd I can't wait to found out what happen to her in the next book.Writing Style - The writing style was simple and easy to understand j [...]

    16. 4.5 stars! I adored this book. This is the first and only mermaid novel I have read. I was curious about it because I had never read a novel about mermaids and I'm happy to say that this book was not a disappointment.The plot was fabulous. You follow Tempest's life, beginning with her mother walking out on them because the ocean called to her and she could not resist. Now, at age 17, Tempest finds herself to be in the same situation. With each passing day, the ocean's pull is stronger and strong [...]

    17. I love mermaids: I think about them, dream about them, and write about them. And I am just elated to see how many mermaid books are getting published today. A little horrified as well, but so far no one has written *my* mermaid novel. Well, not exactly, anyway.As you can see, I started this book about a month ago, and I think this review is going to suffer just a bit because of that. I must have had way too many things going on at the time to undertake this book, which I read for fun rather than [...]

    18. My Thoughts: So I don't normally read too many mermaid books. I don't know why I don't because the few I do I tend to enjoy them quite a bit. We are introduced to Tempest who is getting ready to turn 17 years old. For as long as she can remember her mother always told her on her 17th birthday she would be faced with a huge decision to make. Tempest is a half mermaid. She has the decision to stay a human and continue on what she knows or to go to the water and become a mermaid where she will stay [...]

    19. It is no secret I have a love for all books mermaid related. Therefore, when Tempest Rising landed in my hands, I was nothing short of excited, and luckily, it managed to be everything I was expecting and even more, as this mermaid book is nothing short of marvelous!For Tempest Maguire, she has always been a bit out of the ordinary, as not only did her mermaid mother walk out of her lives into the arms of the sea several years ago, but also Tempest herself is half mermaid. If this was not enough [...]

    20. Tempest Rising is a new novel by author Tracy Deebs focusing on the world of mermaids and sea creatures. When a friend sent me this book to read, I couldn't wait to read it! Just the cover alone -- with all of its purple glory-- captured my attention! I am a sucker for purple, beautiful covers and something to break the cycle of vampires and werewolves. At first, I was having a hard time enjoying this book. It seemed to drag on for Part One. I didn't like Tempest that much because of the way she [...]

    21. I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of mermaids! So when I heard that Tracy Deebs was going to be writing a young adult book about them I was super excited. Since I haven't really read any books about mermaids I didn't know what to expect and was unsure if it would live up to my high standards. Luckily Tempest Rising was an adventurous read that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.At first I had trouble connecting with the main character, Tempest, but as the story progressed [...]

    22. It's no secret to Tempest that she's half-mermaid. Her mother was open about it, her father thinks it's a gift, but Tempest sees it as the thing that broke apart her family. So, when she begins to develop mermaid characteristic (i.e gills), she has a bit of a meltdown. It's justified, since the first time she begins to change she goes from surfing to almost drowning. She's attempting to live a normal human life, including a romance with Mark, despite knowing that she'll soon have to choose betwe [...]

    23. Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs is the best mermaid novel that I have had the pleasure of reading. Mermaid novels are a uniquely new addition to the genre. It seems that novels surrounding this species have proved to be difficult in creating a extraordinary read. The common perception of a fairy tale glittery world appears to conflict with many authors ability to invent a strong storyline. Deebs made this challenge appear effortless with her creation of this novel that is packed full of suspense, [...]

    24. The first thing that pulls me into a novel is voice, and let me tell you, this one has plenty of it! I could hear the characters in my head. Each one had their own quirks, actions and/or sayings. That really takes a story to the next level for me.I loved the plot of this novel and how Tempest knew about her mermaid status instead of her just discovering it, like we typically get in YA paranormal/fantasy novels. Making her a kick-ass surfer, who is a natural in the water, drives home that she des [...]

    25. Reviewed by urbanfantasyinvestigations.blo Its very rare that you come across a mermaid book so when I had a chance to read this wonderful sounding book I jumped right on board. I really enjoyed Tempest's story. Growing up she always knew on her seventeenth birthday she would change into a mermaid and have to choose the life she wanted to live, human or mermaid. All the struggles she went through were gripping and real. She has always said she would never choose to be mermaid that she would choo [...]

    26. This story totally melted me and my heart! I loved everything about it. It was so engaging, and enjoyable I didn't want to put it down. When I did put it down I found Tempest, Mark, Kona, and her dad were in my head, I didn't want to leave them. Speaking of Tempest she was great, she was smart, fun loving, courageous, willing to sacrifice, and frustrated at life and some of the choices she would have to make. I liked the fact that she knew all along that she would be a mermaid it worked for this [...]

    27. The first 40 pages of Tempest Rising were everything I had hoped this title could be. Tempest being a surfer is part of her character and it was so wonderful to finally read a book that had surfing in it, doing it right. Her character was so fun and I was enjoying getting to know her. Already I knew she wouldn't be one of my favorites, but I enjoyed her company. The world was starting to flesh out. The mystery of the red haired sea witch was tickling my brain. So when Tempest is on the beach in [...]

    28. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyNine months out of the year, I ravenously devour books full of vampires, werewolves, and fae. Without fail, the moment the weather begins to warm up, I start looking for a very specific type of supernatural story. One starring creatures that embody summer, sand, and surf: mermaids. Last year it was FORGIVE MY FINS by Tera Lynn Childs, and this year it’s TEMPEST RISING by Tracy Deebs.Tempest Maguire was a refreshing YA protagonist from page one. She di [...]

    29. In a Sentence: While the romance and minor characters leave a little to be desired, the creative mythology and strong finish makes Tempest Rising a worthwhile read.My ThoughtsTempest Rising took me awhile to get into. In the beginning, Tempest really got on my nerves. To me, she came off as extremely whiny and self-pitying. I can understand that her mommy issues and the looming should-I-be-a-mermaid-or-should-I-be-human problem would be a lot to handle for a teenage girl, but I also felt that we [...]

    30. The mermaid lore in this was the only thing that really kept me interested. I wanted to find out what made Tempest so different (and exactly what Kona was). I wasn't happy with how the author treated Tempest's relationship with Mark. Even though Mark was too possessive for my tastes, the idea that you can basically be with someone that long and just forget about them that quickly bothered me.Another problem was that the book was weighted too heavily in the first half with lots of angst over Temp [...]

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