Eagle's Wings

Eagle s Wings Book in the Golden Filly series Trish faces many challenges at home and school as she prepares for the race in Portland

  • Title: Eagle's Wings
  • Author: Lauraine Snelling
  • ISBN: 9781556612039
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 2 in the Golden Filly series Trish faces many challenges at home and school as she prepares for the race in Portland.

    One thought on “Eagle's Wings”

    1. The Golden Filly series by Snelling is a terrible series that is best left avoided. The golden filly still has not appeared in this book. This one is better at character development and is "horsier" than the previous book. Although marketed as a clone of the popular Thoroughbred series, Snelling's horsey series is nothing more than preaching about Christianity. I was a Christian for about 18 years and can say that the information about living as a Christian presented in the series is unrealistic [...]

    2. I read this before, but it was well worth reading again!16 year old Trisha has just won her first race as a jockey. Her father, owner of the horse, had been able to be at the track for the race & the winner's circle, but her mother had to take him back to the hospital where he's being treated for lung cancer immediately afterward. Trisha didn't get to say goodbye because of all her school friends congratulating her! Another owner asked her to ride for him during the week, she told him that s [...]

    3. I enjoyed this series very much. A girl who lives on a horse farm in Oregon wants to be a jockey. Finally, her dream is coming true. Just as it has come true, her father dies of cancer. After this, she learns to cope with his death by turning to God. The one thing I did not appreciate about this book was the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing throughout the series. But, overall, I definately enjoyed them.

    4. I love the humanity of Tricia. She has struggles and mistakes and is definetly not perfect. In this book, she makes some really big mistakes like racing for other stables without her parents permission. She is also having trouble with chemistry at school. The book was interesting, realistic, and packed with excellent writing that I can always count on when it comes to Lauraine Snelling. A great Christian and horse book.

    5. Tricia starts to race a lot and gets more experienced. But as she spends more time with horses, she spends less time studying, and her grades get lower. She is still worried about her father's health. Tricia is comforted by a song about eagles wings, and hopes she will have eagles wings on her next race with Spitfire.

    6. What a great book in a great series. I especially love that Trish enjoys the song Eagle's Wings as I've always loved singing it in church. I also appreciate that she views it as more than a funeral song.

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