Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays

Sex Art and American Culture Essays A collection of twenty of Paglia s out spoken essays on contemporary issues in America s ongoing cultural debate such as Anita Hill Robert Mapplethorpe the beauty myth and the decline of education

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  • Title: Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays
  • Author: Camille Paglia
  • ISBN: 9780679741015
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of twenty of Paglia s out spoken essays on contemporary issues in America s ongoing cultural debate such as Anita Hill, Robert Mapplethorpe, the beauty myth, and the decline of education in America.

    One thought on “Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays”

    1. In her lecture at M.I.T. in 1991, Camille Paglia remarked at the outset that she faced a dilemma on the occasion of that appearance. She was unsure about whether she should conduct herself as a lady or just be herself, since she undoubtedly had both friends and enemies in the audience. She reckoned that nobody came to see her perform as a lady so she would just be herself, as she put it, "which is, you know, abrasive, strident, and obnoxious. So then you all can go outside and say, 'What a bitch [...]

    2. I don't always agree with her and I sometimes I have no idea what she is talking about, but hey, I could say that about my mother and she is my favorite woman on earth. Every once in a while she says something that is so profound, to me anyway, you start fumbling for a highlighter like you are going to be tested on it later. But really, you just want to remember it. I love the whole idea of the anti-feminist feminist--she's outrageously liberal, but there is nothing bleeding heart about her. Cam [...]

    3. Paglia is brilliant and controversial. I find her to be a natural progression in the exploration and study of feminism. I adore this book and her anti-feminist feminist approach. When I took a Women's Studies class at SFSU in early 1990s, they hated her, which of course, made me love CP even more. Read her and rejoice.

    4. this book would probably offend a lot of people, but she makes solid arguments for all of her un-PC views. at the very least it demands that people look at the basis of their view of the world and question whether it is based on fact and reason or a sugar-coated, spotty overview of history and touchy-feelyness.

    5. I got up to 100 pages in this, and I couldn't go any further. Camilla Pagila claims to be a feminist, but she's an MRA in women's drag. She writes scornfully of feminism as a movement, at the same time she claims herself as one. I cannot take seriously the view of a woman who victim blames women for being raped, who says that if a woman dresses provocatively or is on a date with a man, she should "take the risk of being raped" and even more gross, excuses men for their "deepest urges" and says t [...]

    6. Good critique of contemporary feminism and Postmodernism. "Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders" is the most valuable essay in the collection.

    7. I didn't read the whole book, like her essay on Elizabeth Taylor. Didn't really care. I thought her essay on Madonna was enlightening and fun, I didn't know that much about Madonna, but then it sort of has this weird sexual element to it as she talks about her Madonna obsession, where you know Paglia just wants to fuck Madonna. Overall, I think Camille Paglia has some interesting points, from a distance. However, she's a lot like a Monet, the closer you inspect her theories and work, the more of [...]

    8. I Hate Camille Paglia. I just wanted to get that out there before I said anything else. Because, given how much I hate Camille Paglia and pretty much everything she says on pretty much everything (in a somewhat similar vein as the way I feel about Ann Coulter, for example) of course I would give any of her work one star. That said, I think this is one of those infuriating books one ought to read, if only to get all fired up once again in your own views, particularly about women and feminism and [...]

    9. The first few essays were off-putting, but her discussion of rape drew me in more. I don't think Paglia's magazine articles showcase her at her best. I look forward to reading Sexual Personae which, from the portions I've read, I think exhibits Paglia's talent as a wordsmith with an impressive command of language.

    10. Camille Paglia, much like Bill Maher, seems to have based her career on being the One Person In the World Brave Enough to Call "Bullshit" On Everyone Else. Thank goodness there's one woman in America brave enough to tell all the rest of us that we're wrong.

    11. I've always thought Camille Paglia was a pseudointellectual - emphasis on pseudo - with rhetoric as empty as the hot air she blows.And now she's endorsing the Drumpf.She's as much of a joke as he is.

    12. Smart and sassy, but also overly self-centered and riddled with needless tangents. Paglia became a celebrity intellectual of sorts in the 90s for her jeremiads against contemporary feminism and the occupation of the American academy by French quacks (Lacan, Derrida, et al). Polemics can be fun, but in this case sometimes become an excuse for the same lack of rigor Paglia sees in the work of her colleagues. The centerpiece of the collection, "Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders", is worthwhile readi [...]

    13. I have a love/hate relationship with Miss Paglia. She claims to be a lesbian feminist, but some of her statementstifice over art. That being said, I enjoyed this book immensely almost 20 years ago, fresh out of college and looking for a fresh perspective on art and culture. Enjoyed it again, after taking it down from my bookshelf recently. Recommend, but with caveat. Take it with a grain of salt. Miss Paglia has been a guest on many cable news shows, when the media tries to get input about heate [...]

    14. Apparently it is the rape victim's fault after allntains the obnoxious essay that challenges barthes & foucault implicitly on the notion of authorial intentions. paglia's rhetoric in these sections is a screed not dissimilar from the worst of ann coulter. at its most manifestly worthless in this moment, the argument is retrograde of literary theory in the US of the 1950s. that's fugly.

    15. It's a pity Ms. Paglia is either unwilling or unable to assert her own thoughts without deriding others. She has a number of important and relevant things to speak about; however, her attitude that anyone who behaves or believes differently is bad, wrong, incompetent, and/or stupid leaves me unable to finish this book and unwilling to attempt anything else of hers.

    16. Fleeting moments of fun. all around, sort of engrossing. an important argument to experience. However, her style is quite particular and I found it relatively annoying and occasionally revolting. not to mention her position on most things is absurd. and to many, will be quite offensive. but the essays are real short and can be read just as easily as mediocre op ed pieces in the ny times

    17. Women who drink at parties and walk home in the dark do not deserve to be raped. That's not what they have coming to them, and that's not what they are asking for. She disagrees. It's like reading theonion.

    18. I hate her ideas but I love her writing style, which is terrible and contradictory, but to whomever out there that is wondering: is it possible to loahe the content and delight in pure language? yes it is.

    19. I agree with most of her discourse but I disagree with a lot of her conclusions. For example, while I agree with her analysis that date rape is a slippery slope in which women should be responsible for their actions, I disagree with her conclusion that the perpetrator of the crime should not be prosecuted. I think her provocative statements are great debate starters. I do think she is right that male and female energies are different and both are needed in a thriving culture. But while she has a [...]

    20. Troquei esse livro no sebo porque o título me pareceu próximo ao meu tema de pesquisa. E Camille Paglia? Bem, eu já havia ouvido esse nome aqui e ali e sabia que era uma feminista. Não podia estar mais errado. Paglia não é uma feminista, é uma mulherzinha arrogante, machista, orgulhosa, causativa e, como falou minha orientadora, "polemista", porque minha orientadora é uma pessoa diplomática. Pra começar, Pagila, de certa forma, defende o estupro dizendo que se as mulheres usam roupas c [...]

    21. Oh Camille, Camille, where have you been all my life?? My new amazon lady crush. I'm feeling a bit dazed and amazed after finishing this book as I've not read quite anything like this collection of compelling and stimulating writing. The essays comprehensively challenge the swamp of constipated groupthink we seem to be drowning in these days (even though published in 1992)- particularly focusing on the worlds of and her concerns around academia and feminism - and they do so in a way that is inte [...]

    22. For most of these essays being over 25 years old, I will look at the relevance to the debate over feminism today. Has it really changed? Are we even more divided than ever? As a woman, I have to be responsible for my own sexuality. No matter if I look like a Helen of Troy prize to ogle over, I have to be actively aware of the signals I send men.

    23. "Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders" is a very passionate and erudite summation of the decline of scholarly standards and the rise of faddish "theorizing" in the humanities and social sciences. Much unpopular for her arrogance and insulting style (see below), she is, embarrassingly for her critics, someone whose snobbery lies upon an astounding foundation of factual knowledge, especially the knowledge of intellectual histories which her opponents supposedly belong to. Some odd moments, like her se [...]

    24. I have very conflicting feelings and views on Camille Paglia. On the one hand, it's blatantly clear that she's an attention-seeking loose cannon who can fit a thousand feet in her mouth; she spends an awful lot of time slagging off people without providing backing evidence; and she places way too much importance on the 60s counter-culture as well as on her own somewhat inflexible views. This compilation of essays and magazine articles would have never seen the light of day if she hadn't become a [...]

    25. An odd choice, perhaps, but Sex, Art, and American Culture is one of my favorite books. I re-read it every so often, just to invigorate my mind. Paglia's words and ideas just get me excited to learn, think, and argue. I don't agree with a lot of what Paglia argues for. I think she's often wrong. Frequently she's infuriatingly obtuse in how doggedly she pursues the ideas she's biasing. But I always enjoy her arguments in getting there. I feel her love of learning in every paragraph. She may be wr [...]

    26. Since Camille Paglia has so clearly taken delight in her status as a cultural lightning rod, I started out feeling none-too-interested in reading one of her books. There was some reason for me to feel that way: a tone of snarky self-congratulation in many of the pieces making up this collection, concerning how many attacks she has attracted, and how handily and wittily she has been able to dispatch her many opponents. Still, I often found myself nodding my head as she skewered what have long see [...]

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