Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart The first man is Geoffrey in Boston which is Jillian s hometown Hazel eyed Geoffrey the brilliant ad exec whom Jillian would ve married if he hadn t stolen some of her best work and gotten her promo

  • Title: Cross My Heart
  • Author: Julie Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The first man is Geoffrey in Boston, which is Jillian s hometown Hazel eyed Geoffrey, the brilliant ad exec whom Jillian would ve married if he hadn t stolen some of her best work and gotten her promotion as a result The second man is Jack in Los Angeles Insecure Jack, who signs Jillian up for a love study at a local university just for fun but secretly intends to fiThe first man is Geoffrey in Boston, which is Jillian s hometown Hazel eyed Geoffrey, the brilliant ad exec whom Jillian would ve married if he hadn t stolen some of her best work and gotten her promotion as a result The second man is Jack in Los Angeles Insecure Jack, who signs Jillian up for a love study at a local university just for fun but secretly intends to find out if she still loves Geoffrey Flaky Jack, who splits as soon as her brain neurons fire and emphatic yes The third man is Allen on the airplane from LA to Boston, where Jillian s boss has ordered her to investigate the underhanded dealings of a competing agency and where Jillian s crazy parents still live Allen, the electric blue eyed dentist who hates the advertising industry because his ex girlfriend, Nicole, recently dumped him for some hotshot ad exec Head spinning yet Well, forget about love triangles this turns into a full blown love quadrangle that quickly becomes a high stakes game with savvy players, snappy dialogue, and a plot that won t stop twistinguntil another love study delivers surprising results.

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    1. What a fun read! I was laughing so hard at some of the snappy, snappy dialogue, and I could totally hear Julie's voice saying some of these snarky things. (Disclaimer: Yes, I am a friend of the author.) Moreover, these are things that I wish I'd said in similar circumstances. Once again, Julie has created a pitch-perfect romance, one that is fun and thrilling without being embarrassing. (I am easily embarrassed by some romances. If anyone's "toes curl" when they're being kissed, I generally thin [...]

    2. After being so disappointed by a recent book by Wright, I was surprised to hear that some friends really like her books and that she's something of a regional favorite. So I looked up one of the more popular ones to give it a try. I'm glad I did because this book is charming, witty, and a fun read.I liked Jillian from the start. She's witty and cranky and confident and it was fun spending time with her. I particularly liked her emotional arc as she explores what is important in a relationship an [...]

    3. a must read for anyone who has dated, loved and lost love. Jillian Belle thought everything was going good in her lifee was engaged to a wonderful, handsome, RM, who she loved. Then he used an "her words" to get an add campaign for the company they both worked for earning him the promotion that she thought she deserved. She moved from Boston to LA and fed ex'd his wedding ring back to him. She dated in LA but no one could ever make her give up her heart of Geoffrey. When her ad company transfers [...]

    4. I really liked this story, it had me hooked from the beginning and I had a hard time putting it down. It reminded me of a cute romantic comedy movie, in fact I think it would make a cute movie! Jillian is a good leading lady, at first she came across a little harsh, but as the story progresses she really grew on me. I also liked her love interests and knew who I wanted her to end up with right from the start. The story was original and the whole thing was really enjoyable.My only complaint is th [...]

    5. Really fun book about a woman in advertising who has to transfer back to her hometown that she fled after a bad breakup with a fiance and then compete with him at a different advertising firm. Of course the first person she meets happens to have a connection with her ex and all kinds of excitement happens. Really great characters, really clean, and really fun to read-my favorite combo!FYI-I'm not sure that my 12 year old is quite mature enough to handle a book with fiances and adults dating, so [...]

    6. "Cross My Heart" is a romantic comedy, and also a comedy of errors. Jillian is still getting over her ex finance when she gets a job transfer back home to Boston. She meets Allen, and the two help each other navigate the terrible awkwardness of her ex finance with his ex girlfriend. Hilarity ensues. What this story missed: at first the storyline is disjointed (like discovery writing until the author figured out what story she wanted to tell). The main characters weren't consistent (or at least w [...]

    7. Cross My HeartFor my book, I read Cross My Heart by Julie Wright. This book is about a girl named Jilliane, who overcomes many c hallenges as she struggles with a job transfer to Boston; which just happens to be the city in which Geoffrey, her ex fiance, is living. On the plane to Boston, she sits next to a man named Allen, who was also headed to Boston. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but little did she know, he’d become a big part of her life later on. While adjusting to her new a [...]

    8. (Genre:LDS fiction/romance) Jillian broke off her engagement with Geoffrey 3 years ago after he stole her words and the promotion she felt was hers (advertising business). She ran away to California with the intention of never returning to the East Coast. But then her office transfers her back to Boston because her old employer is having unexplained success in stealing away clients from her current employer. Of course she is going to run into Geoffrey (who is now engaged to someone else) and Jil [...]

    9. It was such a relief to read this book today. Yup, I pretty much read it all in one day. (What can I say? 4 hours at work with nothing to do and this is what happens!) I read a lot of books. I review a lot of books. I read this book for me though. I needed a break. I needed something clean and good and romantic-ish. I knew I would get that when I picked up this book. It was a balm to me soul today. (I really did mean to type "me") So, thank you Julie Wright for writing a book for me that I reall [...]

    10. Not my favorite story. Pretty typical love story. Girl still has the hots for ex fiancé, girl meets new guy but then has to go out with ex at the request of her boss. New it sees her with old guy and is mad but then they live happily ever after. It did keep my interest, but not enough for me to start and finish this book within just a few sittings. Ages 12+

    11. Yes, I am giving myself five stars. It made me laugh and sigh with the sheer joy that is love--and isn't that what a romantic comedy is supposed to do?

    12. Another awesome book from Julie! This one was just as touching and fun as the "My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life" book.I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day. I highly recommend it, especially to LDS readers who want more stories like those Jack Weyland wrote (only less sappy and more full of awesome).Plot: The general story is about a 20-something LDS woman who is trying to find the man of her dreams amid a love quadrangle (triangles are so passé) with twists and turns that involve ex-boyfr [...]

    13. What a quick, fun romance! I loved it--and that's saying something for a confirmed romance hater like me!Yes, the basic story is a bit predictable, but in the way you WANT a romance like this to be. You know right away who Jillian is going to end up with but the two steps forward, one step back toward a lasting relationship keeps the tension going. There were fun little twists, some corporate espionage, and issues with the "exes" to move your through the story. But it's Julie Wright's writing st [...]

    14. Stayed up way too late reading this. haha. I'm apparently on a chick lit binge. This was the cute story of Jillian; ad exec who abruptly ended her engagement and ran off to LA 3 years ago, after her fiancé (Geoffery) stole her promotion by stealing her words. It opens with her in a new relationship and her sneaky boyfriend trying to determine if she's truly over said ex. She isn't. Relationship ends & she's promptly transferred back to Boston to deal with ex-fiance's ad company and some bus [...]

    15. LDS "Chick Lit". One mark of a great read for me is when an author is able to elicit outright chuckles and laughter from me by the turn of a phrase. This author did that quite regularly in this offering.Lifting liberally from the back cover summation of this story: "a full-blown love quadrangle that quickly becomes a high-stakes game with savvy players, snappy dialogue, and a plot that won't stop twisting". A fairly accurate description of this fun story. Although, nearly all the principle chara [...]

    16. Cross my heart is a adventurous romance book that will grab anyone's attention by Julie Write. i would recommend this book to young adults only because they could relate their life more to this book. the characters would be about the same age as them if they read it. it was a book that made me laugh out loud and smile frequently. i could not put it down once i picked it up. it kept me up for hours. Jillian's x stole her promotion for work. so she broke it of with him. it broke her heart but late [...]

    17. Jillian is dating Jack, but when he convinces her to do a love study at a local university, he rigs the study to find out if she's still in love with her ex, Geoffrey. When the study reveals that she is, Jillian's relationship with Jack is over and she has to deal with the fact that she still isn't over Geoffrey, the man who stole her promotion and sent her fleeing from Boston to L.A. three years before. Then, Jillian's boss, Dennison, tells her they need to relocate--to Boston--where Jillian's [...]

    18. This is a modern day lds fiction romance. Jillian who works in advertising has been trying to get over her ex-fiance after she moved to California and Fedexed his engagement ring to him after she felt he had stolen her idea to get a promotion at work that she thought was for her. Her ex Geoffrey works for an advertising company in Boston that has recently started to steal clients from her company. Jillian's boss decides to relocate him and Jillian to Boston to investigate. On the flight Jillian [...]

    19. Ended too fast, too abruptly. I really enjoyed this book and thought the dialogue was clever and very funny. My only problem with this book really is just that . . . my problem. While reading this book I realized that something most romances have in common relaly irritates me. Secrets. Secrets, lies and assumptions. Most all romances are based on some misunderstanding or lack of communication or assumption. Well, this one is no different. (view spoiler)[ Seriously, I was so irritated that Jillia [...]

    20. ** spoiler alert ** Wright is no doubt a talented author. Her idea for this book was clever. Love the love triangle---but was more like a quad-angle. :) Here comes my spoiler. Please read no further. This information comes in like the second to last page of the book!!!! I did not really like the ending. I loved that Allen and Jillian end up together of course. But I did not like how just because of the love study, that's why he decided that she was the right oneriously?? Because of the love stud [...]

    21. Clean fun romantic read. Instead of the typical love triangle we have a love square of sorts for Jillian. Boston native Jillian has to return to her home town to help revive the branch of her ad agency. She had left Boston to begin with because of breaking off her engagement with Geoffrey. Geoffrey is working full-force in the competing company. Add to the mix Allen, the man Jillian connected with on the flight back home to Boston, who's girlfriend had just left him for who else, but Geoffrey. W [...]

    22. This book is a romance novel about a girl who is love with a boy who is in love with someone else. Jillian tries to have relationships with other men, but it just does not work out very well for her. She wants her ex- Geoffry. Throughout the story, she struggles with her conflicting emotions. She broke up with Geoffry because of something that he did to her, but she is still in love with him.This book is fast paced, full of fun, but it also teaches some valuable life lessons. I think that this b [...]

    23. Very heavy on the cheese, and a mindless, fluffy read, but I enjoyed ploughing through it. I've actually never read an LDS romance. This one was not nearly has horrid as I anticipated. A gift from a very good friend, so I read it. The timing was great! Something light to offset the heaviness of City of God. She does make that fatal mistake that fiction authors sometimes have of trying to make their story feel real by saying, "Yes, but this isn't a book/story. This is real life!" which without fa [...]

    24. I've enjoyed reading Julie's books and seeing her writing become better and better. Plus, Julie's such a cute person! I mention that last sentence because it seems the main character, Jillian, has the same voice as Julie; funny, quick and witty.Cross My Heart is a good, clean romance. Julie has written the characters in such a way that I found myself cheering for Jillian and Allen and wanting Geoffrey to dangle with the Labradors instead of Jillian. The characters grew throughout the book. I was [...]

    25. For LDS fiction, this book was pretty good. The "voice" was light and fresh, oftentimes funny. The storyline was pretty predictable, but cute. Thankfully, it was a lot less cheesy then most LDS novels; no "every fiber of my being" testimonies. No preaching at all really, except when she chastises herself for being nice to everyone. The one little thing that bothered me is that she used the term "Mormon" every time she said what religion she was. Personal pet peeve; we are LDS, not Mormon. But, m [...]

    26. After seeing the author give HERSELF five stars for this book, I went in trying not to like it or to find major flaws because she seemed somewhat egotistical. However, I couldn't help myself, I really enjoyed it. It was charming, fast paced, funny, and Jillian, the main character, was someone that you can connect with and relate to. It was what a fun LDS-Romance novel should be like. I even enjoyed the ending.So I guess Wright was confident for a good reason. This book reminded me why I love her [...]

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