The Cat Who Came in from the Cold

The Cat Who Came in from the Cold The little cat Deric Longden saw sitting forlornly on an upturned bucket belonged to the neighbours but somehow when it began to rain it seemed only natural to bring him inside Once there he slipped

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  • Title: The Cat Who Came in from the Cold
  • Author: Deric Longden
  • ISBN: 9780552156196
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • The little cat Deric Longden saw sitting forlornly on an upturned bucket belonged to the neighbours, but somehow when it began to rain it seemed only natural to bring him inside Once there he slipped so easily into Deric and Aileen s lives that there was an unspoken agreement that he had found his real home Little did he know that he had entered the Longden world, in whiThe little cat Deric Longden saw sitting forlornly on an upturned bucket belonged to the neighbours, but somehow when it began to rain it seemed only natural to bring him inside Once there he slipped so easily into Deric and Aileen s lives that there was an unspoken agreement that he had found his real home Little did he know that he had entered the Longden world, in which the unexpected almost always happens.Aileen being Aileen, it was probably inevitable that sooner or later the kitten would be trapped in the refrigerator And Deric being Deric, the obvious way to thaw him back to life was to make a little coat for him out of a shrunken thermal vest Thus the cat who came in from the cold got his name Thermal and joined the wonderful cast of characters in the ongoing Longden saga.

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    1. I really liked this book. It is not too long. It is light and easy to read, so I didn't expect too much at first as I began to learn all about his life and his cat. But as I continued to read I sensed the underlying depth behind the daily strange "adventures" The author is the main character and he has a great sense of fun, even when worrying things occur and somehow you just know everything will turn out for the best as he begins to describe his daily life with his first cat. His"tongue in chee [...]

    2. Deric Longden has to be one of my favourite writers. Yet in no way is he literary, nor does he impart great truths. But whenever I need a “pick me up”, it is to Deric Longden I will go. He grew up in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, a little town just a few miles outside the city where I grew up, and his experiences, wry humour and attitude to life seem so very much in tune with my own.To give you an idea of his quirky writing, here’s an extract from an interview, when he was asked what got him i [...]

    3. I adore this mans work - I do wish that he would write more!!He is so funny - on a par with Bill BrysonHis pathos and humour are brilliant**UPDATE**Have just re-read this on my Kindle and have fallen in love with this Mans writing all over again.Sadly I have recently heard that Deric is very ill and has not long to live - so sad that we will get no more books from this wonderful writer,,Who else could give us such wonderful and silly situations as a Cat Whisker up the nostril!!!! Please read thi [...]

    4. It was a pure delight to be treated to the skill of this author's development of this kitten's personality.I have never read a book where an animal has so much personality or could carry a book's story so well,as this author does in 'The Cat Who Came In From The Cold'.This book is not only very,very funny,but it is absolutely charming,as well.Everyone who has ever been owned by a cat will recognize the many truisms throughout,but Thermal is also a very unique kitten/cat who is a joy to read abou [...]

    5. Longden saw a white kitten in his backyard during rainy weather and rescued it, not knowing it lived next door. Thermal's presence in the Longden house changed things forever. You will have to read the book to discover why he is named Thermal. I love all of Langden's books because cats are his favorite subject and he tells the stories with such humor and affection.

    6. The heartwarming story of a kitten called Thermal and his pet sultana Ralph. This is my all time favourite animal story book (with the possible exception of Black Beauty). I have read it several times and will probably read it several times more. Thermal is a white kitten that Longden sees sitting, bedraggled, in the rain in his neighbour's garden. He brings him in and adopts him, even though he belongs to the neighbours and they would actually have quite liked to have him back. Derek's blind wi [...]

    7. A funny and entertaining little book about a man, his blind wife and his cat(s) and the strange things that happen to them. Enjoyable if you like cats of course (as I do), but possibly not for everyone. Manages to deftly avoid becoming too twee or sentimental, which is always a danger when writing about small furry animals. Written almost like a diary - things happen, more things happen, the end. Not particularly deep, but then it doesn't need to be, nor does it have any such pretensions. Just r [...]

    8. Unlike the typical adopting a cat changed a man's life book, the man in question is married and a father of four grown kids. He doesn't come off as particularly cantankerous or curmudgeonly. That's not to say the people in his life aren't highly amused by the lengths he goes to in order to please the cat, Thermal.Thermal was a neighbor's kitten that Deric and his wive adopt when the kitten is left out in the rain and he feels sorry for it. (It's not until much later he learns that the cat did ha [...]

    9. A long time ago I received the audiobook as a gift and absolutely fell in love with it. I played it over and over until I literally played the tapes to death. The tapes were lost for good in a house fire, and for years I kept looking for replacements. Cue to this year, when I found the release of the book.I'll start by saying that you definately lose something in the switch from the audiobook to the print version. The book isn't quite as charming, or witty, and the flaws stand out much more. I'd [...]

    10. When I was about 9, my family embarked on a road trip and took a number of books-on-tape with us. Londen's tale of adorable kittens, raisins, and such became an instant family favorite and we checked it out of the library for almost every trip after that (until we no longer had a tape deck in the car.) About 2 years ago, my mom found a copy for me for Christmas. It was wonderful reliving this text.It's not your typical animal book (there really isn't a Marley and Me moment, thank goodness). It's [...]

    11. In "The Cat Who Came in from the Cold" we are introduced to Thermal the kitten. Thermal knows when he's onto a good thing and decides to adopt Deric and Aileen as one of his own. Enjoy reading about Thermal, Deric and Aileen's domestic adventures as they pitch and lurch themselves through (what is for them) normal life. A gentle and very funny memoir about nothing in particular. Warning - tissues required - you'll cry with laughter!

    12. I discovered this not long after it first came out, and it's been one of my favourites ever since. Deric had the skill of making a reader laugh out loud one moment and then cry the next. All of his books are wonderful to read, his characters jump from the page, but this one, which I read over and over, is my all-time favourite - how often is it that you read about a cat who has a pet raisin?!

    13. I just love Longden's style; chatty and witty, and quite humble (very British!). Reading his stories about his new kitten, cat owners can just picture exactly what's going on, and I ended up laughing out loud on many occasions (even on the second reading!)Deric starts as a dog lover, but by the end is firmly in the cat camp, and proud owner of 4! (and how could he NOT have converted?)

    14. I listened to this one on audiobook. I enjoyed it well enough. It had a certain charm to it and I finally found out how Thermal got his name. Humourous and the author really brings the cats in his world, to life.

    15. A warm friendly book about a man who finds a 'stray' kitten in his garden and how it charms its way into his and his almost blind authoress wifes life and home.It is a feel good book but it has its hard edges as do all Deric Longdens books, he knows life is not just the good things.

    16. I love this book. It has all the comforts of a warm and inviting home, with a big, comfy chair to read in while sipping hot tea with, of course, a cat curled up on your lap. One of my perennial favorites. It is also wonderful in audio, if you can find it.

    17. Truly my all time favourite cat book. The whimiscal narration leads you along into Deric Longden's world and his life with Thermal and Ralph. One of those feel-good comfort reads that I return to time and time again.

    18. Simpatica storia che accomunerà e fara sentire compresi tutti coloro che hanno e amano un animale domestico che diventa inevitabilmente parte imprescindibile della famiglia.

    19. I've read this book a few times, and come back to it every time as an old friend. The conversational style of the narrative can be a little hard to parse, but worth it for the comfort and humor in the read.My favorite element of these sort of rambly anecdotal chapters is how Deric, the narrator, anthropomorphizes his entire world. From Thermal the kitten, his beleaguered sidekick the raisin and a host of neighborhood pets, to kitchen devices, buckets, rakes and delivery vans - everything has an [...]

    20. Gli do un meritato 5 stelle perché, a parte il titolo che secondo me non c'entra niente con il libro, è davvero una piacevole lettura, mai noiosa, divertente e interessante! Complimenti davvero allo scrittore che ha saputo cogliere attimi di vita più o meno comuni dando loro una nota fresca e di unicità. Alcune abitudini verso i gatti "leggermente" esagerate alla fine scelte loro.nsigliato a tutti!

    21. Questo libro sembra un diario che narra della coabitazione tra umani e gatti,atteggiamenti che solo chi ha degli animali può ben comprendere. Lettura piacevole,ma ho perso parecchie volte la linea temporale degli avvenimenti,forse una storia vera e propria non c'è.

    22. I loved this sweet little book. The author's descriptions of this kitten are so perfect, if I didn't already have a cat I would definitely know what it was like after reading this.

    23. Che cosa ci colpisce in un gatto? A volte è la vivacità, a volte il musetto, a volte la sua voglia di coccole.Deric Longden si è fatto conquistare dal sorriso di quel micetto bianco che sedeva, come un piccolo re, sopra un secchio rovesciato nel giardino del suo vicino di casa. Fuori, da solo, tutto il giorno, anche sotto la pioggia. E si è sorpreso a cercarlo fuori dalla finestra, più di una volta, e poi a parlargli, e infine a farlo entrare in casa sua. Un micetto troppo carino così tant [...]

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