Paws in the Proceedings

Paws in the Proceedings Full of homespun wisdom gentle wit and charm Paws in the Proceedings is the second book of Deric s gentle tales of life in Huddersfield with his wife Aileen and their menagerie of playful cats with

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  • Title: Paws in the Proceedings
  • Author: Deric Longden
  • ISBN: 9780593054680
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Full of homespun wisdom, gentle wit and charm, Paws in the Proceedings is the second book of Deric s gentle tales of life in Huddersfield with his wife Aileen and their menagerie of playful cats with big personalities.

    One thought on “Paws in the Proceedings”

    1. The first book in about 6 years from my friend Deric. What you see is what you get with Deric's books; he writes like he speaks. In real life, he loves to tell a tale or two and so, sometimes, when I read his books I start off thinking, 'Have I read this?' If you love cats, you love Yorkshire/Derbyshire humour and you know Aileen, so you know he's not really making fun of her, you'll love Deric's books. I first met Deric and Aileen just after they had got married in the early 1990s. Deric's stor [...]

    2. If you are a cat lover or have ever had the honour to be owned by one of our feline friends then Deric Longden's books are a must read for you, but having said that these books can be enjoyed by anyone. These tales of Deric's life in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with his wife Aileen and their collection of cats with larger than life personalities, are at times sad at other times hilariously funny. Deric has the ability to transform everyday occurances into surreal adventures, you will never vie [...]

    3. I listened to this one on audiobook. Although Tigger and Thermal are in this book, they are elderly cats now and they take a bit of a backseat to this story. The cat that is in the limelight is a young, black, semi-feral male called Nokia, who allows Deric to feed him but not touch him. At first, I felt that this book had too much human, not enough cat. But as, usual, thanks to the author's humour and general charm and warmth, I was drawn into the story. And without giving anything away, the end [...]

    4. Once again Longden excells himself in the characterisation of his cats. Thermal has now grown old and is a geriatric old gentleman who lives a sedate and comfortable life by his own personal radiator in the cellar, but there are others waiting to enter teh life of the author. Nokia is the black ball of claws in the shrubbery and Cosmo the cute black and white kitten who likes "food".Deric Longden is the only author I know who can make a trip to Sainsburys or the Post Office into a spell binding [...]

    5. This was a very likeable easy read. It's the day-to-day life of a an older couple who live in Huddersfield, Yorkshire (England). I enjoyed a lot of the English phrases and descriptions of town life, as they reminded me very much of living only 30 miles from there, in Penistone, before I moved to the USA.The couple have several cats, and seem to inherit others on a regular basis. Its a really low-key view of life with animals. Very enjoyable.

    6. More gentle anecdotes from Longden, his family, and his cats. The cats are rather long in the tooth by now, as are their owners, and Longden himself has suffered from ill-health, so if this offers little in the way of novelty or excitement it can be forgiven.

    7. More haphazard stories from self-proclaimed cat wrangler, Deric. This one was quite melancholy with both Deric and his wife and their two "main" cats all showing signs of old age. Some laugh out loud lines and lovely stories of cats and quirky folks.

    8. A good read, full of tales and days in the life. The main downpoint for me is that I picked it up, thinking from the blurb that it would be mostly about a cat/s but that is actually only a small part of the book. The vast majority has nothing to do with the cats at all.

    9. I adore this mans work - I do wish that he would write more!!He is so funny - on a par with Bill BrysonHis pathos and humour are brilliant

    10. Took this on holiday - perfect reading. Light but funny. I adore his narrative voice and his humour and insights delight me.

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