Diana's Story

Diana s Story The story of the last years of Diana Longden wife of broadcaster Deric Longden In Diana contracted ME a condition which meant years of pain and paralysis that ended in death Throughout her illn

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  • Title: Diana's Story
  • Author: Deric Longden
  • ISBN: 9780552139441
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of the last years of Diana Longden, wife of broadcaster Deric Longden In 1982 Diana contracted ME, a condition which meant years of pain and paralysis that ended in death Throughout her illness Deric cared for her and this book is the story of that time.

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    1. This book is so special to me. The author writes in a brutally honest way how he copes (or doesn't cope) with his wife who suffers from what in 1971 was an unknown illness. He manages to support her 100% as she becomes more and more ill. The medical profession haven't a clue what is wrong with her. She is desperately ill and the author loses everything in order to be by her side. He is however able to write about his emotional pain and the suffering of his wife and combine it with his own warm a [...]

    2. Tragic and comic by turns, Diana's Story is the excellent biography by Deric Longden of his wife Diana, who fell ill with what is now known to be ME, or myalgic encephalomyelitis. In 1971 however, it was just an unknown disorder. Every doctor she saw was mystified and unable to diagnose what was wrong with her. The book was dramatised for television in 1993, entitled "Wide-eyed and Legless" and starring Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and Thora Hird. Diana was unable to move without a wheelchair, a [...]

    3. Description: The movie chronicles the struggles of Deric and Diana Longden, a happily married couple who try to cope with Diana's inexplicable degenerative disease which causes occasional paralysis of her extremities and periodic blackouts. One day, while attending a literary luncheon, Deric meets Aileen Armitage, a woman novelist with whom he strikes up a close friendship. Diana soon discover their relationship and calls Aileen, asking to meet her. Full film: youtube/watch?v=E0wSt

    4. I adore this mans work - I do wish that he would write more!!He is so funny - on a par with Bill BrysonHis pathos and humour are brilliantAlthoug this story is about the illness and death of his Wife it is still very funny (in a black humour type of way)

    5. Deric Longdon's love for his wife Diana, shines through in every word he writes. A sad (but not morbid), funny memoir about living with an undiagnosed (back then) illness. Poignant and thought provoking. She was a special woman, very special as is Deric Longdon himself.

    6. What a wonderful book. Funny, sad, honest. As someone with ME, married with a lot of humour in my relationship I recognised so many things. Some of Diana's symptoms were different to mine but equally I could read between the lines as to many things that went unsaid.I can't add much more to what's already been said about this book. I don't know how Deric managed to make something so sad so funny but I wept at the end. It took me a day to read - I didn't want to put it down. A tiny insight into th [...]

    7. It took me quite a while to finish this book. It took me a while - not because I didn't like it - but because I did enjoy it and savoured it in small portions. Honestly I feel really sad with the way it ended and Dianas passing but at the same time there is something magical about the way she faced her disabilities and fought courageously. A wonderful story that is equal in laughter, sadness, courage and ultimately love.

    8. I like this book. It follows the relationship of a husband and wife. The husband, Deric, tries to keep his business afloat while simultaneously caring for his increasingly ill wife, Diana. They engage in witty banter while trying to navigate their new caretaker/invalid dynamic. All in all, Diana's Story was a good read. I like Deric Longden's work. It took me a while to settle into this book, but towards the end I couldn't put it down.

    9. I saw the TV film based on this book at a time when I was believed to have ME (it later turned out to be MS) & what a moving film it was the book was even more so, & it introduced me to a writer I very much enjoy

    10. Filled with humour and inspiration during times of great tragedy .A very private and heartwarming read. A book of courage, pain, sadness and love.

    11. A must read you will laugh and cry all on the same page. tru life great read. dont expect a happy ending!!

    12. Really empathised with this book. Deric's story of caring and loving his wife was very moving. I also found the relationship with his mother very entertaining.

    13. I love Deric Longden's subtle humour and real life anecdotes that fill his books, but this memoir shows he can handle pathos well too.

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