Jeannie Out of the Bottle

Jeannie Out of the Bottle A magical heartwarming memoir from one of Hollywood s most beloved icons Over the past four decades the landmark NBC hit television series I Dream of Jeannie has delighted generations of audiences a

  • Title: Jeannie Out of the Bottle
  • Author: Barbara Eden Wendy Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780307886941
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A magical, heartwarming memoir from one of Hollywood s most beloved icons Over the past four decades, the landmark NBC hit television series I Dream of Jeannie has delighted generations of audiences and inspired untold numbers of teenage crushes on its beautiful blond star, Barbara Eden Part pristine Hollywood princess and part classic bombshell, with innocence, strengtA magical, heartwarming memoir from one of Hollywood s most beloved icons Over the past four decades, the landmark NBC hit television series I Dream of Jeannie has delighted generations of audiences and inspired untold numbers of teenage crushes on its beautiful blond star, Barbara Eden Part pristine Hollywood princess and part classic bombshell, with innocence, strength, and comedic talent to spare, Barbara finally lets Jeannie out of her bottle to tell her whole story Jeannie Out of the Bottle takes us behind the scenes of I Dream of Jeannie as well as Barbara s dozens of other stage, movie, television, and live concert performances We follow her from the hungry years when she was a struggling studio contract player at 20th Century Fox through difficult weeks trying to survive as a chorus girl at Ciro s Sunset Strip supper club, from a stint as Johnny Carson s sidekick on live TV to tangling on screen and off with some of Hollywood s most desirable leading men, including Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, and Warren Beatty From the ups and downs of her relationship with her Jeannie co star Larry Hagman to a touching meeting with an exquisite and vulnerable Marilyn Monroe at the twilight of her career, readers join Barbara on a thrilling journey through her five decades in Hollywood But Barbara s story is also an intimate and honest memoir of personal tragedy a stillborn child with her first husband, Michael Ansara a verbally abusive, drug addicted second husband the loss of her beloved mother and the accidental heroin induced death of her adult son, just months before his wedding With candor and poignancy, Barbara reflects on the challenges she has faced, as well as the joys she has experienced and how she has maintained her humor, optimism, and inimitable Jeannie magic throughout the roller coaster ride of a truly memorable life Illustrated with sixteen pages of photographs, including candid family pictures and rare publicity stills, Jeannie Out of the Bottle is a must have for every fan, old and new.

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    1. I grew up watching Barbara Eden on "I Dream of Jeannie", and I have followed her career ever since. I expected more from this book.She has interesting stories to tell, and she does tell them. However - unlike the authors of other biographies and memoirs I have read recently - she seems overly-impressed with herself. She reminds us repeatedly that she was/is a beautiful blonde, and she name-drops a lot. Of course if famous people are a part of your life story, those names need to be mentioned. Bu [...]

    2. Before starting this book, I genuinely liked Barbara Eden. I was, of course, a fan of "I Dream of Jeannie" and I had seen her in several other shows and movies, enjoying them all. That said - I was *shocked* by this book. I've probably read a hundred celebrity autobiographies and they're generally very entertaining. The celebs will admit their mistakes and even when talking about their accomplishments it's in a self-depricating way to relate to the reader. This book omits ALL of those principles [...]

    3. This memoir was the first thing I read in 2012. Too bad it was kind of a yawn.I learned that Larry Hagman was the real diva on the set of I Dream of Jeannie, throwing temper tantrums, getting drunk and stoned during work, even pissing on the set at least once. Other than that, Eden doesn't really share much juicy gossip that I didn't know. What I didn't already know, I didn't much care about.Yes, yes, the TV censors wouldn't let her show her belly button when she played Jeannie. I already knew t [...]

    4. "Hi, my name is Barbara Eden. Here are all the famous people I met, no mention of anyone else in my life because they haven't been mentioned on TV or in the movies. All the name dropping is about all I'm good for because I say 'no' to just about everything. Oh and by the way you'll only learn about two, possibly three personal incidents in my life, because between jumping from this year, back to that, flash forward to this other year you'll be so confused that you'll want to slam my book closed [...]

    5. What a great insight to the woman who launched a thousand dreams as the beautiful genie of TV land. Barbara came across as "regular folk" who wasn't aware of how truly gorgeous she really is. I liked her candid stories about what a terror Larry Hagman was on set (a report he confirms was true) and about her ass of a second husband.My heart really broke for her as she described the horror of having to give birth to a still born baby which she had to carry full term though the baby had died months [...]

    6. Reason for Reading: I loved "I Dream of Jeannie" as a kid and really knew nothing else about Barbara Eden, other than the Harper Valley, PTA movie and brief series. I enjoy actor's memoirs from the '70s on back in time and was intrigued to see what Barbara Eden had to say for herself.Barbara Eden comes off as a very classy, non-Hollywood-type, of lady who has lived a rich and rewarding career, meeting many famous celebrities and enjoying enough success to satisfy herself. She loves to work for t [...]

    7. I checked this out from the library because I was and still am a I Dream Of Jeannie fan. It is pretty much a biography of Barbara Eden's life which does mention a lot of her time spent on I Dream Of Jeannie. In all honesty I felt that she was a little in love with herself the way she was constantly going off about how all these men were falling for her and hitting on her all the time,from Elvis to the smallest nobodies. She was and still is a very attractive woman but there is no way every singl [...]

    8. So Much More than Jeannie Wow. This was amazing. When most people think of Barbara Eden, they think the bubbly, naive genie in a pink harem costume. But there is so much more. This book covers the gammit. From her very religious, straight-laced childhood to dancing in a chorus line to even singing in Vegas. I had no idea she did all that. Motherhood, heartbreak and courage are just some of the things this book has. I loved every page. And I send my love and prayer to Mrs. Eden for the loss of bo [...]

    9. This book makes a quick, pleasant read, but it's very shallow. Half of the pages are filled with little more than Eden's name-dropping. Of course that's fine, when she's telling stories about people who truly participated in her life and career (like Sydney Sheldon and Larry Hagman), but when Eden only met Marilyn Monroe for 5 minutes because they shared the same body double, it's hard to justify her decision to spend several pages talking about Ms. Norma Jean, especially since she doesn't even [...]

    10. Don't laugh! I saw this in the NEW section of the library and couldn't resist--I had a little girl crush on Jeannie/Barbara Eden way back when. I dressed as her for Halloween and saw her in a local production of "Annie Get Your Gun!" Not sure why she didn't mention that in her memoir. I was sitting in an aisle seat in which the actors and actresses walked up and down in between scenes. At one point, I caught her attention and said, "HI JEANNIE!" and she was sweet and said "Hi Sweetie!" back to m [...]

    11. To review this book, unfortunately, I first have to admit that I read this book. I am blushing even as I type this. And for all that humiliation, I can only report that I learned two things from "Jeannie: Out of the Bottle": (1). Larry Hagman was a jerk; (2). Barbara Eden should not write books.

    12. Interesting to read a book about an iconic comedic actress who is best known for her role as Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie. Recently read a few by Carrie Fisher. They both handled their lives so differently yet so similarly. One was super bitter about losing her identity to Princess Leia and the other capitalized on her fame as Jeannie. Both experienced mental health problems that greatly affected their lives and relationships. Both were very reliant on their mothers. Both wrote tell-all books a [...]

    13. I must have become a fan of "I Dream of Jeannie" pretty early in life, though most likely I did not start watching the show until it went into syndication, years after its original television run—at any rate, I cannot remember when I first saw it. The mixture of science fiction (Major Nelson was an astronaut!) with fantasy, and silliness with sexiness, made an indelible mark on me even as a child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.Later on, I came to connect Barbara Eden's bubbly Jeannie with E [...]

    14. I'm not usually one for autobiographies, but I'm a huge fan of I Dream Of Jeannie and so Mum got this book for me for Christmas. And reading the account of the lovely Barbara Eden was, to put it simply, an absolute joy! The book is written in such an entertaining way, making frequent references to the show I Dream of Jeannie which makes it even easier (for a fan like me) to read. It’s a good non-fiction book for the fiction reader because, (as I assume many autobiographies are) it is just a se [...]

    15. I enjoy autobiographies and Barbara’s is no exception. I listened to the book on audio and Barbara is the reader, which made it more enjoyable. She has a distinctive pleasant voice with a tinkling laugh. Everything about her exudes “nice person.” She found her talent as a singer at a young age and was able to make a living in the performing arts all her life; something only a few are able to do. She dishes nicely about some of the personalities she’s worked with and tells some funny stor [...]

    16. Having always been a fan of I Dream of Jeannie, I was really keen to read Barbara Eden's autobiography. Right from the first page it drew me in and kept me interested through an easy to read writing style and simple language.It was interesting to read of Barbara's early years in San Fransisco and how her early ambition in life was to be a singer, rather than an actor. You get the sense that she was very well brought up and is a "lady" (in the old-fashioned sense). In fact her life has been fairl [...]

    17. I'm an incredibly forgiving consumer of celebrity autobiographies. Really. Perhaps its because they remind me of my first years as a reader, when I discovered the local Bookmobile and a traveling librarian who let a grade schooler check out Hedy Lamarr's racy autobiography, and more, even more inappropriate, materials.At any rate, I expect self-serving memory lapses, an avalanche of fudged details and little white lies, and a gauzy overlay of Rebecca-of-Sunnybrook-Farm on even the most debauched [...]

    18. I grew up watching “I Dream of Jeannie” and was mesmerized by it. I always wanted to be able to cross my arms and blink just like Jeannie. However, try as I might, I was never successful.Barbara Eden has written a beautiful and honest autobiography. From her work as an actress, to her three marriages, to the death of her beloved son, Matthew, Barbara has spoken openly with honesty and integrity. She talks about the “hungry years” when she was struggling as a chorus girl; the famous and n [...]

    19. Great read!Loved reading this bio of Barbara Eden, who will always be known as "Jeanie!" In a fairly quick paced style, you get a great overview of her life and lots of interesting stories of her dealings with many big-named Hollywood players! She opens up about the tragic death of her son due to drugs and any parent would do well to learn from her tragic story. My wish is to meet her one day to share with her God's wonderful plan of salvation and hope for eternity as she enters her twilight yea [...]

    20. I really enjoyed her autobiography. Many celebrity books are quite boring; the only other I successfully completed and enjoyed was Kristen Chenoweth's. I thought it was very interesting and I still think she is one of the prettiest women on television

    21. Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden was just the book I was waiting to read. I loved I Dream of Jeannie when I was little and still do. Ms. Eden discusses her life in film and TV as well as life on the Jeannie set with her costars. Her personal life was not so wonderful as she struggled with many marriages and a son who was addicted to drugs. All in all I loved this book.

    22. This is the autobiography of the actress Barbara Eden. Interesting (to a point), but hardly outstanding. I read it because I watched plenty of "I Dream of Jeannie" whilst growing up. Don't really recommend it, but you could do worse.

    23. Almost unreadable. Between the jumping back and forward in timelines with a Jeanie blink which got really irritating really quickly and the incessant name dropping there is no substance Avoid

    24. A great book for battling insomnia, though there were a few good parts about Larry Hagman being a total jerk.

    25. I guess by the time I started watching I Dream of Jeannie, the shows must have been in reruns, I'm not completely sure; but to me, they were immediate, current and FABULOUS. That's all I knew about Barbara Eden when I read her book -- she was Jeannie, and I wanted to be a jeannie when I was a kid and make my bedroom look like her bottle (my Dad thought I was ridiculous, which was ridiculous!)This book wasn't the best book as far as writing goes, and it also didn't feel to me as though it dove be [...]

    26. Since my husband and I are now watching the I Dream of Jeannie series, I was intrigued to read this book by Barbara Eden. It chronicled (briefly) her life as a child and a young actress, but mostly focused on her life in show business and especially the "Jeannie" years. It was a quick read and didn't spend too much time on mundane things. This book is certainly more interesting to those who are old enough to have seen the series when it originally aired on television, because there are many refe [...]

    27. fast read. eden tries to be very positive about the people and events in her life, and succeeds for the most part. interestingly enough, her marriage with michael ansara was, for the most part, free of trouble until the last year. (i had heard he was jealous, strong willed, and not very good for her career.)the cool thing about eden is that, even though she is incredibly beautiful, she made sure to stay away from situations that would compromise her reputation. she had to dodge the advances of t [...]

    28. Barbara Eden has had an amazing career and quite an interesting life. This book is both funny and poignant, recalling her childhood, her beginning in show business, the Jeannie years, her singing/performing career, as well as the hardships in her personal life. Though I knew she could sing and did some touring productions of musicals, I had no idea she had a lucrative and long career doing cabaret and night club acts across the country and headlined in Vegas for so long. The tragedy of both her [...]

    29. As a child of the 70s, I knew nothing of Barbara Jean Huffman's career prior to her days as Jeannie. This is an interesting look at making it in Hollywood, climbing the ladder one rung at a time. Lots of name-dropping but entirely in context with the story at hand. I liked the "Jeannie-blinks" back in time. According to the story, Barbara resisted the advances of many a leading man. Was very surprised at the descriptions of Larry Hagman but appreciated the fact that she didn't pull any punches w [...]

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