One thought on “Yu+Me: dream Volume 4”

  1. [review and rating for the whole series]Shortly after I noticed that this unforgettable tale hasn't got more attention on , I realized I had no idea what to write about it without without spoling it. I still don't. But I feel duty-bound to do my part to promote this series anyway.Yu+Me isn't what it seems. It's really an experimental surreal voyage. I have little interest in LGBT culture and even less in high school romance but I think it's my favorite English-language comic. Yeah, I like Sandma [...]

  2. If you have made it this far in the series, congratulations. This volume is where is the plot and drawing go from being average or mediocre to "I can't put this down for 5 seconds good" followed by "I want to spend 5 minutes looking at how beautiful each page is". Gone is the black and white, occasionally colored drawing of old, now the artistic medium and style change with every scene change and it makes sense. The changing art style adds to the mood of the story as well hints to the inner work [...]

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