The House Tibet

The House Tibet After year old Vicky is raped by her straitlaced father she and her younger brother leave Adelaide for Queensland where they meet up with a group of other runaways who lead them to an eccentric n

  • Title: The House Tibet
  • Author: Georgia Savage
  • ISBN: 9781555971441
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After 13 year old Vicky is raped by her straitlaced father, she and her younger brother leave Adelaide for Queensland, where they meet up with a group of other runaways who lead them to an eccentric named Xam and a ramshackle house called Tibet Nancy Pearl

    One thought on “The House Tibet”

    1. The novel opens jarringly (which the author fully intended, I'm sure) with thirteen-year-old Victoria, the first person narrator, being raped by her father, staining her new blue dress with blood. Victoria's mother defensively rejects the girl, as does her father's doting mother with the suggestion that Victoria is jealous of her brother and seeking attention, while her self-absorbed aunt appropriates Victoria's hurt for her own psychodrama. Disorientated and deeply wounded, Victoria scrapes tog [...]

    2. This is a very confronting book about the aftermath of incest. Set variously in Melbourne and Queensland, Australia, it's a first person narrative from Victoria Ferguson, a thirteen year old who is raped by her father. Faced with disbelief and a lack of support from her female relatives, she runs away to Queensland, taking her mute brother James. She renames herself Morgan Christie, and her brother becomes Max.Victoria/Morgan is an excellent and believable narrator--she behaves believably for a [...]

    3. By far one of the most enlightening books about incest. The house Tibet thoroughly explored the relationship of a girl and her mother after the mother no longer sees the girl as a daughter but instead as the "other lover" or "the competition". Not at all what the daughter meant, she did what she new, and unfortunately, it couldn't heal her or the family, but she was able to seek refuge with a colony of runaways her age along with her tag along little brother. The journey and the triumphs were ep [...]

    4. A very confronting text, but well worth a read. The life of a 13 year old girl who runs away from her home in urban Melbourne to live with a bunch of fellow runaways on the streets of Surfer's Paradise following incestuous rape. Not a book for everyone. Simply and sympathetically written, this is one of my favourites.

    5. Here is another book that I read several times in high school. I also told everyone I met at the time to read this book. I'm a sucker for books about punk rockers and teen runaways. This was even cooler because it took place in Australia.

    6. Really good story about another unfamiliar culture--both geographically and socioeconomically. Strong characters.

    7. Beautifully written coming of age story about an Australian girl who runs away from home and ends up finding a family and herself.

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