Hot Gimmick, Vol. 1

Hot Gimmick Vol When high school girl Hatsumi has to go buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is late who does she run into but her creepy bully neighbor Ryoki And now he s blackmailing her to become

  • Title: Hot Gimmick, Vol. 1
  • Author: Miki Aihara
  • ISBN: 9781591162148
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • When high school girl Hatsumi has to go buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is late, who does she run into but her creepy bully neighbor Ryoki And now he s blackmailing her to become his slave How will mild mannered Hatsumi get out of this mess Will Hatsumi s childhood crush and male model Azusa be able to save her from Riyoki s clutches

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    1. I feel depraved that I loved this series. It was like twelve pieces of meth dipped in 1,020,000 calorie chocolate. That's how addicted and damaged I felt after reading Hot Gimmick. It made me question my self-respect, my sanity and overall better judgment for men upon finishing because - frankly - I need to turn in my sociology degree for adoring this manga as much as I did.Oh was a pleasure I won't soon forget or bring myself to regret.

    2. …How to start… If I were to present this as a vlog, I would probably stare at my camera stuttering the phrase “I don’t know, I just don’t know” for a long time, going through various stages of grief, and not edit that out because it’s an important part of the reading-this-series process, and then launch into a rant heavily referencing William Faulkner and semi-contradictory takes on Japanese culture, focusing on its general acceptance of the Bastard Boyfriend trope, accepting it as [...]

    3. Review for the series, volumes 1-12. Spoilers will be marked.Oh my god.Okay. Here's the thing. I'm a firm believer that a person can read whatever they want, even the most misogynistic piece of tripe in existence, and still be a feminist.But this This manga had me thinking that maybe I should turn in my feminist card.Yes, I enjoyed this. Yes, it has numerous problems, which I'll talk about below. In fact, this manga is basically one giant problem. Because of this, I would never recommend it to m [...]

    4. I hated this series, I don’t even know why I finished it. Actually I do, I hoped I was wrong about the ending.Fucking wrong!(view spoiler)[I hated the guy she ends up with, he is an abusive, manipulative, douche canoe that needed to jump off their apartment building. I wished she would end up with her adopted brother, he was a nice guy, strike that he was too good for the vapid indecisive main character. (hide spoiler)]

    5. This books is about a girl, Hatsumi Narita, who is extremely shy. She is blackmailed by a former bully Hatsumi knew, to be a "love-slave." She also has to deal with a former friend, who is now a famous model. This whole story revolves around her dealing with her relationship problems/abuse.Personally, I really didn't like this series. In general, I like to steer clear from the books about relationship issues. I mean, I know it's important to be exposed to such things, but it's not a topic that I [...]

    6. If you think it will get better, less abusive, or more loving: You're wrong. It doesn't. Even after a few years of coming to understand how 'submissive' characters in manga can be strong or the physical abuse metaphorical or the sacrifice is because of their great love for the dominant, this story is still unacceptable. The physical abuse is real, the girl hates it but is too terrified to speak up, and the guy never drops his pride enough to show his affection. It is horrible and I hate Viz for [...]

    7. If I could give something negative stars, it would be this manga. I see so many positive reviews about how it's "addictive," which is all well and good, but people--think for a minute! Have you ever seen any pictures online of meth addicts? You know, the really terrible ones that make you want to throw up or wash yourself immediately after viewing them? This is that kind of addictive.Hatsumi is no one's role model, nor should she be. When one of your so-called love interest chooses to inform you [...]

    8. When you glorify a love interest who forces himself on the main character you get Hot Gimmick. What a train wreck! And apparently she ends up with him (so I've heard).

    9. This one's been talked about a lot, so I gave it a try. It's rated "older teen" because of some adult matters (like her younger sister needing her to buy a pregnancy test for her), but that's not really my issue here. It developed almost immediately into the standard love-triangle "who will she choose??" storyline, which can still be quite entertaining even though it's so frequently used. But in vol. 1, I got the idea of who she was going to end up with, and didn't like it.Basically, guy tries t [...]

    10. This was.different. The whole 'you're my slave' bit between Hatsumi and Ryoki was slightly, well mostly, disturbing. It would be one thing if it was 'hey you have to do whatever I say. Get me some Sprite' or 'carry my books to class', but this was a teenager telling another teenager to take her clothes off and that he didn't want to be a virgin anymore so he was going to practice on her whether she liked it or not because she was his slave. And why is she his slave? Because he has information ab [...]

    11. i had to read this because my friend called it one of her favourite guilty pleasure mangas outside of the GANG RAPE AND BLACKMAIL, which promptly caught my attention and makes me laugh every time i think on it. so first volume down and i'm intrigued, though as usual i'm being too literal with these sort of things. i feel like all she has to do is tell her sister she was seen buying a pregnancy test for her and that she's really sorry, and then just lie lie lie through any fall out. because she i [...]

    12. I read the first few volumes of this series recently, I'm surprised to find the story isn't as foolish as I'd feared, and the main characters aren't as hateful as I'd feared neither. ButI still hope the heroine would finally grow a backbone and stop being a doormat and let everyone step on her, for goodness' sake!

    13. THIS IS NOT OKAY! I bought this manga at a book sale, not really knowing what it was about--I just thought I'd give it a shot.And now I just wasted about 20 bucks on a disgusting series that idolizes abuse. I skimmed through this series last night and I can not believe what I read!! Hot Gimmick portrays a "romance" where a guy hits his girlfriend and tries to force her to have sex with him. Then, the girl chooses him at the end of book 11, and APOLOGIZES to HIM for the things HE'S done!!This rel [...]

    14. Hot Gimmick is a series I have read before, and, though I didn't like it, I really wanted to review it, thus the rereading. Anyway, pretty much the whole thing pisses me off, because the series is pretty much entirely about Hatsumi being taken advantage of by every single guy in her life. Hatsumi herself seems to have no ability to see through dishonesty, willpower to resist romantic attacks or strength. This series is where feminism goes to die.Guy #1: Ryouki. At the outset, we are introduced t [...]

    15. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!This is just what Hatsumi’s day has been like. She goes from trying to buy a pregnancy test for her sister without anyone seeing her to becoming the slave of the person she hates most in the world. The story itself is pretty fast paced with a lot of surprises thrown in. It was definitely a book with a lot of emotions both for the characters and the readers themselves. There were many times where I wanted to stop reading because I was so angry at certain [...]

    16. Hot Gimmick is about a girl named Hatsimi. She has a sister who thinks she might be pregnant, so she asks Hatsimi is she will get her a pregnancy test. But right after buying it, Hatsimi runs into her creepy neighbor who is now blackmailing her to be his sex slave or else he will tell everyone about her slut sister.Hatsimi's main external conflict is her creepy neighbor who is blackmailing her, her main internal conflict is if she should be his sex slave, of is she should let him sellout her sis [...]

    17. I often see this manga around and though the synopsis seems interesting, I never felt the urge to buy it since: 1.) I didn't like the cover art so I assumed I wouldn't like the art inside the book either and 2.) the only volumes available are the omnibus editions which are quite expensive. However, when I came upon a copy of volume 1 in Booksale I decided to give it a try out of curiosity. (Besides, it was also cheap.)What a surprise - the art style inside is rather pretty. Not out and out prett [...]

    18. Klasik çocuk senden nefret ediyorsa, sana eziyet ediyor, senin zayıf yönünü (paraya ihtiyaç vb) sana karşı kullanıp seni kendine köle ediyor ise, olur olmaz yerde seni sıkıştırıp taciz ediyorsa aslında sana delice aşıktır inancının hakim olduğu seri, elbette kızımıza pekçok erkek aşıktır, elbette kıskançlıklar vb. olacaktır. Shoujo manga zaten adı, beklenen de bu ama bu tarzın zayıf örneklerinden bence, lakin çizimler güzel.

    19. Wow, my friend has some horrible taste in manga. The same friend who gave me Love Hina gave me this to read because she's in love with this series also. What is wrong with her?Making someone a slave because he knows a dumb secret! No thanks! Trying to rape someone is not how the world works. Disgusting!!!

    20. This is one of my favourite manga series. I was seriously devastated when it ended.Story starts when lead character Hatsumi's sister thinks she might be pregnant so she runs out to the drug store to get her a test. She runs into her evil neighbour Ryoki who makes her be his slave in return for his secrecy about the test. Chaos ensues.

    21. Retarded. This book is about a girl who is blackmailed into being her enemy's slave - who just wants to use her as a prostitute. After reading Tokyo Boys and Girls, I had hoped this book would be just as good - I was wrong.

    22. what i learned from this book if you talk about adopted brothers possibly getting together with their adopted sister loudly in a barnes and noble, you will mortify julie ;) lol!

    23. This was fun and it reminded me of Hana Yori Dango a little. I’ll read the next one but if this girl doesn’t start standing up for herself this series will get annoying.

    24. This is one of those things that is so unhealthy for you that you should avoid it like the plague. You know, like the actual meaty thing SPAM, or most deep fried things at county fairs. Yet even knowing that it's not good for you, you dive in head first anyway, just welle.Yep, it's THAT series.Sheesh. Too many characters to sort out right at the beginning. An entire Master/slave thing that is completely out of line and scenes that border on felonies, and a girl that is just too stupid for wordsd [...]

    25. [Reseña Global 12/12] Hot gimmick es un manga que me ha entretenido lo suyo pero únicamente porque me lo he tomado como una historia de ficción, porque los culebrones, quieras que no, enganchan y por una parejita secundaria que me gustaba, porque por lo demás deja bastante que desear, hablando en plata, especialmente sus personajes, cuyos comportamientos reflejan un machismo preocupantemente normalizado.Sólo lo recomiendo para la gente amante de los culebrones y que, ante todo, sean capaces [...]

    26. One of my top favorite series, I absolutely loved this one. I was crazy about this mangaka for awhile and unfortunetly not a lot of her work was released in America. This series centers around a gal who lives in an apartment complex where she's torn between the guy she likes, who turns out has returns to the complex for a dark purpose-revenge, and a stuck up elite student whose family rules the roost. I loved the characters and I also loved the side story of Hatsumi sister's Akane as well. Great [...]

    27. This is probably the worst exploration of an abusive relationship I've seen in mangathat's saying a lotthis is coming from a girl who (at the time) thought it was romantic but looking back I see the writing on the walls. Shinobu should have been her love interest, I liked him but I was 16 then and was of course on par for the bad guy (in this case) the really bad guy. but hey thats what life is for right?

    28. For being the first volume in the series it's off to a good start. I will defiantly be looking into buying volume 2.

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