The Daylight War

The Daylight War Continuing the impressive debut fantasy series from author Peter V Brett The Daylight War is book three of the Demon Cycle pulling the reader into a world of demons darkness and heroes On the night

  • Title: The Daylight War
  • Author: Peter V. Brett
  • ISBN: 9780007276219
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Continuing the impressive debut fantasy series from author Peter V Brett, The Daylight War is book three of the Demon Cycle, pulling the reader into a world of demons, darkness and heroes.On the night of a new moon all shadows deepen.Humanity has thirty days to prepare for the next demon attack, but one month is scarcely enough time to train a village to defend themselvesContinuing the impressive debut fantasy series from author Peter V Brett, The Daylight War is book three of the Demon Cycle, pulling the reader into a world of demons, darkness and heroes.On the night of a new moon all shadows deepen.Humanity has thirty days to prepare for the next demon attack, but one month is scarcely enough time to train a village to defend themselves, let alone an entire continent caught in the throes of civil war.Arlen Bales understands the coreling threat better than anyone Born ordinary, the demon plague has shaped him into a weapon so powerful he has been given the unwanted title of saviour, and attracted the attention of deadly enemies both above and below ground.Unlike Arlen, Ahmann Jardir embraces the title of Deliverer His strength resides not only in the legendary relics he carries, but also in the magic wielded by his first wife, Inevera, a cunning and powerful priestess whose allegiance even Jardir cannot be certain of.Once Arlen and Jardir were like brothers Now they are the bitterest of rivals As humanity s enemies prepare, the only two men capable of defeating them are divided against each other by the most deadly demons of all those that lurk in the human heart.

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    1. There are almost no authors I wait on. George Martin is one, Peter Brett another. I'm hooked on these books. They're the fun, exciting, imaginative fantasy I used to love way back in the 80s, but written for the new milenium with all the additional sharpness and insights that entails.Brett combines a wonderful idea - the particular combination of 'bad guys' and magic that drives the series - with great characterisation across a broad cast.To deliver literary punches, to write scenes where we car [...]

    2. The Daylight War is a good addition to the Demon Cycle series but in my opinion, it’s also the weakest entry so far.To anyone who disliked the second book of the series, let me tell you that this is not where it gets better, at least not for me. The Daylight War, the third book out of five in the Demon Cycle series is what I would say inflicted with the infamous middle book syndrome, especially in terms of plot. Let’s digest how much time passed here compared to the previous books. The first [...]

    3. Book:3.5 Series so far: 4 ****WARNING****The Daylight War Is a Sex Filled Romance Novel Masquerading as the fantasy book you thought you were going to be reading.Peter V. Brett dropped the ball on this one. The Daylight War is in no way a bad book, it’s just a letdown. It seems that when Peter decided he was going to write a third book, he decided to gather up all the most irritating characters of the past two books and make them main characters. Not only that, he also managed to make some of [...]

    4. Peter V. Brett's best book yet. Brett handles the expansive scope of one of this era's biggest epic fantasies with considerable skill. Highly enjoyable.[Two disclaimers: This review refers to an ARC version, which means I got it for free. It also means the copy I read may contain errors the final, printed book does not. Also, importantly, I count Peter Brett a friend. I will, however, give a forthright, dispassionate review. Peter’s career isn’t at a place where an honest critique on a few p [...]

    5. The corelings will rise en masse under the new moon and Arlen and company only have a month to prepare for it. Can they survive the month and the Krasians that draw near Deliverer's Hollow?After three years of waiting, the third book in the Demon Cycle is upon us. Was it worth the wait?Meh. I don't know if it's because I've just devoured five George R.R. Martin books in record time or because three years have passed since I read the Desert Spear but The Daylight War didn't blow my doors off the [...]

    6. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads3.5 stars***Spoilers from the previous books***Despite liking THE DAYLIGHT WAY, generally speaking, I can't deny my overall impression is that the series has been poorly planned. The first book was excellent, the second book spent an entire third of its content giving background on a new POV, and this third book reiterated half of that information, giving us New POV’s wife’s perspective on a lot of the same background. It would have been much more efficient to introdu [...]

    7. What a chore to read!If you've read the first two books in this series you know that there are two "factions," the Northerners and the Krasians. Each have their own Deliverer and each fighting their own battle against the demons that attack each night. This book bounces back and forth between these two groups as they battle against the night.  The book just felt like it was way too long. There was never anything that kept me engaged in the story. The climax if you can call it that was a big dis [...]

    8. via GIPHY‘I do not know that there is such a thing as a Deliverer at all’ Abban drank again. ‘But I have looked into the eyes of thousands of hagglers, and in all my years met only two men I judged to be true. One of them was the Par’chin and the other, Ahmann, was you.’I want to start this review by saying I always give an honest review and even though the Two Bald Mages have dedicated a page to Peter V Brett’s Demon Cycle series I won’t be biased in anyway. This book frustrated m [...]

    9. * Please read this only if you've read the first two books in the Demon Cycle series -- The Warded Man and The Desert Spear. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of discovering every twist and turn of this splendid tale in the proper order. Further, I'm purposely shying away from providing details to avoid even unintended spoilers.*A RECAP: The Warded Man introduced us to Arlen of Tibbett's Brook, a boy whose simple village life was upended by a tragic demon attack. His ensuing restlessness l [...]

    10. As much as I love this book I have to admit that it didn’t live up to the first two books. 80% of the book focused soley on the love life of the main characters that keep increasing with each book. I could have done without Inevera’s backstory, it was totally unnecessary and was too long, it could have been cut done to 30 pages instead of the 100 plus it was. It added nothing to the plot whatsoever. Just 20% of this book is based on the upcoming demon war, I feel as if the title of the book [...]

    11. The Demon Cycle is a strange series for me as I enjoy reading the books despite hating a lot of stuff about them. The good is definitely Brett's engaging writing style. The world is a fun one and it is very easy to get caught up in the story. The downside of the DC series is that it has a misogynistic tinge and Brett's handling of sexual content (both the "romance" and the rampant sexual abuse) is pretty disturbing. This third instalment of the series was a good one despite its flaws. Both Jardi [...]

    12. I'm fortunate enough to be one of Pete's beta readers, and I've never felt luckier than I do right now. I can say with complete confidence that he's done it again with THE DAYLIGHT WAR. Readers get to take more steps down the path of mankind's struggle against the darkness venting from their planet's core. Better still, Pete does what he does best: creates compelling characters, puts them on the stage, then stands back and let's them surprise the reader with choices that are all-too-real in thei [...]

    13. Uzimajući u obzir da sam The Daylight War (u Laguninom prevodu kao "Sunčani rat") čekala kao ozebla Sunce :) mogu slobodno da kažem da sam donekle razočarana.Sa izuzetkom delova koji se odnose na Ineverino odrastanje i na to kako je postala damating i damadža (u čemu sam uživala) i poslednjih 200 stranica, ostatak knjige je poprilično trom, nedinamičan, previše razvučen, sa nepotrebnim podsećanjima na momente iz prethodnih delova.Sve u svemu, posle intenzivnog drugog dela i tempa ko [...]

    14. 2 1/2 50 Shades of Fantasy?Peter Brett must have been trying to break into the erotic fantasy genre when he wrote this. Every POV human character has sex, and further practically all the chapters contain to some level a sexual content. You may be wondering why I used the phrase "human character", well that is because we do have ONE point of view character who does not get lucky with the ladies. Who is he? A coreling prince We miss out on the fascinating way in which corelings have sex. But for t [...]

    15. Some seriously good epic-fantasy going on here. Like the previous novel, we spend a lot of time in the Krasian camp, only this time it's all from the PoV of Inevera, and I can't complain. Getting the PoV's of the women in this benighted world is a real treat especially since it's so damn dire and ugly. Feeling the strain and drive against the ugliness is damn welcome, even if it's small potatoes with only a few big hints of change or possible change.That being said, we don't remain there. We get [...]

    16. A problematic read.Positives first. I still like the concept of warding. It’s intelligently developed and not necessarily strength related. The overarching theme of man uniting to save man is a worthy one, if vastly underdeveloped in this book. The action scenes are very well drawn. You get a feeling of fluidity and movement in the fights that is quite rare to come across. I like the use of demon bone – and can see how that could be a poisoned chalice. I quite liked the characters of Arlen a [...]

    17. The Daylight War was easily my most anticipated novel this year. There's just something about Brett's world that makes me want to live and breath it always. I can't get enough of it and the really the worst part about this book is that I have to wait at least a year to read the next one. In short, yes it's good and worth the wait. It's consistent with its predecessors and even surpasses them in some aspects.Spoilers follow for the previous books. You've been warned.The Daylight War picks up dire [...]

    18. 3.5/5“Pain teaches, Par’chin, Jardir had once told him, and so we give it freely. Pleasure teaches nothing, and so must be earned.”With the revelations of the Mind demon's behind them, Arlen knows only too well what's coming for them on the next New Moon, something that hasn't been seen in 3000 years. Arlen and Reena are now in a race against time to gain alliances, in an attempt to rally and arm the peoples of Miln, Angiers and all of the surrounding villages not only against the new demo [...]

    19. The people of the Northern Free Cities and Krasia have each named their own Deliverer. In the North despite his protests Arlen Bales The Warded Man is considered the Deliverer. In the Krasian cities Ahmann Jardir is the undisputed Shar'Dama Ka. Arlen and Jardir's sides are set for Sharak Sun The Daylight War. Jardir's Jiwah Ka Inevera has set this stage with her future foretelling alagai hora. The current events from Jardir's rise to now can be accredited to her machinations and ambitions. Befor [...]

    20. Full review originally at Fantasy Book CriticOverall Rating = 4 & 1/2 stars ANALYSIS: Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War is a book that most fans have been clamoring for since the release of The Desert Spear back in 2010. This book focuses on Inevera’s character as the past books have done for Arlen, Leesha, Rojer and Jardir. This book would also serve to show the conflict brewing between Jardir and Arlen and so easily marked itself as the most anticipated title for 2013 IMO. A warning th [...]

    21. I'm getiing very annoyed with backstories and descending trend of this cycle. Was The Painted Man written by someone else? In that book you at least had really good story till the last page. I'm really disappointed that first 30% of The Daylight War doesn't develop plot at all. Instead we have Inevera's "POV" on things we already knew. What's the point? I think that those chapters could be at least two times shorter. Things start to get interesting in second half, but I feel almost cheated by th [...]

    22. Daylight War is the weakest of the series so far. This book greatly suffered by having too many flashbacks which did not add much to the overall plot. Most of the chapters felt like filler and there wasn't much action until the last 25% of the book. I had high hopes for this one and they were not met. (view spoiler)[Did the Krasians ever marched further inland to invade the northern territories? Nope. Talk about disappointing. Jardir has been established as one of the main antagonists across the [...]

    23. Really not sure how to review this book. I have to say that I struggled for the first part because it was so hard to get in to, and with the constant flicking between times and people, it really started to grate. Only started to properly enjoy it towards the end and the big battles.Arlen and Leesha were kinda annoying in this book. Leesha was especially annoying and only redeemed herself at the end, and only a little and Renna is just horrible, nothing about her is appealing and I cant stand rea [...]

    24. Dakle, sta imamo ovde?Manje vise isto sto i u drugom nastavku.Dobar pocetak, Ineverina prica mi je bila zanimljiva, ne bas toliko kao Dzardirova u dvojci ali dovoljno.Kad sam saznao sve o Ineveri i presao na "hriscanski" deo price, tu su poceli problemi. Kao i u drugom nastavku uostalom. Ko me najvise nervirao? Svi, ali najvise Arlen i Rena.Volim te Arlene; Volim te Rena; i tako jedno 50 puta. 150 puta! AMAN! Razumeli smo.Tako od 250-600 stranice imamo uglavnom bespotrebno razvlacenje, iliti mla [...]

    25. Nooooo!!! Cliffhanger ending! You bastard Brett!The last 25% of this book was brilliant. As good a finale as the last book barring the cliffhanger finish. Cliffhanger is probably a little inaccurate - it was more like the story ended just when it started taking off and my blood was up and wanting more.But as good as the last 25% was, the previous 75% was a grind at times. The main story picks up where we left off last book and stretches some thirty days till the next new moon while the Thesans a [...]

    26. Već je prošlo dosta od kada sam pročitala knjigu, a nikako da dam malo detaljnije utiske. Dakle, četiri zvezdice možda jesu mnogo u odnosu na pet koje sam dala nekim daleko boljim knjigama iz žanra (recimo Martinovim, Sandersonovim i sl.). Sa druge strane, tri zvezdice su mi delovale premalo kada se uzme koliko sam uživala u knjizi. Ne mogu da je pohvalim da je koncizna, da je maestralna, da je originalna. Zaista, ako se izuzme Ineverino odrastanje, koje je bilo previše plastično u tren [...]

    27. Each new book in this series is slightly worse than previous.First one was solid 4, second bit shaky 4 and this one gets 3.For the most part even that felt generous, story developed at snail pace, Reena was annoying and Roger is even more but last 200 where great it reminded me of what is good about this series.Unfortunately it wasn't enough to fix overall weak impression and fact that ends with cliffhanger doesn't help.

    28. I can not wait to read this book, I absolutely loved the first two although I must say that Jardir's history was dragged out a bit too much in The Desert Spear, but overall a fantastic read!

    29. Just a heads up: this review will contain some spoilers for the previous two books in the Demon Cycle series, but I would assume if you haven't read them already you wouldn't have made it this far to the third installment. The nightly battle against the demons of the core continues in The Daylight War. With the appearance of the more intelligent mind demons and their mimics from the last book, humanity now prepares for the new moon when the powerful Princes will return again with their hordes ri [...]

    30. wanted to start it and realized that I forgot a lot of what came before or maybe better put i got out of the rhythm of the series and it doesn't really talk to me anymore - I know the outline - so I guess i need a reread of at least book 2, even if only a fast oneI finished The Daylight War and while I plan an immediate reread of at least the second part - I read the first 250 pages (thought it was more like 100 and was shocked when i got back to see the page indicator saying 250, this is how co [...]

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