Hidden Fourteen year old Alix lives at the bottom of Hayling Island near the beach It is a quiet backwater far removed from world events such as war terror and refugees Alix has never even given a thought

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Miriam Halahmy
  • ISBN: 9781845395230
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourteen year old Alix lives at the bottom of Hayling Island near the beach It is a quiet backwater, far removed from world events such as war, terror and refugees Alix has never even given a thought to asylum seekers, she has enough problems of her own Dad has a new life that doesn t include her, Grandpa is dead and Mum is helpless and needy Then one day on the beachFourteen year old Alix lives at the bottom of Hayling Island near the beach It is a quiet backwater, far removed from world events such as war, terror and refugees Alix has never even given a thought to asylum seekers, she has enough problems of her own Dad has a new life that doesn t include her, Grandpa is dead and Mum is helpless and needy Then one day on the beach Alix and Samir pull a drowning man out of the incoming tide Mohammed, an illegal immigrant and a student Mohammed has been tortured by rebels in Iraq for helping the allied forces and has spent all his money to escape Alone, helpless, and desperate not to be deported, Mohammed s destiny lies in Alix s hands However, hiding an injured immigrant is fraught with difficulties Faced with the biggest moral dilemma of her life, what will Alix do, and who can she trust

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    1. The idea behind this book was quite good and it was well-executed, util the end, which was rushed and kind of lost my interest. It was based on the true stories of the author's family, which was cool, but not cool enough for me to want to read it the whole time.I didn't realize this was part of a series. I don't think I'll continue, but who knows?

    2. When I scanned the reviews of this book, I was utterly shocked. How on Earth could anyone LIKE this piece of from the loo? How can NO ONE see how bad this book is? Or am I the only one who has eyes and a brain accustomed to quality books?This book is so bad that I reread it. You're probably thinking "Does she mean horribly good? Why would you reread it if it is so bad?"I reread it with a pencil, to make notes what utter BS that the publisher decided to tarnish their name with. I correected punct [...]

    3. Review by BethThis book can be accessed at many levels and I think it’s brilliant for introducing extremely complex and difficult issues in a way anybody can access from racism to more complex immigration and asylum issues. Halahmy confronts some serious stuff in a really great way. Halahmy presents us with a really naïve but equally unbiased view of Mohammed, who could easily be prejudiced against. In Alix, we have a narrator who despite prejudices which, she acknowledges and tries to overco [...]

    4. Despite being originally published in the UK in 2011, this recent US publication is very timely in light of certain issues and decisions being made by the US administration.Alix is 14 and lives neat the coast in Britain. One of her teachers has started discussions about refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. She is starting to notice more and more about racism and it is brought to a head when she witnesses a bullying event. One day, while she is training to run a marathon by running on the be [...]

    5. Alix thought that she understood life, and that of an immigrants. But when her class starts going over the different types of immigrants and she becomes friends with Samir, someone who opens her eyes to what immigrants deal with. When they find an illegal immigrant in the ocean they have really only one choice, in Samir's eyes; hide the man.This book is a good story that sheds light on topics that most people either don't want to think about, or just flat out don't think about. It delves a littl [...]

    6. Before talking about the book itself, I have to mention the cover. It is utterly gorgeous and probably one of the main reasons I decided to actually read this book. I just find it so magical to look at. I must also point out that it states in the author's biography, that she is married to a real Italian knight! As you might have already realised this book is a 'Regency style re imagining of the story of Cinderella'. It follows the story extremely loosely but is cleverly told none the less. This [...]

    7. I really loved Hidden by Miriam Halahmy! I won my copy of the book in a Twitter competition, and I'm really glad for it as well. It would have been a shame to have missed out on this thought-provoking and topical book that explores really important themes such as racism, immigration and judging by appearances.When I first recieved Hidden, and saw that it is set on Hayling Island, the first thing I did was to look Hayling Island up on Google maps as I'd never heard of the island before. It seems [...]

    8. Hidden is a touching and contemporary story about immigration, human rights and the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Alix is in Year 10 and she lives on Hayling Island. Things are home are becomingly increasingly challenging – her father left, her grandfather passed away and her mother has broken her leg – Alix is finding the responsibility of keeping things together weighing down on her. One of the themes of this novel is appearances. Or rather the impulse to judge people on app [...]

    9. Also reviewed on the blog: gloriousbooks/201Just like We Can Be Heroes, Hidden was a novel all about racism and how to deal with it as it is no doubt a big issue in society. It focuses on illegal immigrants especially from Iraq and whether they should be allowed refugee status and the right to live in this country rather than be deported.Again just like We Can Be Heroes, Hidden deals with these issues with using really young protagonists who almost have to decide whether they agree with racism o [...]

    10. Hidden brings the reality of world events to Hayling Island through the strong and clear voice of 14 year old Alix Miller. This is a beautiful seaside town on the south coast of England, but it is not the place built on foundations of sandcastles and ice creams to Alix.Coping with all the pressures and worries of a normal teen, Alix comes face to face with racial prejudice on the streets where she lives. Standing up for Samir, a boy from her school, after he is set upon by racist bullies is one [...]

    11. Hidden was one of the best books I have read this year and it really opened my eyes to all these issues we are facing in the world today. I read the book in one sitting it was that good. I is a really humble way to look at the issues of today day and age.

    12. Great idea, poor execution.I loved the premise of this book. Alix, the main character, seemed compelling. The multicultural and accepting theme behind the book sounded refreshing. Unfortunately, I found that these elements suffocated due to poor writing and minimal development.First off, the writing itself was difficult to follow. Despite the obvious grammatical and mechanical errors in the book, the dialogue was, well, overly British. I certainly understand that the book takes place in the UK. [...]

    13. Well, the author definitely did a good job with characterizing a teenager who is oblivious to the world around her until she is forced to confront an issue. In some ways, I despised Alix, and most of the people that she encountered, but in other ways I understood that there really are people who don't look any further than their own image in a mirror. I think this was a fair attempt at portraying a girl learning about the issues of others happening all around her. I would recommend for 7th-12th [...]

    14. 14-year-old Alix grapples with a moral dilemma: should she inform authorities of the illegal immigrant that she and her friend Samir rescued from the sea, or keep his existence a secret to ensure that he won't be sent back to the people that tortured him? Set on an island off the coast of England, this novel deals with timely issues and raises important questions. While I enjoyed the complex ideas at this novel's heart, I found Alix to be a little annoying, character development to be a little u [...]

    15. Alix is a young girl struggling to manage the adults in her life when she happens upon a potential refugee who's drowning on the beach. She and her friend Samir quickly leap in to help the young man but are at a lost of how to truly help him. The two teens must figure out who they can trust to help Mohammed. Interesting book on the subject of refugees, asylum seekers, and the reaction of the townspeople to an influx of people who come from a different culture.

    16. This was a quick read and I had fun with envisioning the setting of the island. The author does a great job creating a clever, astute protagonist and a cliche antagonist but wrapping them together nicely. I think this is a good read for diverse collections due to the nature of the content - a refugee, language barriers, dirty money, loyalties tested etc. -

    17. I didn't enjoy the writing style of this book, but I did enjoy the actual story being told.There was nothing inappropriate in this book - language, sex, etc. That was quite refreshing and makes it appropriate for a school library.I also liked the story of bullying portrayed through the life of an Iraq immigrant.

    18. Residents of Hayling Island off the coast of England have varying degrees of acceptance when it comes to refugees. Some like Alix and her circle of friends and family seem to understand that refugees mainly seek asylum because they are in danger, and they have left behind all that they love because they are in fear for their lives. That is certainly true of Samir, Alix’s classmate. As the 10 years learn about immigration laws in the UK, Alix and Samir form a friendship while trying to fend off [...]

    19. Good book club book because it can be read a few chapters at a time, and it provokes great discussion.Overall, I wanted to like this book. The story was a great idea. However I struggled to like Alix, and I didn't connect with any of the characters.

    20. Good book. Brings up lots of issues that could be discussed with students. Great way to show kids doing something to change the world. Felt like the end was rushed and cut off. Could have given more there as the rest of the story was developed better.

    21. Story of a refugee found on a beach and hidden by some teens. Not the smartest route to freedom, but a good route to relating to others and recognizing blessings and lack of freedom.

    22. Predictable, boring, had a hard time getting into this one and staying with it. Interested to see what students think about the book.

    23. Hidden by Miriam Halahmy Main characters- Alix, Kim, SamirSummary: Alix is just an ordinary fourteen year old, living at the bottom of quiet Hayling Island. But one cold, misty Saturday on the beach she and Samir suddenly find themselves saving a drowning immigrant. Faced with the most difficult decision of their lives, but Alix’s doesn't know what to do. Connections- I once had to face a difficult decision in my life just like the characters in the book hidden/review/edit

    24. Alix is a high schooler who lives with her mum off the coast of England on a small island. While walking along the beach she helps to save a drowning man with her friend. After realizing what Mohammed has endured in Iraq, Alix cannot believe how her friends and family speak about immigrants. While Alix is trying to figure out how to keep Mohammed alive and safe, she gets to know her classmates who have lived through some of the same travesties. A great, timely young adult novel to add to middle [...]

    25. It's ok and important to have issue-focused fiction, and this one is relentlessly timeless for our current socio-political discourse around immigration and refugees. Hidden is about rescuing: when others stop rescuing us, when we unexpectedly have to rescue others, when systems rescue or refuse to rescue, when we are the only ones who can rescue ourselves, and when rescuing is not enough. Alix is complex and real; her struggles are multilayered and authentic. I appreciated the author's note at t [...]

    26. i really liked this book and it deals with some very important issues in society it is definitely a book i would recommend to someone who takes pleasure in reading.

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