The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man The critically acclaimed author tells a poignant and beautiful story of a famous woman with many painful secrets who returns to her small Wyoming hometown and to the rancher who has always loved her

  • Title: The Last Good Man
  • Author: Kathleen Eagle
  • ISBN: 9780380978151
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The critically acclaimed author tells a poignant and beautiful story of a famous woman with many painful secrets who returns to her small Wyoming hometown and to the rancher who has always loved her.

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    1. After enjoying But That Was Yesterday so much, I jumped at the chance to review this Kathleen Eagle reprint, originally published in 2000. Although I didn't love it quite as much, it was another intelligent, deftly characterized story, and confirms my feeling that Eagle is my newest favorite author.All his life, Clay Keogh has given undemanding, unconditional love and care to anyone who's needed it: abandoned horses, neglected kids, his firebrand half-brother Kole Kills Crow, and most of all, Sa [...]

    2. How odd that I would choose this book at this time of my life. It's about a woman recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment, something I will be going through within the next few weeks. This was a Kindle freebee, a romance about a woman coming back to her hometown and getting together with her "best friend", a romance. The teaser never mentioned anything about breast cancer and as I got past the first couple of chapters I realized what Savannah was going through.I've been there twice a [...]

    3. The dialogue and conversations made me feel like they were speaking in "inside jokes" or like when someone says you had to be there to get it. Ugh. I cannot say anything nice so I will refrain from saying anything. On a positive note, I found numerous words to add the the Words that make you Cringe thread. In just one scene, you have the following gems: to tangle in thebog that grounded his erection.She found the thesoft eggs in that nest They were bothslick as seals his huge hard penis parting [...]

    4. This wasn't my favorite book by Eagle, that would be This Time Forever. For one thing, the heroine is recovering from breast cancer and is pretty depressed at the beginning of the book. I thought her feelings were well written, but let's face it that kind of thing isn't fun. Still, I enjoyed the story quite a bit. I've only read a few books by this author but I found them interesting with not the same old plot.

    5. Kathleen Eagle is a superb storyteller who creates compelling, complex characters, and The Last Good Man is one of her best books. It has lost none of its power in the dozen years since it was first published. Eagle’s gift for characterization can be seen in the secondary characters such as Clay’s mother, his ex-wife, Savannah’s aunt, and Savannah’s hairdresser friend—credible mixes of strengths and weaknesses with pieces of the lives that make them who they are revealed. Even characte [...]

    6. Savannah Stephens was the "one that got away" from Clay Keogh. Savannah was a beautiful child who participated in beauty pageants and a gorgeous woman who left the small town of Sunbonnet, Wyoming to continue her career as a model. When calamity hits in the form of breast cancer, she abandons her career as an underwear model and returns home with her tail between her legs. She turns into a recluse and is pulled out a inch at a time by Clay who never stopped loving her. This is a very sweet roman [...]

    7. I loved this book. It gave me insight into a modern-day culture I wasn't that familiar with, and showed me how two people from totally different backgrounds can not only love and respect each other, but also blend their cultures almost seamlessly. This is a very realistic story--about a man who made a terrible mistake and tries in every way that he can to redeem himself. It's also the journey in her heart that his wife must take in order to forgive him. Eagle blended the threads of that journey [...]

    8. Beautifully and thoughtfully written with interesting (albeit frustrating) characters and witty dialogue.That said, I feel the weight of the story warranted a more substantial ending (too abrubt for me), otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars.

    9. I needed a light & fast read after 8 weeks in CT. This horse ranch romance includes the conflicts of being a single mother, cancer survivor, caregiver to horses. Interesting read. I always enjoy a "western" romance!!!

    10. There is something so quietly compelling about The Last Good Man, by Kathleen Eagle, that I struggle with writing this review. I don't know how to describe it, other than to say that The Last Good Man is one good book.Savannah Stephens has returned home to Sunbonnet, Wyoming, from which she escaped after high school, intent on a modeling career. She achieved it, landing in a catalog similar to Victoria's Secret. But when she comes home, she is several years removed from the limelight and she br [...]

    11. The Last Good man by Kathleen Eagle 3 stars I did not like some of the language and losts of sex scenes. I liked the story line and the characters. Also enjoyed the horses and the message about breast cancer. Would read more from Kathleen Eagle especailly if its about Kole. Savannah Stephens came back to her home town. She was hiding upstairs of her Aunt's grocery store. Savannah was worn down and broke. She quit working as a model when she became a mom and before she went back she got breast ca [...]

    12. Savannah has returned to her home town after many years of being away modeling and being famous. While all the residents in her town contemplated why she was back, Savannah wasn't talking. In fact, she was staying in and rarely venturing out. When Clay finds out that Savannah is back he can hardly resist going over to her old family house to see if she's there. Savannah and Clay have been friends forever and Clay has secretly been in love with her for many years. Despite Savannah's reluctant des [...]

    13. Review written for books-n-kissesHonestly I was not very thrilled with this book. It was so depressing it left me in a funk. Savannah is in such a depression that it is hard to enjoy her. And Clay is so love sick and wanting to take care of everything and everyone he sees that he becomes almost pathetic to me. While I can understand how some people would enjoy this book it was just too sad for me. I am the girl who likes a strong alpha male and Clay to me was not that at all. And while he may be [...]

    14. Author: Kathleen EaglePublished By: William Morrow and Company Age Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanBlog For: GMTARating: 5Review:Kathleen Eagle's "The Last Good Man" was one good powerful novel that I have read on this subject in quite a while. I thought this author did a good job in handling the subject of breast cancer and even how the horses were brought into this storyline. The story consist of a woman(Savannah Stephens) who was a former model, recovering recovering from breast can [...]

    15. I enjoyed this contemporary romance. The heroine, Savannah, carried quite a bit of baggage, but I sympathized with her and found her to be likeable. The hero, Clay, was a wonderful, protective, caring man. I thought the addition of Savannah's daughter, Claudia, to the story, was a good touch. She was precocious, loveable, and her interactions with Clay were sweet and entertaining. I liked the characters and the story in this book.Savannah Stephens left home to become a famous model. When she ret [...]

    16. Savannah Stephens comes back home to Sunbonnet Wyoming, after years of living a glamorous life in New York. In addition to returning home, she has a sixth year old daughter named claudia with an unknown father. The only safe haven she has is her Aunt Billie who raised her from birth,, as well has her childhood friends that she left behind. There are two childhood friends that she never forgotten: Keith and Clay are two friends that she did everything with,and they shared a lot of great moments t [...]

    17. Loved the book it was a sweet Love story of a man that has Loved the same girl since they were teens and when she comes back home even though he doesn't know what brought her back or what's she's hiding at first he still wants to take care of her and her daughter which from 1st sight he know's is his half brother Koles child. Savannah struggles with what I would think all or most breast cancer survivors struggle with a feeling of not being whole or attractive and depression. Thinking how can any [...]

    18. This book carry the message of trust between two persons who loves each other. Savannah, who was a model found herself back to where she came from and unlike before, she is bringing along her daughter, Claudia. Clay who is Savannah's good friend and who have been in love for as long as he remember, is determined to find the actual cause for her return to the town where they grew up. I like Clay very much. He loves unconditionally; towards Savannah, and his ex step chidrens. It is hard to find as [...]

    19. This was a heartbreaking bitter sweet story to read. A model who thought she had everything with her looks (which was drilled into her at a young age) learns to live again after a terrible health issue. Dealing with the pain and loss, slowly moving forward and realizing she's worth love and happiness. Sweet, smart, beautiful little girl who just wants her mother happy and healthy. Sweet cowboy who loves horses, that sweet little girl, and her mother which he has loved almost forever and a day. M [...]

    20. An excellent book about the emotional and mental difficulty of dealing with breast cancer. As a love story, which I was expecting, it was not as fulfilling. In fact, I'm not willing to bookshelf this as a romance. The commitment to each other was based on their past relationship. Their first "reunion" was odd and for most of the book he was off working and she was hiding. Go in with the right exceptions and you'll love it.

    21. I enjoyed the book but it was pretty slow paced. Savannah was a model in the big city and has breast cancer and comes home to Wyoming, depressed after surgery and hooks up with her high school sweet heart. She has a daughter with her and spends the book struggling with 'getting her life back' after cancer. Its a bit depressing and Clay her high school sweet heart is really a good guy.

    22. Loved it. Touching love story about a woman, a former model, recovering from breast cancer. She returns home with her daughter to her small town roots in an attempt to rediscover/reinvent who she is. She reconnects with her best friend from childhood, and their love story unfolds as they both come to terms with the changes in their lives.

    23. The Last Good Man is one of Kathleen Eagles best books, with Clay and Claudia stealing the show. Savannah left a lot to be desired for much of the book, wallowing in her pity party. She did redeem herself and made this a beautiful love story. Address the issue of breast cancer, which allows the reader to see both sides of the coin.

    24. Ok, I usually avoid romance like the plague, so take my review with a trace of salt and onion.Romances always seem so predictable to me, and this was no exception. The problems were a little more believable, and the horses and farrier stuff is accurate. The whole rescue/retirement idea is just so much pie-in-the-sky, though.

    25. I truly enjoyed the good and true emotions that are featured in the characters of this novel. Clay is earnest, honest faithful. Savannah shows how debilitating depression can be after a life altering illness. After a good bit of plot setup this novel draws a reader into the next chapter, then the next. A novel about how good intentions become good actions.

    26. DNF. The h is a self-absorbed, selfish and superficial model who is a breast cancer survival and treat her so-called best friend, the H, like s#it. The H is an idiot and a martyr that need to take care of everybody, especially the h, who has a child with his half-brother who she always has a crush on. One star!

    27. A good romance book. this is the first romance book i have read and it wasnt that bad. at the begining the main character Savannah was getting on my nerves but it started getting better.I just dont know why when I think of a romance book is always about a cowboy and ranches? this fits that description.

    28. 3 1/2 stars. A story of childhood friends who, after a long absence, discover they love each other and marry. Savannah and Clay are complex characters, each with physical and emotional burdens, but after a rocky start, they find their happily ever after.

    29. I love Ms Eagle's writing, but this one was difficult to like the female character despite all she's gone through, and the way she kept hurting the male character. And, the fact he kept putting up with it.

    30. This book was a little too slow and depressing for me, plus I love alpha male and Clay was not that enough, plus she was such a bitch sometimes that I couldn't stand herANKS TO NETGALLEY AND BELL BRIDGE BOOKS FOR THE PREVIEW

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