Mit ganzer Seele

Mit ganzer Seele Sie kann keine Toten sehen aber Sie sp rt wenn jemand in ihrer N he sterben wird Und dann zwingt eine unbesiegbare Macht sie zu schreien so laut sie kann Kaylee kann ihr Gl ck kaum fassen Der sch r

  • Title: Mit ganzer Seele
  • Author: Rachel Vincent Alessa Krempel
  • ISBN: 9783899419467
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sie kann keine Toten sehen, aber Sie sp rt, wenn jemand in ihrer N he sterben wird Und dann zwingt eine unbesiegbare Macht sie zu schreien, so laut sie kann.Kaylee kann ihr Gl ck kaum fassen Der sch rfste Typ der Schule hat sie angesprochen Nash hat die sch nsten braunen Augen, die sie je gesehen hat Als er sie auf die Tanzfl che zieht, glaubt Kaylee zu tr umen Aber dSie kann keine Toten sehen, aber Sie sp rt, wenn jemand in ihrer N he sterben wird Und dann zwingt eine unbesiegbare Macht sie zu schreien, so laut sie kann.Kaylee kann ihr Gl ck kaum fassen Der sch rfste Typ der Schule hat sie angesprochen Nash hat die sch nsten braunen Augen, die sie je gesehen hat Als er sie auf die Tanzfl che zieht, glaubt Kaylee zu tr umen Aber das perfekte Date hat sie sich anders vorgestellt Erst entdeckt sie ein M dchen, das scheinbar von einem schwarzen Nebel umgeben ist Dann wird Kaylee bel, und pl tzlich lastet eine schreckliche Schwere auf ihr Um nicht zu schreien, dass die Fensterscheiben zerspringen, rennt sie schwei gebadet raus Wie peinlich Nash muss sie jetzt f r v llig verr ckt halten Doch seltsamerweise bleibt er ganz ruhig Am n chsten Tag erfahren sie, dass das M dchen tats chlich tot ist Bald sterben weitere Und Kaylee ist die Einzige, die wei , wen es als N chsten trifft

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    1. Okay, normally I really don't like books where a guy and a girl eye-hump each other for 5 minutes and then decide they're the ones that Kiss song was written for. This book is no different. At first I was a bit suspicious, because well it's not like Nash noticed Kaylee before, so I didn't really know where the sudden interest comes from. But my suspicion faded pretty quickly, ahem. But of course, Kaylee is beautiful, but doesn't know it And I can see where this thing with Tod is going (I'm so ef [...]

    2. A wonderful 5-star read recommended from Michelle (who so willingly read Warner in exchange for me trying one of her rec's)Do you love Meg Cabot's Shadowland series?Can't get enough of Noah Shaw in The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer?Love YA contemporary or light-hearted YA urban fantasy?Love two hot brothers along the lines of Stefan and Damon, only more along the lines of Noah Shaw (much better than Stefan) and Damon Salvatore (albeit white hair instead)?Read this book.Seriously. If you liked what I w [...]

    3. If you get annoyed at shallow characters, obvious plot lines and a rather unexciting love story, then I'd suggest you skip this book. I absolute LOATHED this book. So many of my friends rated this book quite highly, which compelled me into wanting to like this, too. Yeah, well, that didn't work out. I stuck out until the end, in hope I would find SOME redeeming qualities. There were none.The Characters The characters are one-dimensional. They have names, alright, but that's about it. They have a [...]

    4. Rachel Vincent, thoust hast redeemed thouself. Thyself? Thineself? Screw it. Look you’re off my shit list, okay lady?I liked this book. I really liked it. I’m not sure if that’s because I hated Stray so much (which I ATTEMPTED to read directly before this one—don’t do it, trust me) or if it’s because this book is really that good. Based on the glowing notes I took, I’m leaning towards the latter. I recommend this book to readers who:1. Are sick of hating main characters 2. Are sick [...]

    5. "My Soul to Take" is, to my surprise, the first YA urban fantasy I've come across. Sort of a teen version of Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series and Richelle Mead's Succubus books. The majority of the teen paranormal books on the market nowadays are straight romances, which means there is a lot of kissing, staring into each other's eyes, sleeping in the same bed (in a chaste way, naturally) and angst, and very little development of mythology or plot. "Hush, Hush," "Shiver" and "E [...]

    6. *3,5/5 stars* My Soul to Take was a great start to the Soul Screamers series. Kaylee, who discovers through the novel that she's actually a Bean Sidhe was an interesting heroine. There was some 'special snowflake' syndrome on her part, but she still managed to be interesting and likeable main lead. I hope that I'll like her - and the side-characters - more and more as the series progress.“The problem with getting everything you want in life is that you're not prepared for disappointment when i [...]

    7. I HAVE A NEW BOOK BOYFRIENDTod Hudson - Be still my heart.As for My Soul to Take, I had trouble focusing on the plot because I spent most of the time either fawning over Tod or waiting for him to show up again.From what I remember, the book is fairly short and feels like an introduction, nothing more. The climax of the plot felt more like a little bump in the road. I guess that just means I have to keep going with the series.

    8. (Mini review to avoid even the slightest bit of spoilage)I couldn't put this book down, it was just the fix I needed to feed my YA addiction. I love how unique Kaylee's story is, it really pops in comparison to the hoard of para ya out there. Most importantly the world building was freaking brilliant, the characters were engaging and believable, and the romantic aspects were age appropriate. And then there was Todd *sighs*, me likey Todd ; ).

    9. If I was dying, I’d decided to spend every single day I had left eating at least one meal with Nash. Talking to him made me feel good, even when everything else in my life was totally falling apart.Second date talk.Noope.

    10. Achtung, ich werde massiv spoilern!!1,5 SterneWegen Todd und weil es ganz witzig war, sich darüber lustig zu machen xDFalls ihr irgendwas von meinen status updates mitbekommen habt und das Buch immer noch lesen wollt: Lasst es, man kann so viel besseres mit seiner Zeit machen.Etwas beschränkte Protagonistinnen sind ja im Moment echt nichts Ungewöhnliches in Jugendbüchern, aber Kaylee hat mich mehr genervt als so manche anderen. Sie wirkt wie eine verdammte Puppe, die nichts selbst hinkriegt. [...]

    11. I have Rachel’s adult series sitting on my shelf, they still need to be read, but when the opportunity arose to read her debut YA novel, I knew I had to pounce! (That was totally a pun for her werecats novels, just in case you didn’t get that.)This was an interesting start to a new series. The whole premise of soul screamers is very original and unique amongst the throng of ya paranormal novels. The beginning was slow, but with the amount of back story that Rachel had to do, it was almost in [...]

    12. Rating: 2 out of 5.This book wasn't very original when it came to paranormal YA. Most of the book was spent with the heroine asking questions. The heroine also asked the wrong questions, or unimportant questions first. The heroine needed to get her priorities straight. I could go on for pages and point out where the book failed me, but the points below are instances in the first half of the book that annoyed me:• The hero is the hot/popular guy at school who is also coincidentally a man-whore. [...]

    13. I probably should have reviewed this book as soon as I finished it earlier this week. Instead I found and read its prequel, then picked up the 2nd book in the series, and then the 3rd. I started the 4th book at midnight last night and have already finished it and just bought book number 5. As soon as I'm done with that I'm planning to buy the 2 novellas I've not yet read. I'm sleep deprived but just can't seem to get enough of this series.It's been way too long since as series of books kept me u [...]

    14. (4.5 Stars)My Soul to Take is about a girl named Kaylee, who gets very unusual panic attacks. Sometimes she can see a shadow that wraps around any random person that makes Kaylee want to have a gut wrenching scream, see, she knows when this happens that the person is about to die.Not understanding what is going on and believing she isn't crazy no matter what people think, Kaylee gets some help from someone she never would have dreamed, the gorgeous Nash. With his help Kaylee will finally underst [...]

    15. I had this book sat on my bookshelf for a while before finally picking it up. After reading the first book in Rachel Vincent's adult urban fantasy series, Blood Bound, I instantly wanted to read her other series so I finally picked up this one.I loved this book, I thought it was amazing. I always enjoy original storylines and I thought the storyline of this book is definitely original and not something I have read before. I loved that we got to see the characters grow a lot in this book.Kaylee, [...]

    16. Checkout my full review on my blog! omgbooksandmorebooks.This book is amazing for a number of reasons. I finally relate to the setting. I have read countless urban fantasy books and I always wanted a story set close to where I live. The story feels more real.The concept is unique. It deals with death, souls and bean sidhe. Kaylee knows when someone is going to die when she screams. She predicts death yet she can't stop it. Her screams are ear spitting to humans but music to male bean sidhe. That [...]

    17. Kaylee Cavanaugh has big problems, and not your normal angsty teenage ones. Her father has been missing from her life ever since her mother died, she lives with an aunt who is obsessed with looking young and fit, an uncle who does seem to care about her, but a cousin who can hardly stand her. Her home life may be less than ideal, but Kaylee has more to worry about than getting along with her relatives. Kaylee knows when someone is going to die. And when the Grim Reaper comes for a person’s sou [...]

    18. I read the first book in Rachel Vincent’s urban fantasy series, “Shifters” a few years ago. I was not impressed, nor did I feel the urge to give it another try. But when I found out she’d written an urban fantasy YA series from friends on , I figured, why not?Kaylee Cavanaugh is a junior in high school who has felt the urge to scream uncontrollably on a few occasions, which she believes are panic attacks. Living with her seemingly oblivious aunt and uncle and her popular cousin, she feel [...]

    19. The story is about Kaylee who can sense when somebody near her is going to die. When that happens Kaylee screams bloody murder, something she can't control. Kaylee just wants to be normal girl dating the hottest guy in school, but how can she be when her classmates start dying.I really liked this book. It was fast paced and a refreshing read. It was a unique concept that sucked me in quickly. The chemistry was their between Kaylee and Nash and they were both great characters, but the stand out c [...]

    20. Pg. 36So Nash gets major bonus points for not calling Kaylee out on her craziness from the get go, like most guys would. And what the heck is going on with her anyway?Pg. 200I love the bean sidhe part of this story. It's such a new element to supernatural YA. I'd never heard of any series about bean sidhes before this one, and I'm glad I picked it up.I wish I could say that my opinion of Sophie has changed, because usually the shallow, annoying sister/cousin/whatever grows up and develops a litt [...]

    21. After several months I have finally finished this book. I just checked. It's been 5 months. Okay :/ I wanna make sweet looove with Tod. *sings like Chef*[image error]I love that he is a smartass,angry and rude all the time.

    22. OH MY GOODNESS!!! THIS BOOK WAS PHENOMENAL!!! I missed so much reading books that really got me! Review to come!

    23. If I write a review it'll probably be for the first volume altogether. But UUUUUUUGH. Did not approve. Nope. Nuh uh. No thank you.

    24. 4.5 Star Review: My Soul to Take by Rachel VincentThis book has been a favorite of mine since I was a teen. I love it to pieces, therefore be warned: I may be slightly biased in my review.Things that make this novel different: 1. The book features Bean Sidhe (Banshee) from Irish folklore.2. Parents in this book are actually very significant to the story.3. The MC voluntarily involves her uncle into the issue instead of trying to handle it all by herself. 4. The MC actually has a spine and doesn [...]

    25. *2.5 STARS!* This review may turn into a bit of a rant so I will try and keep it short and hmmm not so sweet! After reading lots of complicated and long books lately, I was looking forward to an easy read, BUT with a good storyline and a frustrating love triangle. This is what I expected this book was going to give me. Hmmm No, no it didn't! Boy was I wrong.The heroine was such a dramatic FOOL, some things she said and the things she thought was happening to her I had to STOP and shake my head U [...]

    26. 4.5 of 5 starsReading this was sort of an accident. I wasn't really planning on reading this yet when I saw my copy and try to take a sneak peek. But that sneak peek turned into full time reading. And find my self enjoying and getting hooked up with the book. My Soul to Take was a fun, entertaining, and thrilling read. The plot and concept was unique and original. I haven't read something like the concept of this book. The idea about the bean sidhe, grim reaper, soul screamers made this book ver [...]

    27. to be honest I didn't like this book at the beginning but after reading 80 pages or so I was hooked! it was amazing! I looved the supernatural elements and the plot twist at the end! my personal favorite was Tod! he really did it for me:-D I hope he will become more important in the next books bc he is hottttt as hell ! :-D

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