Y is for Yorick: A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown-Ups

Y is for Yorick A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown Ups The perfect gift for Shakespeare fans Y Is for Yorick is full of witty references to the Bard s unforgettable plots and characters Readers will love perusing the cheeky illustrations and reading such

  • Title: Y is for Yorick: A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown-Ups
  • Author: Jennifer Adams Hugh D'Andrade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The perfect gift for Shakespeare fans, Y Is for Yorick is full of witty references to the Bard s unforgettable plots and characters Readers will love perusing the cheeky illustrations and reading such entries as J is for Juliet Juliet teaches all young girls that if you truly love someone, wholly and completely, it will be the death of you.

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    1. I loved this little book!! It's a humorous tongue-in-cheek quick reference on Shakespeare's characters and works. "C is for Claudius. He killed his brother and married his brother's widow, Gertrude. However, he forgot to take into account the stepchildren.(Hamlet). . ."U is for Ursula, a maid who nobody remembersIf you want to be remembered it is better to be a queen, king, murderer, cross-dresser, or ghost.(Much Ado About Nothing)"The book includes a brief synopsis of each of his plays. I enjoy [...]

    2. Review first posted on BookLikes: brokentuneoklikes/post/This is a cute little volume summarizing Shakespearean characters in alphabetical order.It is not very deep or laugh-out loud funny but it does contain rather lovely illustrations.

    3. This book contains a fairly detailed introduction, a too-brief alphabet section, and then a summary of the plays used in the alphabet. It's a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young adult readers, but as an old adult I really enjoyed it too. Most of these plays are familiar to me, but I still need reminders about some of the ones I haven't seen, like Titus Andronicus. I think this is a permanent keeper.

    4. Delightful!I LOVED the ABC's funny. I plan on reading quite a number of them to my Fall Shakespeare students. Also, the small summaries are very well done and I will read them to the students as well. They are long enough to let me give them just a taste, they are funny, which will be appealing to them, and they are just short enough to keep attention. Just right. This is the author of the adorable "Little Miss Austen: Pride & Prejudice: A Counting Primer" (a board book for babies) and other [...]

    5. I love to read Shakespeare in the summer and this was a fun distraction. The book offers some fun little facts about some of the well known and lesser known characters. I liked the illustrations and it was a very quick read. It also gives a brief synopsis of the plays highlighted so it would be good for a brush up on the plays or a beginner.

    6. Not a brilliant book, but lavished with an art style that for me is always enjoyable. A part of the book is made up of two page versions of the well known works, although not bad they may encourage people to start reading them and not find them as inaccessable as they thought.

    7. Not the greatest. The alphabet part was a little funny, but not as funny as other Shakespeare stuff I've read. The summaries of the plays at the end were nice, but sometimes a bit too simplified. It just wasn't great.

    8. Posted 4/29/11 -- Well, I was not one of the lucky First Reads winners, but I'm going to be looking for a copy of this book in the stores or at the library!! Posted 4/28/11 -- I love Shakespeare, all Shakespeare, everything about Shakespeare, all his plays, all his sonnets, all his poems, his humor, his drama, the way even his tragedies have so many humorous twists in them, and I just love Shakespeare. So I need to add this book to my collection of books on or about Shakespeare. I'm so glad that [...]

    9. I won this title through the FirstReads program (thank you! thank you! thank you!) and finally picked it up to peruse last night. I'm so glad I did! Jennifer Adams did a great job with it. Many of Shakespeare's better-known (and a few lesser-known, even two who she claims "no one remembers". Reading it was a hoot! I'd quote my favorite parts, but that would be giving away more than half of the booke ABC part, at least. The last section of the book is a brief (1-2 page) synopsis of the plays ment [...]

    10. I won Y is for Yorick from a GoodReads giveaway and recently received the book. It's a short, cute look at Shakespeare - the book contains summaries of Shakespeare's major works and an A-to-Z look at Shakespeare's characters (mostly the big/memorable ones, but a few minor characters for more difficult letters). The illustrations are the best part of the book, however. They're sketchy silhouettes, similar to the feel of the "Tale of the Three Brothers" from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow [...]

    11. I picked it up -- mostly because Jennifer Adams is a new favorite. Her baby lit books are so cute. This book? Not "cute." Rather - is for grownups, as she says.So. Anyone who likes Shakespeare would really enjoy this. If there is a Shakespeare fan on your gift recipient list -- they should probably have this. The ABCs are quirky and blunt. The illustrations equally so. In Shakespeare plays, people cheat, betray, seduce, murder. If that bothers you, Adams' making humor of it may also bother you.T [...]

    12. This book attractively set up with a page (or more) for each letter of the alphabet matched with a character from one of William Shakespeare's plays with a write-up of their attributes and/or history and a silhouette-type graphic to accompany it. I appreciated that for each character the name of the play they were in was included at the bottom for reference. Also beyond the alphabet pages there are synopsis of each of his more well know works which was great for a quick reminder of what happened [...]

    13. This book has three different parts to it: Opening, ABC's and Skits.It took me about 2 hours to read (I was taking breaks during the skit parts) and it was a rather fun read. The reason I gave Y is for Yorick for stars is because I wish was that there was some sort of ending (which there was nothing of) and the skits to be a bit different. My mind started going other places while reading the skits, but the ABC's were definitely entertaining! Pick up a copy if you like a fast, good read!*I won th [...]

    14. What's not to like about this little book? It was very funny and I loved, loved, LOVED the illustrations. I appreciate that Adams added summaries of the plays at the end. Although I love Shakespeare and even took a class on him in college, I'm not familiar with all of his plays. I wish I had read the summaries before the alphabet, as I think I would have gotten more of the jokes. Adams has a clever wit and I found myself laughing out loud several times (which rarely happens as I read).

    15. This book is cute! I came across Adams' when I stumbled upon her amazing collection of classics for children, and when I saw a book geared towards adults that was also about Shakespeare? I needed it. I thought it would be a bit funnier than it was, but a few of them (Ophelia, Othello) had me laughing, and I'm happy to add it to my collection!

    16. A GoodReads FirstReads Winner.I love the illustrations and they alone make the book worth reading.I am very familiar with Shakespeare's works, otherwise the puns would not make sense.The puns are okay but I do like the book the more I look through it.There are summaries of several plays at the end of the book. These are very short and just give a glimpse of the highlights of each play.

    17. I read this today in honor of Shakespeare's birthday and am glad I did! I devoured the tiny tome and savored both the witty character descriptions and their accompanying illustrations. I already added some images to my tumblr, photos-of-what-i-am-reading.tumblr, but will surely add more over the weekend.

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It cracked me and my friend up as I read it to her over the phone while she was doing an overnight. Don't worry. It took like five minutes, not the whole night. It's a fun little book for people familiar with Shakespeare. I think it's more entertaining if you know the characters in question.

    19. This book is so cool. An A to Z of characters from Shakespeare, each accompanied by a little silhouette sketch. Then in the back there are summaries of all his plays (which were very helpful to read!).Just a super cool, tiny little book for looking through that totally hit the spot. If I had been eating some Junior Mints while reading it then the experience would have been complete.

    20. A great display book for Shakespeare lovers. At least one character is given for each letter along with a brief witty description and beautiful silhouette style image. In addition, a summary is given for each play. I enjoyed the humor of her character descriptions immensely. Not sure what but I wish there was more to this book and thus, 3 stars.

    21. The illustrations were well-done and the explanations for each letter were clever, but I think that the play synopses at the end of the book would have worked better had they been integrated. It was cute.

    22. Short "irreverent" (self-proclaimed) intro to Shakespeare. Quippy descriptions of characters large and small, sometimes funny, sometimes not. Synopses of the plays cover the mainframe but not the essence. Loved the illustrations by Hugh D'Andrade.

    23. I got it for the "irreverent" ABCs and found the reference stuff to be great bonus material! I'm only sad some of my favorite characters weren't listed. Great coffee table book. If you have a coffee table that is.

    24. Just as the subtitle says, this book is A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown-Ups. Very funny. It also includes synopses of the plays mentioned.

    25. The blurbs and illustrations of each character were great. The play summaries at the end will be very useful in picking out my next Shakespeare play to read.

    26. Excellent illustrations and good choices for the letters! Makes me want to read even more of the bard's great works.

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