Red is Best

Red is Best Top Canadian Books for Children Canadian Children s Book Centre Best Canadian Kids Books Today s Parent Magazine Red is Best gets it right This is a true children s classic Ken Setterington

  • Title: Red is Best
  • Author: Kathy Stinson Robin Baird Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781554510511
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Top 32 Canadian Books for Children, Canadian Children s Book Centre 100 Best Canadian Kids Books, Today s Parent Magazine Red is Best gets it right This is a true children s classic Ken Setterington, author, storyteller, Children and Youth Advocate for the Toronto Public Library Delightful School Library JournalYoung Kelly s mom doesn t understand about red Sure,Top 32 Canadian Books for Children, Canadian Children s Book Centre 100 Best Canadian Kids Books, Today s Parent Magazine Red is Best gets it right This is a true children s classic Ken Setterington, author, storyteller, Children and Youth Advocate for the Toronto Public Library Delightful School Library JournalYoung Kelly s mom doesn t understand about red Sure, the brown mittens are warmer, but the red mitts make better snowballs And the red boots aren t just for rain they take bigger steps in any weather And, yes a green cup does make a difference juice tastes better in the red cup No doubt about it, red is best.Kathy Stinson s classic tale of one toddler s obstinate color preference has been charming readers for 25 years now With over 275,000 copies in print, Red is Best has steadily marched its way to become a children s book classic Now a new generation of readers can discover Stinson s insistent young heroine, aptly captured in the simple drawings by Robin Baird Lewis, each punctuated by the right dazzle of red.With its plucky charm presented in a redesigned interior, and a special cover commemorating the book s 25th anniversary, the re release of Red is Best is sure to be a red letter day.

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    1. Kelly's favorite color is red, and there is a good explanation for that. Everybody knows you can jump higher with red stockings, make better snowballs with red mittens, keep away monsters in the red pajamas, and take bigger steps with the red boots. A cute story about a kid's logical reasons for loving a color. Find more children's book reviews in Reviews in Chalk

    2. Some people like green. Some people like blue. But the little girl in this book likes red the best. Her mother tries to convince her to wear her white stockings with her blue dress, but Kelly clains that she can jump higher in her red stockings. Though her mother protests, Kelly also insists on her red boots, red mittens, and her red barrettes. Red paint puts singing in her head and juice in her red cup tastes best. As Kelly says, "I like red, because red is best."Available in picture book or bo [...]

    3. Kanadyjska klasyka z prostymi szkicami, operującymi tylko kolorem czerwonym. Opowiada o małej dziewczynce, która uwielbia czerwony kolor.

    4. Red is Best has delighted children since it was first published in 1982 and remains popular today for entirely new generations. Words for the book were written by Kathy Stinson and its illustrations were created by Robin Baird Lewis. Stinson’s inspiration for the book was a suggestion to her daughter (three years old at the time) to wear white or blue socks to match a dress she was wearing. Her daughter insisted on wearing her red socks instead and no convincing or cajoling by Stinson would ch [...]

    5. Source: NetgalleyReview posted in English, then Spanish below.ReviewRed Is Best is an energetic story about a young girl’s love for her favorite color. Told from the child’s perspective, it explains in dogged terms how red things are better: red socks let one jump higher, red glasses make beverages taste better. It is not logical, of course, but it is sincere and a realistic portrayal of a child’s passion and imagination.In addition to enjoying the story, young readers will be able to rela [...]

    6. I viewed this book on Tumblebooks through Library of Virginia. I again enjoyed the presentation of the literature through the use of advanced technology for an intermediate audience. I was looking forward to this story which reflected a child's strong preference for color. I liked the simple illustrations and thought they were effective, pleasant, and easily identifiable for young children. I also liked the idea of this presentation of a concept book for color identification. I was really, truly [...]

    7. One of my favourite children's books ever. For a child, the joy of an item (in this case derived from a colour) is why it is of value, of use. Practical concerns like warm enough don't matter. Moreover, silly adults who have demands for no apparent reason, green cup? Sheesh! Why does Kelly need to use a green cup because she used the red cups yesterday?!? I love Kelly (the child) who knows exactly what she wants and why. "I like red because red is best."Touché Kelly!!!(Stinson, unfortunately, w [...]

    8. This book does not attempt to explain preferences in reasonable terms, but in the terms of a child. The red mittens are best because they make better snowballs. The red paint puts singing in her head. The juice just tastes better in the red cup. She likes red because red is best - just as simple as that.And we can see from the pictures that some of these arguments (like the one about the red cup and red pajamas) she wins and others (like the red rainboots for the snow) she simply doesn't. Pretty [...]

    9. Library pre-school story time. Large crowd (40 or more, plus adults -- 30 or so). Two performers. Two copies of the book (one per performer). One performer is the voice of the mother. The other is the little girl.After the story we could have (but didn't) held up images of the red wardrobe.--red socks--red coat--red rubber boots--red mittens (mitts)--red pajamas--red bowswhile singing "Kelly Wore her red socks, red socks, red socks, Kelly wore her red socks all day long" -- to the tune "Mary Wor [...]

    10. In Red is Best (1982), written by Kathy Stinson and illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis, a little girl describes how and why red is best. Her reasons are classic. For example, she says, "But my red barrettes make my hair laugh." Truly a classic.Themes: Individuality; IndependenceWays to use this book with children:*Make posters with "Red is Best", "Yellow is Best", "Green is Best", and so forth. Have students draw and color things that are each color. Vote on which poster/color is best. Graph the r [...]

    11. Every once in awhile, we'll pull up the on Tumblebooks website(tumblebooks) and watch a book being narrated aloud. It's fun and entertaining and we've discovered some great stories there. This is a simple story of a child who prefers red. There's not much else to it, but it's a fun little tale that would certainly appeal to young children. Our girls are growing out of books like this, but we still enjoyed watching this one together.

    12. Children in our school begin learning Spanish at age 3. We are always looking for books that are either bilingual or in simple Spanish. Not at age 3, but certainly before they outgrow their interest in this type of book, our students will be able to read most of this independently. Many of the words they might not know can be figured out by looking at the illustrations.The story is charming and right on target for this age group.

    13. I remember reading this book in elementary school, and then being assigned to write my own version (which I cleverly entitled 'Blue is Best'!). I love the plot of this book - it really showcases the imagination of a child. The pictures are good too. They aren't my favorite style, but they don't have to be because they are perfect for really young kids.5 stars, mostly for the nostalgia.

    14. 'Red is Best' - I don't remember everything from when I read it as a little sorceress, but the essence was magical all the same; from the simple pictures to the short, stellar verses. Having had an idle, forbidden captivation with the colour red all my life, it might have explained some things to me. Charming and warm, red IS best.Final Score: 4/5

    15. This is a bit of a strange kind of book but I still really liked it (likely because it is unusual). I can totally relate to a child who sees the importance of colour. I like the images evoked, e.g. 'red barrettes make my hair sing'. The illustrations are a beautiful accompaniment to the story, literally highlighting the importance of red to the child.

    16. Red is Best is a delightful story about a little girl who, much to her mother's dismay, only wants to wear clothes that are red. Whether they are too small, too old or too tattered, she doesn't care and politely insists that 'Red is best'. Strong minded children and parents everywhere will love this story. Age 4-8.

    17. Red is my favorite color so I had no problem with the title. :) The book is short, cute, and straight from the mind of someone who understands kids. The illustrations made a good story even better. I'm now on the lookout to buy this one.

    18. This is a cute story about how the little girl, Kelly, like her red "everything" better. She's obsessed with the color red! Very easy read for new readers and very nice illustrations to go along with the book!

    19. I used to read this book to myself when I was pretty young, around 5-6 years old. My favourite colour at the time was red so the book was even better! I used to pore over the beautiful illustrations and story, I remember the book very fondly.

    20. A cute classic, about a little girl who likes red things, despite her mother's protestations that her red mittens have holes, her red rainboots aren't meant for snow, use the other colour thing that is task appropriate, etc, etc. You get the idea. Very simple story, but nice.

    21. I actually had a student in my first grade placement who was just like the character in this book! He wanted red everything and would throw a fit at the site of any other color! (: But overall, nice book for helping students understand the concepts of colors- recommended for younger grades.

    22. I share Kelly's fondness for red things. Perhaps that is why I so enjoy reading this book. If only Kelly's mom could understand the emotion a colour can evoke in us life would be much simpler. A wonderful read for a preschool audience.

    23. This is one of my very favorite children's books. Comes in board book edition now, which I give at every baby shower.

    24. A book we borrowed from the library this week.I am hoping Sophie will choose it for her nighttime story tonight. I think the idea of preschooler's colour preferences is universal.

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