Escaping Destiny

Escaping Destiny An ebony finger points skyward emerging from the center of Node Known simply as The Gate it disappears into the clouds massive spokes extending from the immense structure to stretch through the str

  • Title: Escaping Destiny
  • Author: Jeffrey Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781456572327
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ebony finger points skyward, emerging from the center of Node Known simply as The Gate, it disappears into the clouds, massive spokes extending from the immense structure to stretch through the streets of the largest human city No one knows who built the towering obelisk, but all are aware of those who have been entrusted as its caretakers They call themselves The MaAn ebony finger points skyward, emerging from the center of Node Known simply as The Gate, it disappears into the clouds, massive spokes extending from the immense structure to stretch through the streets of the largest human city No one knows who built the towering obelisk, but all are aware of those who have been entrusted as its caretakers They call themselves The Maat Otherworldly creatures, their humanoid forms move with an unholy speed and grace, their bodies little than quicksilver fluid inside a malleable membrane Pierce that membrane and they will die Wielding a living crystalline blade, each warrior of The Maat is encased in patchwork leather armor, the suit carved piece by piece from their vanquished enemies Once their membrane is shielded in the tanned flesh of their enemies, they become an unstoppable foe The Maat have simply observed the beings of the world Tapestry, watching as threads of fate are woven into patterns only The Maat can comprehend A prophecy that thirteen mortals will change all of the worlds connected through The Gate has begun to unfold As the armies of darkness and light struggle to claim the mortals as their own, The Maat begin to interfere with human affairs One by one, the thirteen mortals are swayed or captured The lines between good and evil are blurred in the name of power and righteousness Kai Oakman is one of the thirteen mortals that is spoken of in the prophecy With his faerie lover, Ko laru, he seeks a different way He too gathers those spoken of in prophesy to his side, seeking to thwart fate and live their own lives freely in whatever manner they choose As the noose around them tightens, as all of reality is swept up in the prophesied change, the mortals seek to escape their destiny but that choice may no longer be theirs to make.

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    1. From the first sentence, I was hooked and I knew this book was something special. Instantly, you feel for the plight of the first character introduced and despite the fact her world appears massive she's nearly incarcerated. From that point on, buckle up because this ride through the realms of imagination is filled with such strife and turbulence that you can't help but share the characters' emotions.The characters are very well drawn out, even the "bit players" are depicted with vibrant persona [...]

    2. This book is pretty good but I thought it had some flaws. The main issue I had was I didn't feel connected to the characters. I felt the need for a little more back story for at least some of the them. The author literally drops the characters and the reader in the middle of the action without much of a back story. I will probably read the next book if there is one because I hope the Author expands on this more

    3. This book will grab you from the first paragraph. This book is so well written that you are right there in the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book that grabs your attention and makes you become a part of the world it is written about!! Five stars is not enough!!!

    4. I recently finished a marvelous fantasy novel - Escaping Destiny, by Jeffrey Pierce. Having been an avid reader for many, many years (especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genres), I am pretty selective about what I will recommend to others. This story was truly exceptional. I was hooked within moments, and am now itching with anticipation for the next book in the series!Escaping Destiny is the first in the Tapestry series, and is set in a richly detailed universe with multiple worlds. The main chara [...]

    5. Wow!Really, that's the best way to begin this review. First off, I'm very impressed with the scope of this novel and the incredible depth of the world that Jeffrey Pierce has created. There are a whole handful of characters that you grow to know and love--each in their own unique way. My only complaint is that it was a little hard to dive right into at the beginning. The world is very involved and while I cannot think of a better way to draw readers into the tapestry of 'Escaping Destiny' it doe [...]

    6. This fantasy novel is set in a world that is somewhere outside of reality. An ancient prophecy says that 13 people hold the key to all of existence.They are a disparate group of beings. Kai is a warrior who just wants to live somewhere peacefully with Ko’laru, his faery lover. Many people consider faeries to be demons, and any “union” with humans to be unnatural. Beltross is mer, half human and half sea creature. Daen is a prophet who can see into the future. Traela is a teenage girl who v [...]

    7. You'll forget early on that this is Pierce's first novel, and you'll soon find yourself antsy for the next in the series. The characters are accessible and have depth without being overwhelming (part of the reason I usually steer clear of fantasy genre writing). From the first page, I found myself inside the story but without having to suspend disbelief, because this tale is told in a way that makes it all feel plausible. I highly suggest Escaping Destiny! Read it even before it becomes the cool [...]

    8. My husband and I downloaded this to our iPhones. I loved the first two chapters. My husband passed me at chapter ? while I was absorbed in a different book. He finished it and really liked it. He said he thought I wouldn't like it because it's extremely violent. He knows me well, so I stopped. If you like fantasy and don't mind violence, you'll really love this book. Jeffrey Pierce has amazing skillls.

    9. Beautifully written fantasy story. The author gripped me right away and I was unable to put it down. Is so descriptive and captivating, I found myself drifting off into the world the author created. The characters were easy to relate to and the book touched on many different challenges and social prejudices that we often face today. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Tapestry Series and I highly recommend you grab a copy for yourself. This is a must read!

    10. I had a really hard time getting into this book at first. The author creates a wholly different reality than anything I'm used to which created a lot of confusion on the first few chapters. After getting into what was going on, I enjoyed the rest of the book. Characters were very well developed, and a wildly imaginative world(s). Deep intense read.

    11. When I first started this I thought it was just a transcription of a gamer's quest, but I kept at it. The storyline of this one is a bit confusing, hopping from one character to another, but the overall story arc is really neat, uplifting and fulfilling. I'm not sure I could try to develop a novel structure similar to this one, but I think Mr Pierce WAS able to pull it off effectively.

    12. Good character development and great unique fantasy read. I just wish the overall plot/theme would have been expressed more. I totally didn't understand anything about what these 13 mortals were supposed to do. Maybe mentioning the prophecy more would have helped. Also seemed strange to introduce the first character in the first few chapters and then regulate her to a minor role.

    13. Excellent Story! Escaping Destiny is the first in the Tapestry Series, and it's set in a very detailed universe with several worlds. The characters were believable and consistent. I found myself drifting into the author's world. The book pulls you in from the very first chapter and then leaves you wanting more. I will defiantly be looking for book 2 of the series.

    14. Action packed adventure all the way! Somewhat violent but such an exciting story. I wish the author hadn't killed so many characters. I was just starting to get interested and then they get wiped out.Free Kindle book but 1st of a trilogy where 2&3 are $ : (

    15. This was a really interesting book. I liked all the different types of "creatures" and the story kept you reading right along. Very well written, good descriptions and characters. I only found a few grammar/spelling type errors. Good read for fantasy lovers!

    16. It is a book, I couldn't put down. Kept me on the edge. I had to just keep reading because I had to know what happened next.

    17. Jeffrey's writing is very intriguing. The characters all have so much to give, and it is very apparent that a lot of research has been used to make this tale come to life.

    18. I'd read the rave reviews on with some skepticism, but I was wrong. This is a really good book and I am now eagerly anticipating the next in this fantasy series.

    19. i loved this book! i laughed, cried and felt as though i was right there with them! i was sorry to see the end. i hope there will be a sequil jeffrey!!! i can,t wait to see what you put to pen next!

    20. I have followed Jeffrey Pierce's blog for a few months now and gotten to know a little about his unique outlook on life. It is not difficult to see aspects of this outlook in the book. The characters have such a wonderful feel to them that by the end of the book you will feel like you actually know some of them. Each character has an innate strength of character, but they also all have their weaknesses. Imagine living your entire life never leaving an acre of land. The only person you have ever [...]

    21. Escaping Destiny. It sounds difficult, and the unlikely group of people who meet up for a very strange voyage can vouch that it is difficult. Kai the warrior and his Fae lover and friend Ko’laru lead a group of people of an enormous variety of training over a path that is surprising, dangerous and full of enemies, visible and invisible. Will they succeed in their quest?I don’t know, as this is the first book of three. It was a very enjoyable and captivating read, absolutely worth my money an [...]

    22. Jeffrey has real potential, but this book starts with the point of view of a woman I took to be the main protagonist. I was very interested in her. About 3 chapters in, the viewpoint changed to a guy, and the woman who started the book seemed to become a marginal character. This is where he lost me.

    23. Need fantasy, need to escape the humdrum of the day? Then buy this book and get a wonderful fantasy story that keeps you turning pages and helps you escape the here and now. The author does a great job of twisting this tale and tickling the fantasy bone in us all.

    24. Fun fantasy. I was teetering between 3- or 4- stars but decided on 4 because I definitely would've started reading the next novel in the series if it were on my Kindle.

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