The Affair

The Affair March A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing Mississippi Just down the road is a big army base Is the murderer a local guy or is he a soldier Jack Reacher still a major in t

  • Title: The Affair
  • Author: Lee Child
  • ISBN: 9780593065709
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • March 1997 A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing, Mississippi Just down the road is a big army base Is the murderer a local guy or is he a soldier Jack Reacher, still a major in the military police, is sent in undercover The county sheriff is a former US Marine and a stunningly beautiful woman Her investigation is going nowhere Is the PentagoMarch 1997 A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing, Mississippi Just down the road is a big army base Is the murderer a local guy or is he a soldier Jack Reacher, still a major in the military police, is sent in undercover The county sheriff is a former US Marine and a stunningly beautiful woman Her investigation is going nowhere Is the Pentagon stonewalling her Or doesn t she really want to find the killer The adrenaline pumping, high voltage action in The Affair is set just six months before the opening of Killing Floor, and it marks a turning point in Reacher s career If he does what the army wants, will he be able to live with himself And if he doesn t, will the army be able to live with him Is this his last case in uniform

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    1. LEE Child Sells OutI love Jack Reacher so much and I feel like Lee Child has just sold him out for money. It is so offensive that Child sold the screen rights to Tom Cruise so he could play Reacher. It didn't seem to matter that Reacher is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier just to name two obvious reasons he's so obviously miscast. And now it seems like Child is writing the book to support Cruise's portrayal. He usually mentions Reacher size frequently but in this book it's just so casu [...]

    2. I should give The Affair zero stars just on principle. Lee Child apparently agrees with the casting of that little dickhead Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Really? YGBSM!! There is no freaking way that Cruise can remotely approach the kick-ass power of Reacher in a fight with a group of bad guys. Here is one fight in the book that would be epic fail if little Tommy C tries to fill the part:(view spoiler)[Basic rule of thumb with six guys: you have to be quick. You can’t spend more than the bare mi [...]

    3. Let me say first that I will always choose to listen to a Jack Reacher novel instead of reading it simply because I am so impressed with the talent of Dick Hill in bringing the series to life.The Reacher series is a favorite of mine, and I'm not sure exactly why, since I am not a fan of vigilante justice. I suppose, though, that the lone, mysterious stranger who rights wrongs and stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves is something of an archetype. Unlike many characters of this t [...]

    4. As my second book in the Jack Reacher series (although #16 in publication and a prequel in sequence), The Affair wasn't a shabby audio read at all. The narrator Dick Hill has a terse, noirish delivery that adds to the story. He sounds a bit older than I would associate with Reacher, but he definitely has Reacher's 'you ain't the boss of me' attitude and conveys his ruthless, efficient approach to solving injustices. I think he is a good choice to narrate for the Jack Reacher books. I do have to [...]

    5. Mostly solving a mystery. It’s fun because it’s ReacherORY BRIEF:Books 1 to 15 in the Jack Reacher series flow in chronological order. All of them are set after Reacher left the army in March 1997 except for Book 8 (The Enemy) and this one. This book 16 goes back in time and is set in March 1997. It describes Reacher’s last investigation as an MP before he left the army.A woman is murdered in a small town in Mississippi. The Kellum army base is nearby. They army is hoping that the murderer [...]

    6. This is the sixteenth Jack Reacher novel and it's among the best of them all. For the second time, Lee Child goes back to tell a story from earlier in Reacher's life and this is the Jack Reacher origin story. It takes place back in 1997, when Reacher was still in the Army. Reacher loves the Army and it's the only home he's ever known, even as a child, when he grew up a military brat. But the Army is now in trouble. The Cold War has ended; the war on terror is yet to begin, and budget cutters are [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis 16th book in the series goes back to 1997, when Jack Reacher was an army MP (military police). A young woman named Janice Chapman has been raped and viciously murdered in the town of Carter Crossing, Mississippi - just outside Fort Kelham Army Base. The army brass, fearing a soldier may be blamed, sends two military cops to look into the case. One is sent to Fort Kelham, presumably to discover if a soldier committed the crime. At the same time Jack Reacher is sent to Carter Crossin [...]

    8. I pre-ordered this book and am dying to start but I promised myself I would get all my work done first. Don't worry, I'm sure I will be reviewing by this weekend! Warning - I love all his books and can't imagine this one being any different!Update: Well, I finished reading this book and had to think hard about what to write for a review. I love Jack Reacher and I love all of Lee Child's Books but is this the beginning of the end? Is Child tired? Yes, Reacher was Reacher in this book but it all f [...]

    9. After reading 61 Hours, I thought the Jack Reacher series had sagged a bit. Then I finished The Affair, and I'm happy to report the series is back in full stride, at least for this reader. Jack goes back in time (1997) to his last days as an Army MP major. He's dispatched to Mississippi to work undercover to investigate three murders committed in the small town next to an Army training base. I won't rehash the plot. Jack is a hard ass when he needs to be, and he does at several points here. In s [...]

    10. PROTAGONIST: Jack ReacherSERIES: #16SETTING: MississippiRATING: 4.5THE AFFAIR is the sixteenth book in the extremely successful Jack Reacher series. Most of those books deal with Reacher’s life after leaving the military. He is basically a drifter who travels around the US, encounters trouble and deals with it. Back in 2004, Lee Child wrote a prequel (THE ENEMY) which was set during the time that Reacher was still in the military. THE AFFAIR is also a prequel book, which follows him during the [...]

    11. While I've been aware of Lee Child's best-selling Jack Reacher novels for a while, I hadn't really cracked the cover of one until I heard there was a movie based on the series headed our way. Being the guy who has to read the book first, I headed out to the local library and picked up the first novel, Killing Floor, assuming that the movie series would start with the first novel in the series.That's what I get for assuming. Turns out that Reacher, like the Bond movies, has decided not to start w [...]

    12. This one was just okay.It's the long ballyhooed story that explains why Reacher left the Army. Reacher is dispatched to Mississippi to investigate a murder, with the understanding that what he finds out may be so sensitive that the Army may want to keep a lid on it. What seems like a single murder becomes a case of serial killing. Adding to the confusion are cover-ups which lead to other killings.Novels about serial killers often rely on salacious examinations of the abnormal psychology of the p [...]

    13. While the story was good and well told, I found the abundance of "I said nothing" very irritating. Perhaps I would not have noticed it as much had I read the book in print rather than audio, but it seemed when Child was not saying "I said nothing" he substituted. "He said nothing" or "She said nothing." A lot of unneeded extra words.

    14. I usually get the new Jack Reacher novel as soon as it comes out but I was so ticked off about Tom Cruise being cast as Jack in the soon to be filmed "One Shot" that I held off for awhile. This is the worst casting since Peter Weir screwed up Master and Commander by casting Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey and Paul Bettany as Stephen Maturin. Cruise isn't a good enough actor to play the 6' 5", 250 lb. specimen that is Lee Child's creation—Jack Reacher. It used to be fun to think about who might pl [...]

    15. Although I was late to the party, I finally took the advice of others and started working my way through the Jack Reacher series. Sixteen books in, and I'll keep reading because the books continue to entertain. I won't be nominating Lee Child for the Booker or the Pulitzer Prizes - these books aren't intended to be uniquely memorable literature - but there's a reason they enjoy prominent shelf space in airport book stores.And, for me, that's the whole point. I watched the first movie on a plane, [...]

    16. As a long time fan I loved the context and idea of this book. Having some of the back story, the events that have been hinted at that lead to Reacher sticking his thumb out and setting off wandering around America But there things bugged the hell out of me1. How many times do we need to hear that it's 1997; do we really need the constant reminder that this is set prior to 9/11?!2. Mindless killing. Up until recent books Reacher has killed, but pretty much only in self defense. He certainly didn' [...]

    17. I've been a Jack Reacher fan for years and usually enjoy Child's novels, always finding some basic humanity in the themes of the lone MP against great odds and a corrupt system.While this novel is well-crafted and has a complex plot narrated in Child's terse style, I did not care for Jack Reacher in this story. Too much unwarranted killing and too little compassion make the main character seem as malevolent as the bad guys he is after.This version is an audio book narrated by Dick Hill, another [...]

    18. Unquestionably one of the better Reacher novels and a sorely needed satisfying Child experience after The Enemy, which I found to be one of the weaker novels of the author’s thus far. I really don’t know why Child insists on not writing all of his books from the first person. The third person entries are less riveting and tend to wander into painfully boring territory. When you’re in Reacher’s head, even when the story is not at one of its several extremely tense or riveting moments, it [...]

    19. I admire the fact that Lee Child is comfortable writing books set in different parts of Reacher's life. In his latest, he dials time back to Reacher's last case as an MP and walks us through the events that, ultimately, pointed Reacher towards the nomadic life that he embraces after leaving the military. Child drops a few bits that connect to the book that launched the series, "Killing Floor," and each elicited a little "yippee" of delight when I came across it. It's a trick, for sure, but Child [...]

    20. This is the third Reacher book I've read, and I think it will be my last. Lee Child is still a very good writer, but Reacher has evolved into something akin to a brutal psychopath - not someone you'd like, ever want to meet, or aspire to emulate. Stock characters are introduced solely to allow Reacher to beat them into submission; and he keeps killing people in the presence of, or with the connivance of, law-enforcement officers who are made by the author to think that Reacher's concept of justi [...]

    21. I really enjoy the Jack Reacher books - they are good as a stand alone story, but also a great series. This one was particularly interesting as it goes back in time, to when Reacher is still in the army. Throughout the series, there are hints that something big went down, and Reacher left in some sort of scandal - and this is the story about it.4.5 stars. Now I want to read the first book in the series, which is apparently set 6 months after this one finishes!

    22. I read this earlier and forgot to post it. It was better than others and I think I like Reacher more in the Army than as a civilian. I'm giving four stars. 3 1/2e the others I read were clearly three stars. Two stars for a couple. Needless to say I'm not a Reacher fan but many of my friends are and they still like me, I think. I hope.

    23. This is a prequel of sorts. It is the story of Reacher's decision to leave the army and start his cross country wanderings. It takes place in 1997 and in places Reacher seems to be talking directly to the reader which is not a device that I typically like. It is in first person POV. In general I enjoyed it. There were a few things that I found odd. There are way more sex scenes than in any other Reacher novel. I know Reacher sleeps with a lot of women but they were longer and more fully describe [...]

    24. Awww Jack Reacher, I swore that if you ended up in another small town walking this way and that way, that we would have to break up for good. I mean Boyfriend, we know that it would be a cheaper movie to make, but can't you just go to a city every now and again? The only saving grace that you went to this small town in 1997, and you were still in uniform, sort of, and so I enjoyed that little distraction. Your author kept mentioning in the last two books about the incidence in your past that end [...]

    25. Let me start with a confession. I was a little skeptical about reading a Lee Child book for the simple reason that I had heard so much about it. You know how it is right, too much praise especially from the not so bright sort of person can put you off.Then there was the grown up inside, trying to get old reading 'serious' literature on weekends with a thoughtful look plastered on the face. Then there was that writer inside, who has to be very careful about not reading anything toxic that can aff [...]

    26. I am a sucker for a good Jack Reacher book. I was expecting to be disappointed with this one because Ellen, who introduced me to this series, said it was one of his weakest. But I will disagree. I do have a couple of complaints and that is why I've marked this review as containing spoilers. Suspecting Deveraux was never a possibility because we had already learned there was a bad guy in the Pentagon trying to cover things up. Trying to make us believe Elizabeth Deveraux was a woman scorned turne [...]

    27. ****The following review may contain some spoilers. Be forewarned.****Lee Child’s sixteenth novel in the Jack Reacher series, “The Affair”, is, as expected, a phenomenal suspense thriller and a riveting murder mystery. One can, of course, enjoy the book on those merits alone, strictly as entertainment, but, like most of Child’s previous Reacher novels, “The Affair” can also be looked at as an examination of relevant societal issues. In this case, the issues seem exceedingly apropos g [...]

    28. Audiobookrrated by Dick Hill.Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series has been a favourite of mine for yearsis, however, was not up to his usual standards.This book goes back in time to when Jack was still in the Army and gives us an insight into the reason he left and why he chose the life of a drifter.I think the idea was a good one, but on this occasion I did not connect with the Jack I know and love. It is the usual plot with Jack saving the day hero! But found myself drifting whilst listening, [...]

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