Don't Look Behind You

Don t Look Behind You How can April give up her name her friends her boyfriend Steve and everything she s ever known April Corrigan feels like her life is over when she learns that her father has been working undercover

  • Title: Don't Look Behind You
  • Author: Lois Duncan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • How can April give up her name, her friends, her boyfriend Steve, and everything she s ever known April Corrigan feels like her life is over when she learns that her father has been working undercover for the FBI and the family must relocate under the Federal Witness Security Program.No one can reach them now or can they TV movie, Fox Family Channel ALA Best Book For YoHow can April give up her name, her friends, her boyfriend Steve, and everything she s ever known April Corrigan feels like her life is over when she learns that her father has been working undercover for the FBI and the family must relocate under the Federal Witness Security Program.No one can reach them now or can they TV movie, Fox Family Channel ALA Best Book For Young Adults l990Parents Choice Book Award l990Children s Book Award, Shefield, England l990Phantom s Choice Award l99lDark Zone Book Club selection 1995 Utah Young Readers Award 1992Indiana Young Hoosier Award 1992Virginia Young Readers Award 1992Nominated for Nebraska Young Adult Golden Sower Award l992Nominated for Iowa Teen Award l992Nominated for Washington State Young Readers Award 1992Nominated for Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award 1993 94Nominated for Illinois Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Award 1994 95Nominated for Colorado Blue Spruce Award 1994 95Recorded Books, audio recordingTV movie, Fox Family Channel 1999Foreign editions England, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Germany, France, Norway

    One thought on “Don't Look Behind You”

    1. Actual rating - 2.5I felt sorry for April because of the situation she was in, but I didn't like her. She was really stupid most of the time, and quite annoying. She was told not to contact anyone for obvious reasons, but done it anyway. She moaned when she had to cut her hair to disguise herself, and moaned about giving her phone up, claiming that she would die without it. There was plenty more stupid and annoying moments throughout the book, and by the end of it I was sick of her. This wasn't [...]

    2. April is ridiculously immature. I really hope she matures as the story goes on. Also, I don't really care for the writing style. Usually I like Lois Duncan's writing, but this book just isn't up to par. I don't relate with the characters or feel any sympathy for them at all. I'm hoping this book will get better as I read on. Just finished. This book did not get better at all. At the end, April is still the stupid, immature, selfish girl she was at the beginning. The epilogue is about how she mee [...]

    3. The 17 year old protagonist of this novel has been moved with her family by the witness protection program because her dad is basically a moron. She's not terribly bright herself, as she makes several obvious mistakes that lead the people searching for them right to their location. A juvenile or young adult reader may be more entertained by the story, but I was mostly just calling her an idiot in my head the whole time.I have read other books by this author before and enjoyed them. I was excited [...]

    4. ICK! I have no idea if I am just sick to death of Lois Duncan and this project or if this book was as lame as I think it was. Either way, it was so dull and predictable, with such a spoiled, selfish main character that I ended up skimming the book. (I rarely skim.) A murder attempt and two actual murders and the book still couldn't hold my interest. UGH! After all that blech and being completely unbelievable, it still didn't end happily. Yes, I know that if you read the book, you will see that's [...]

    5. My first thought while reading this book is "What's the point of the story?" I didn't read the blurb so I didn't know what to expect. But, ladies and gentleman, if you want to be surprised in a good way, then this book is not for you.

    6. Reference information: Title Don’t Look Behind YouAuthor Lois DuncanPublisher Laurel-Leaf Year 1989# of pages 179 Genre FictionReading level 6.4 Interest level grade 7-11Potential hot lava: noneGeneral response/reaction: This book grabbed my attention from the first page. I absolutely loved the book! Duncan used a lot of good vocabulary that students would be able to understand, as well as situations all students can relate to. I was able to read this book in an hour and a half because it was [...]

    7. Don’t Look Behind You by Lois DuncanReviewed by Kylee Palmer✮✮✮✮ I haven’t never read any books from this author before, but maybe I will start. I really liked this book! The main character, 17 year old April Corrigan had a big change happen in her life. Her dad worked in an airport called Southern Skyways, and had been secretly working for the FBI also. One day on his job he found a bag left at the airport with drugs in it, and there was identification in it. After handing it over t [...]

    8. This was really good--Duncan always does an A+ job with suspense. The actual story, though, was sort of overwhelmed for me by how irritated I was with April. I mean, I can understand the stupid thing she did in the hotel; she didn't really believe they were in danger. But when she runs away from home? Ugh. She risks her whole family's lives again, just because of her selfishness. I sort of wanted to strangle her. And yet, I think her reactions were really realistic, especially for a teenager in [...]

    9. Don’t Look Behind You is a good book for 8th-12th graders to read. I think this is a good age because I don’t think kids in middle school would understand what is happening in this book. This is a good book for boys and girls. This book is about a family who is just like any other family, they go to school, have jobs and the mom takes care of the kids. April feels like her life is over when she learns that her father has been working undercover for the FBI and then the family must relocate u [...]

    10. 2.5 After her father’s testimony leads their family to go into witness protection, April is desperate to have her old life back, but will it put them all in danger?April was so dumb and childish, BUT I totally would be too if I had to give up my whole life for my father’s stupid actions. This was a super quick read and overall it felt like a few chase scenes and then it was over. It was okay, and a young reader would probably enjoy the murder and teenage drama way more than I did.

    11. Don't Look Behind YouLois Duncan1989Read for the challenge: Character with your name. In this case, the character's name is April. The character starts out a bit shallow but she starts to grow up a bit by the end of the book. 2 1/2 stars - The plot was simple and saw pretty much everything before it happened.

    12. I haven't read any Lois Duncan in a while, and this was as dark and interesting as others that I remember. Why do I enjoy reading teen fiction so much when actually being a teenager was so awful? I'm not sure.

    13. Book on tape. I think I read this before because I went through a huge Lois Duncan phase. The character in this book was so self absorbed it drove me nuts. She didn't connect any of her actions with the consequences that followed. Typical teenager? Maybe, but still annoying.

    14. reread this today to commemorate duncan's passing earlier this month; this book was formative for me as a child. it's not as chilling, now, nearly a decade later, but just as fun

    15. I really loved the book. I am really into mystery's so 'Don't Look Behind You' was a real hit. I recommend this book to any one who likes mystery's.

    16. Man, what a total tool the dad is. He's absolutely the worst. All the men in this book spray their manhood in every direction; it made me want to vomit.

    17. In this book, i would have to rate the characters a 5, Because the characters are the most entertaining and i love how they have a whole family, not just singled out characters. They were the Corrigan family, a family of 6. A mother and father, the mother's name was Elizabeth, she was a children's book author. The father's name was George, he worked for Southern Skyways. They had two children named April and George Jr. April was the older one, in 11th grade, very athletic, played tennis and was [...]

    18. Poor April is shocked to find her dad's involvement with a dangerous case will require their whole family to go undercover through the Witness Protection Program. When you're a teenage girl who loves her social relationships--especially your boyfriend--and you're a rising star in the tennis world, it's CRUSHING to abandon everything you were and try to avoid giving a dangerous stalker any clues about who you used to be. But even with all her family sacrifices, someone definitely still has it out [...]

    19. I enjoyed reading Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan. 17-year old April feels her life is over when her father gets involved in trouble with the FBI that the whole family has to move out and start their lives over- new names, new home, new life. The biggest situation is, is that no one in the family can say where they are, because the entire family is being hunted down because of their father. One reason I enjoyed reading this is because of the suspense. The end of the chapters leave your mout [...]

    20. 1989 was its first publication date. This is another book that has been updated for the current times and trends, as I have zero recall of the Harry Potter movies being on DVD, Twilight in theaters, and having ipods The cell phone is debatable.I wish there were warning labels when they do this.

    21. Good quick read. A family is in hiding through the FBI having to move a few times because their killer finds them. The whole time it was because of stupid mistakes that the daughter made, not realizing how important safety was.

    22. It feels like the story could have been elaborated a bit more, couldn't we have gotten a side story from the criminals? I didn't feel much for the April character, a foolish teenager that brought her family in to danger, twice. Well done girl, well done.

    23. It's an old favorite from the past. I enjoy all of Lois Duncan books. Interesting story about what life might be like if you had to change everything about yourself.

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