Spring On the day of his mother s funeral ten year old Sidney Wilks is silently comforted by the presence of one man ranch hand Grady Nash Little did Sidney know that Nash would become the only stable figu

  • Title: Spring
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: 9780857155016
  • Page: 357
  • Format: ebook
  • On the day of his mother s funeral, ten year old Sidney Wilks is silently comforted by the presence of one man, ranch hand Grady Nash Little did Sidney know that Nash would become the only stable figure in his life for the next forty years.Years later, after an evening of typical college fun, Sidney is involved in a serious car wreck It s Nash who once again steps in toOn the day of his mother s funeral, ten year old Sidney Wilks is silently comforted by the presence of one man, ranch hand Grady Nash Little did Sidney know that Nash would become the only stable figure in his life for the next forty years.Years later, after an evening of typical college fun, Sidney is involved in a serious car wreck It s Nash who once again steps in to rescue Sidney and nurse him back to health While trying to get close enough to Sidney to help him heal, Nash s feelings begin to change towards the twenty one year old For him, loving Sidney was nothing new, but when his body begins to desire the small man, Nash is forced to re evaluate his protective instincts.What kind of future could the two men possibly have Nash s life is centred on horses and cattle, while Sidney has dreams of escaping the small town Kansas life to build skyscrapers How can two men who want opposite lifestyles come to a compromise, or will Nash be forced to allow Sidney to spread his wings without him

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    1. Very emotional read for me but great story and I can't wait for the next one mostly because I want more Luke. He kind of took over the story for me even though we don't see much of him.

    2. Just an observation it is true that short message service was developed in 1985 but the first sms was sent only in 1992. So I have my doubts when I read about Nash not wanting to break the news to Reece via txt message. :3

    3. Sidney is introduced as a ten year old boy, who just lost his very beloved mother to cancer. Sidney’s father, a ranch owner, is cold and remote, and abusive. Losing his wife seems to be the final straw for him, and he treats his son with neglect, disdain or abuse. Nash, eight years older than Sidney, is a ranch hand who lost his father not long before Sidney’s mom died. It sparks a kindred feeling in Nash, and he wants to protect young Sidney. The story starts off with glimpses of Sidney’s [...]

    4. 3.5 star read for me, so rounded up to 4. I enjoyed this storyobably one of the best I have read from Carol Lynne in a while, to be honest. I thought the ending was a bit rushed, but I am looking forward to more in this series. I'm hoping that Luke will get a story? Either way, I enjoyed the pacing of this and getting to read something different than a story set in the Cattle Valley series.

    5. Probably around a 3.5. Waaaaay too many sex scenes in my opinion and too many eye rolling descriptions during them. Who the hell says things like, "you got more of that sweet seed for me?" or wipes themselves with a cloth and says they don't want a "stinky ass" ruining their good time? Um, gross, unnecessary, and please don't go there. I thought the two main characters were sweet together, but unfortunately they reminded me too much of other characters I've read so unfortunately I wasn't that in [...]

    6. A pretty standard Carol Lynne book. I was kinda hoping that seeing as this looks more like one long book split into 4 parts, that this might of had more attention to details, unfortunately not. (view spoiler)[The Luke story line, with the injuries he substained was confusing and contradictory in places. Neither was there any acknowledgement of the ranch hands knowing about Sidney and Nash's relationship. (hide spoiler)]That aside I enjoyed this one for what is was. A sweet simple, (apart from th [...]

    7. This is a “retro read” from 2011 – my bud Tracy recommended it and though I hadn’t heard of the series, I like Carol Lynne’s stuff and Tracy knows good books soThe book grabbed me right from the start. There is a homophobic a**hole of a father, who abuses his fem son and a protective ranch hand who tries to make things right. Awesome! I love these types of hurt/comfort and May/December storiesContinuedopenskyebookreviews/spring

    8. I so loved this story. It had everything to make it believable in my eyes. Some drama, angst-filled moments, humor, tenderness, all wrapped up with great dialog and hot man-love. Some inner musings threw me off (poodles ?!), but I loved the story so much, I started the next one right away. Hope the goods continue.

    9. I would like to knock a star off because this was one hell of a roller coaster ride for me but it was really really good and ended better than I feared it wouldwith the exception of poor Diablo~sad face~

    10. I always enjoy Carol Lynne's books, this story seemed to come to the end to fast, not sure how happy they are going to be I feel like there could of been more to the ending. Mind you that could mean a book two in this series. Left me wanting more.

    11. I love Carol Lynne's stories! Spring was such a great read. For those who think the attraction and relationships happen too quickly in other CL works, then this book is for you. I can not wait to read book two and so on! I need more Carol Lynne!!!

    12. This felt more loving and thoughtful than the last few Carol Lynne books that I have read.I just wish it ended.

    13. 3/3.5*I haven't read many Carol Lynne books and the lady does seem to excel at big series! This is book 1 of 4, so a fairly short run, and I like the idea that we see Sidney and Nash over a long periodbut has all the hallmarks of an epic saga already.Sidney has a fairly sparse upbringing with little affection after his mum dies when he is ten, when we begin this journey (and it ends when he is about 24 I think). Nash is his constant and over the years thye become closer. Sidney still remains a b [...]

    14. I liked the book. The characters were real and the world they live in is not seen through pink glasses of love, but shows the difficulties of a real relationship in a real life. With that I don't mean the fact that the main characters are gay; although it probably is a big part of a strained father-son relationship described in the book. It shows the problems that can occur in any relationship; problems that don't have easy answers and may never be completely resolved. It is about unpredictable [...]

    15. When I think of spring as a season, it brings to mind new beginnings, new hope, the start of growth or the end of the killing winter. This story, as a whole, did display a couple of these notions. Set on a ranch, I started reading expecting a ranching story, and was pleasantly surprised that it did not go in any of the directions I thought it might.When Sidney is first introduced as a character, he is ten years old. Over the course of the first chapter, we are shown a glimpse into the different [...]

    16. Everyone needs a role model in their lives, someone to look up to, admire and emulate. Often that's your father but in Carol Lynne's 'Spring', Sidney Wilk's father is cold and distant, not someone Sidney wants to imitate, even when he was very young. Try as he may, his father practically ignores him and nothing he does is good enough. Fortunately, Grady Nash takes on this role and is there to nurture, protect, and love him. Nash does his best to be big brother, friend, confidant, and protector f [...]

    17. Spring is definitely one of the better Carol Lynne-books. This sounds weird, I know, but it's more like a "proper book" than say, the Cattle Valley-series. Cattle Valley-books are well written, quick reads, enjoyable as they are etc. the just don't do it for me like most other books do. They're short, scratch the surface, and I always hate that about books. There's more story to each Cattle Valley-book, but the format doesn't allow all that other stuff. And I say again, they're good books, but n [...]

    18. Originally Posted at: whippedcream2/201Springtime can be lovely but there’s sure to be some storm clouds. Sidney Wilks is a young man who is somewhat self-destructive. He lives under the shadow of an abusive father whose moods are unpredictable. He’s also in love with an older man, Grady Nash. Nash is older, wiser, and protective but he can’t fight his attraction to the charming younger Sidney. Both heroes are easy to relate to and well rounded. The immediate world of Wilks’ father’s r [...]

    19. This is the first in a four book series about a lifelong friendship and love between Nash and Sidney. In this book we are introduced to 10 year old Sidney right after his mother has passed away. Grady Nash, an eighteen year old ranch hand who recently lost his father, is the only person to reach out and comfort Sidney. Sidney’s father is cold and abusive to Sidney and their relationship continues to deteriorate as Sidney gets older. The only spot of sunshine in Sidney’s lonely, young life is [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book on some levels but on others it was not what I'd expected. I liked that we got to follow Nash and Sidney during several years but still I got the feeling sometimes that they didn't really know each other. What did Nash look like? I never got a picture of him, all I know is that he is bigger than Sidney but everybody seemed to be. I also think that everyone took a little lighly on the abuse really and while I'm beeing negative I didn't like the end, no one should have t [...]

    21. Great story from the start. Sydney has a rough life but for most of it he has been in love with Grady Nash. Nash is there for the lonely boy who has just lost his mother and only has his hard uncaring father. Nash is someone Sydney grows to depend on to make his life at home bareable.Loved the characters, as individuals and as a couple, but they both needed more confidence in themselves. Neither of them thought that they were good enough for the other.Recommended and can't wait to read the rest [...]

    22. This story was truly about the trials and tribulations associated with building relationships and developing love. Nash and Sidney gave you insight into so much with this story, you had moments of tenderness, tragedy, and personal growth. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this story and how much more I want of Nash and Sidney. I also loved the development of the secondary characters; they easily nestled into your heart, or in one case put the fire of disgust in your emotional range. [...]

    23. In two minds actually how to rate this one. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't the keenest on the way it ran. I found it very jumpy to go from time period to time period. I was constantly trying to work out how many months/years or whatever had passed between each section. This really pulled me out of the story.I did like the relationship building of the two MC's, that was great. But at the same time there were elements that didn't appeal to me at all. So, it's a real up and down affair for me unfortuna [...]

    24. This was a wonderful read. Carol Lynne's stories are usually full of some major emotional issues. (At all of course but there are many that have some heavy stuff.) This is no different with abuse/neglect by Sidney's father. Sidney is young in this book. He grows up a lot but maturity wise you can tell the difference in the two men even at the end. I am so glad there is more than the one book. The ending for this one just left too many unanswered questions and a troublesome feeling in the air wit [...]

    25. This is an excellent series that chronicles the lives of two men from their early innocent beginnings, and throughout their lives - spanning over 30 years together. In Spring, you read about Sidney and Nash's initial interaction, and the beginnings of their love. Summer, Fall and Winter tell their complete story. It was funny, sexy - and a tearjerker. It was nice to read beyond the initial HEA for a change, and watch true love go through the expected ups and downs over the years. I highly recomm [...]

    26. MM romance between a cowboy who did not finish high school (Nash) and the college educated son (Sidney) of a rancher. This is also a coming-of-age story for Sidney, who is 8 years younger than Nash, although the emotional gap between the two seems greater. The characters felt distant to me and I just could not connect or empathize with either one of them. Despite that, I am going to give the next book in the series a go.

    27. This is a story of young Sidney from the time he was ten until he is all grown up and making his way in life. Nash, a ranch hand, is the one positive constant in his life. I loved this book and am looking forward to more. I hope this is the start of a new series, but if is not, it is a fine novel as it stands and I will be reading it again with pleasure. (Note to author: Please please please write more)

    28. I enjoyed this story. Sidney and Nash just seemed to be destined for each other. I'm looking forward to seeing how their relationship is depicted in the rest of the series.This book details the start of their friendship and the beginning of their romantic relationship. It starts in the spring of 1974 when Sidney is ten and Nash is about eighteen. It ends in the summer of 1990 (view spoiler)[ with their move to Illinois (hide spoiler)].

    29. I rarely read m/m books featuring cowboy characters. Just not my cuppa. This time, however, I decided to give it a shot. Why? Probably because of the great summary and this gorgeous cover. Now, having read this book, all I can say is 'WOW'. Truly, I didn't expect it to be so good. "Spring" by Carol Lynne is definitely worth its price. I loved this book and recommend it to all those who enjoy a well-written m/m romance. You won't be disappointed.

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