Rebel Puritan: A Scandalous Life

Rebel Puritan A Scandalous Life SCARLETT O HARA MEETS THE SCARLET LETTER Impulsively wed as a teenager to a husband she did not love and she married three men all for the wrong reasons Scarlett O Hara Prosecuted and humiliated in

  • Title: Rebel Puritan: A Scandalous Life
  • Author: Jo Ann Butler
  • ISBN: 9780982978009
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • SCARLETT O HARA MEETS THE SCARLET LETTER Impulsively wed as a teenager to a husband she did not love, and she married three men, all for the wrong reasons.Scarlett O Hara Prosecuted and humiliated in public for an out of wedlock love affair.Hester Prynne No, this was Herodias Long of 17th century Rhode Island.Rebel Puritan is a 2012 winner of the Indie BRAG Medallion To rSCARLETT O HARA MEETS THE SCARLET LETTER Impulsively wed as a teenager to a husband she did not love, and she married three men, all for the wrong reasons.Scarlett O Hara Prosecuted and humiliated in public for an out of wedlock love affair.Hester Prynne No, this was Herodias Long of 17th century Rhode Island.Rebel Puritan is a 2012 winner of the Indie BRAG Medallion To read an excerpt, go to rebelpuritan Bookml

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    1. I am an 1/1028 Herodias descendant via her first born Hanna who married William Haviland in Newport, RI ca 1657. Then five generations in NY, one in IA and the rest in CA. I learned of "Rebel Puritan" from the Haviland web site. I had not read for pleasure in decades and I must share that I shed a happy tear and felt a thickening in my gut in reading about the birth of Hanna. I am fascinated by the mix of storytelling with probable factual American history events. Reading the book, connecting wi [...]

    2. As an historian, I find that historical fiction too often dresses modern characters in period costumes, ignoring the fact that the people and times were different. In her novel, Rebel Puritan, Jo Ann Butler has skillfully solved the above problem. She has taken Herodias Long, a real woman from the American colonial era, and breathed life into her and the times in which she lived. I heartily recommend Rebel Puritan!

    3. Jo Ann Butler has done it again!I received an ARC of The Reputed Wife, the second book in this series, and was asked to read it first to assess how it worked as a stand-alone volume. I loved the book and found it indeed filled the bill as its own complete story. But once finished, I was not satisfied. The magnetism of Herodias Long proved too strong to resist, and I was struck with the need to find out what sort of circumstances forged an ordinary girl into such a remarkable woman.I began Rebel [...]

    4. The Rebel Puritan is one of the best historical fiction I have read. The author holds your attention from the first page. The book cover the bubonic plague, servitude in London and then off to the colonies to face the hardships of everyday life. The book moves fast and does not drag in the historical areas with mundane facts.10-30-2012 Just had an opportunity to hear Jo Ann Butler speak at our local historical society. She really made the characters of her book come alive. She spoke of her new s [...]

    5. What can I say about Herodias Long as the Rebel Puritan? She and I are definitely kin! Jo Ann captured my interest in the first paragraphs and I couldn't put the book down. I like the way she weaves the story with history and facts - I learned more about the time period and way of life than I knew before. The story kept me wanting more and satisfied that want. (except I'm ready for part 2!!)

    6. I enjoyed this book immensely. A deliciously scintillating story of a young girl who grew into a woman, wife and mother. I feel a strong connection to my great x 11th Grandmother, and I love the ‘rebel’ in her! I simply couldn’t book the book down and finished it way too quickly. Now I’m eagerly waiting to see what is around the corner for Herodias in book two!

    7. Rebel Puritan is available at rebelpuritan/. It is also available as an ebook at: amazon/Rebel-Puritan-S.Thank you, Jo Ann

    8. The opening scenes of 'Rebel Puritan' are a powerful reminder of how life teeters on the edge of change. This was even truer for our ancestors, especially those on the lower levels of society who were so dependent on the land, their health, and the stability of each other for survival.In the first chapters, Ms. Butler engagingly introduces us to Herodias Long at the age of twelve as a headstrong, impulsive, even precocious girl whose childhood ends as her family is dealt a tragic—but not uncom [...]

    9. This is the story of the author's ancestor who came to New England in 1637 to escape a life of servitude.Unfortunately she finds herself tied to a jealous and abusive husband.Also the puritan colony in Massachusetts is not letting anyone worship in their own way. This is hard reading as I hate to read about people being so mean to each other. At the same time, the details of the heroine's life and feelings intrigued me as well as the motives of those around her. This tale of domestic abuse at a [...]

    10. Wow. Throughout reading this novel, the first in a series, one thought constantly prevailed: "Is this chick ever gonna get a break?" It's one of those novels in which the reader's jaw just drops at how much the heroine must endure and as it's based an ancestor of the author with documents in the back of the book supporting the story, I was amazed that it's true. Women had it rough back then!!!The story begins with Herodias as a little girl She's always trying to get out work. She just wants to b [...]

    11. The cover and title of this novel are a bit misleading - to me, I thought the book would be cheesy and only checked it out because of the rave reviews on here. I'm glad I did. This is a great historical fiction novel - set in the 1600's, starting in plague-infested England and moving its way to Puritan Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I immediately felt attached to the heroine. The writing was very well done and character development was superb. For me, this book falls into the same category as t [...]

    12. Outstanding! Excellently readable, enjoyable, informative, historically accurate. A real treat for anyone who has an interest in early Colonial puritan abuses and/or the transfer of people from Mass Bay & Plymouth to Rhode Island in 1600s. The author does a great job of tying in real events to her realistic portrayal of believable details in the lives of many who fit the description as early settlers of Acuidneck Island (Portsmouth & Newport, Rhode Island). I bought four copies for famil [...]

    13. From an unusual name, to an early marriage, a trip to Puritan MA in New England, early motherhood, an abusive husband, religious banishment to RI, abandonment by husband and removal of her children. Herodias early life in “Rebel Puritan: A Scandalous Life” weaves a revealing story of 17 Century views and attitudes toward women and their lack of rights. I found this a well researched and realistic novel about a strong woman from early New England. I would highly recommend this Historical Fict [...]

    14. Rebel Puritan is a fascinating work. Butler's historic preparation was clearly meticulous and comprehensive: she gleaned an amazing amount about the actual Herodias, and wove it into the social, religious, and political context of her day. Butler offers plausible interpretations of the decisions Herodias made, and draws her as a believable and sympathetic -- not perfect -- character. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to think about the people who were part of history.

    15. A Scandalous Life: Rebel Puritan is a wonderful story is a believable blend of fact and "fill-in." In spite of a life full of hardships and adversity, Herodias kept going, had a family and (presumably) didn't complain. Life in the 1600's was a challenge for most people, Herodias rose to meet it, and set a good example for all of us!

    16. I enjoyed this book very much, a can't put down book. I really liked the way the character was developed and how the author kept me reading to find out what happened next. I look forward to the next in the series. I also have to comment on how well reshearched this book is. I learned things I didn't know about that period of time. Thanks for a great story Jo Ann!

    17. I have enjoyed Rebel Puritan so much that thus far I have read it twice. Herodias was an incredible character with a remarkable life. This is an engaging piece of historical fiction which should be made into an ebook. Highly recommended to all who are interested in an absorbing account of life in Puritan New England.

    18. A fantastic window into our past. For anyone who has paused a moment by an ancient gravestone, found an old record of their ancestor, or wondered what life was like in our country centuries ago, Ms. Butler paints a living picture around the dry facts. An incredible piece of work interwoven with the factual history of our country and culture.

    19. Superb book! I believe Rebel Puritan should be required reading in American Lit classes. A friend suggested I visit the Rebel Puritan web page, and I was impressed with the exhaustive research undertaken by the author. Butler is truly a master at weaving true events with fiction!

    20. This is an excellent historical novel. I couldn't put in down very easily while reading it. The character just happens to be based on one of my ancestors.

    21. Loved the book! I planned to save it to read on my vacation, but I was absolutely unable to put the book down. Bravo to Butler for giving us such a fabulous work of “herstorical” fiction.

    22. It is exciting to find a talented new historical fiction writer. I've been frustrated by the lack of historical fiction about America, but now I can look forward to Butler’s next book.

    23. Rebel Puritan is an exellent book. Jo Ann Butler did an amazing job of allowing the reader to vicariously experience the life of Herodias. Looking forward to reading the sequel.

    24. I am not a big reader of fiction but I could not put this book down! Well written and very entertaining. I hope Jo Ann Butler finishes the next in the series, soon.

    25. This review refers to the paperback book, Rebel Puritan: A Scandalous Life, not the Kindle edition.In recent political chatter, Americans have heard much about the Founding Fathers and what they "must have meant" in their books, tracts, and personal letters about liberties and civil rights. For many of those contemporary speakers, the buzzwords are just hot air, not serious research into the characters and real-life situations of the Founding Fathers.News flash: America's Founding Fathers came f [...]

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