You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought

You Can t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought A book for people with any life threatening illness including life

  • Title: You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought
  • Author: Peter McWilliams
  • ISBN: 9780931580246
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • A book for people with any life threatening illness including life.

    One thought on “You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”

    1. I was recently reminded of this book. It played a *huge* role in getting me out of a funk many years ago, and so I figured I at least owed it and its authors a thank you and glowing review. I don't know where I'd be now if I hadn't read it at just the time I did.

    2. You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought has a lot of good quotes, advice, and points. There are times when the ideas are far fetched and a little odd. I will use some of this advice and help, but some sections were unnecessary. Overall, I would recommend the book to people who want to see life in a positive light and dive into some self-help practices.

    3. I didn't finish this one.I was looking for something like Learned Optimism about cultivating a good attitude and developing a positive mental outlook, but this wasn't it.I found this to be shallow and superficial.

    4. One of the best books out there for lifting yourself up and the others around you. This book and it's sister, Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do, have proven to be an invaluable resource to myself as a writer and and an individual.

    5. With a wonderful, light-hearted attitude, Peter McWilliams shares his thoughts, and quotes from many of the greats in history, as he discusses how our thoughts form our reality. Indeed, from the very first sentences in the book we get the essence of everything that the author is trying to say, “A simple thought. A few micromilliwatts of energy flowing through our brain. A seemingly innocuous, almost ephemeral event. And yet, a thought—or, more accurately, a carefully orchestrated series of t [...]

    6. One of the many great books in John-Roger and Peter McWilliams Life 101 series. The book stresses the importance of being positive about everything and reveals the dangers of negativity and pessimism. Presents concepts on the "disease" of negativity and the "cure" and contains great personal stories and wonderful, inspirational quotes. If you've gotten into the negative thinking habit, this book will help turn you around and send you running the other way!

    7. This book was the beginning of my mind being renewed. I knew I had to make some choices for change but didn't realize they were all internal.I was at a dead beat job and living with some circumstances not desired but this book kept me full of hope and boy is it funny!!!!I would read it at work (call center environment) and others were constantly asking me what I was reading.It's worth more than the retail cost!!!!

    8. A good friend gave this to me a few years ago when I was battling an auto immune disorder. Even though I am in much better shape now, I still find the ideas in here useful. Great place to start for anyone depressed or in a rut of some kind.

    9. I took several pages of notes from this book. It is full of good common-sense counsel that has really helped me in my effort to change negative thought patterns. The quotes that are on every other page add to the positive flavor of the book, and the authors humor also make it an enjoyable read.

    10. This book changed my life. After reading this book, I was successfully able to stop "negative thoughts" and provide more accurate "replacement thoughts." I found the practice to be an excellent tool for principals who often overworked to the point of collapse. This will prevent the collapse.

    11. Good advice on how to focus on the positive and not get bogged down with unnecessary and unhelpful negatives. Lots of quotes. I like quotes.

    12. I've had this book for many years, reread it often, and have highlighted something important on nearly every page.

    13. Probably would have given it a higher rating back in '94 when I first read it. Then it was like gold to me. Now it's something I think I can pass on to someone who needs it more than I do.

    14. It is a nice book that will help one to clarify their opinions about Negative Thinking, Positive Thinking and accepting the reality! Which is the key to start actually monitoring one's thoughts.

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