Stained Glass Monsters

Stained Glass Monsters Creatures from the Eferum are a world wide problem creeping through tears in the fabric of space they feast on every unprotected human they can find Tyrland has a solution in the Kellian faster and s

  • Title: Stained Glass Monsters
  • Author: Andrea K. Höst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Creatures from the Eferum are a world wide problem creeping through tears in the fabric of space, they feast on every unprotected human they can find.Tyrland has a solution in the Kellian faster and stronger than humans, they are Tyrland s clawed, shadowy monster hunters But no matter how faithfully they serve, or how true their sworn word, they are too different, too sCreatures from the Eferum are a world wide problem creeping through tears in the fabric of space, they feast on every unprotected human they can find.Tyrland has a solution in the Kellian faster and stronger than humans, they are Tyrland s clawed, shadowy monster hunters But no matter how faithfully they serve, or how true their sworn word, they are too different, too separate, to ever be entirely trusted.Rennyn Claire is a complication Secretive and obscenely powerful, she knows entirely too much about a massive new threat to Tyrland s safety Worst of all, she is linked to a past that the Kellian would rather forget.All three of these things monsters, Kellian, and an entirely overpowered mage are about to land in Kendall Stockton s lap The last thing Kendall wants is to try to play conscience to someone who can swat her like a bug But innocent lives are at stake, and no one else seems willing to ask if what is necessary is the right thing to do.And who, exactly, is the monster

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    1. Höst continues to give us deep, evocative worlds with this fantasy novel. In this book, the background plays a very large role as the plot is heavily driven by a dire threat to the kingdom the characters inhabit.Tyrland is a kingdom that had been under a light siege from the Eferum—a parallel world of carnivorous shadows that sometimes break into our world to wreak havoc. Tyrland is protected by an elite force of mages who increase their power by spending time in the Eferum—which is tricky [...]

    2. Re-reading this in prep for The Sleeping Life, and very much entertained by the worldbuilding similarities with Touchstone. Touchstone is the SF version of this book - a world outside the world (the Ena and the Eferum), filled with monsters (Ionoth/Eferum-Get) possibly created by imagination, that invade the real world, and are fought off by special soldiers (the Seteri and the Sentene).Partially deliberate - I do like repeating themes, tropes, names, and even characters in different settings - [...]

    3. When a motionless woman dressed in white appears in the village of Falk, Kendall has no inkling that the strange apparition will soon leave her homeless and tangled in the affairs of mages and monsters…What a creepy image that is. An unconscious woman in white, lying on her back with her arms spread. Too heavy for anyone to lift, the air surrounding her heavy as well.No doubt in a different kind of story the woman would seem helpless. Harmless. Saving her could be the object of someone’s que [...]

    4. Stained Glass Monsters is a pearler, a romantic fantasy with a welcome sense of restraint, for all that the fate of the world is at stake. Initially the story is told from the perspective of resourceful orphan Kendall, who is rescued from an unexpected magical disaster by a mysterious stranger who knew it was going to happen. Kendall, now homeless, is more or less dragged into the wake of the secretive mage, Rennyn, as the authorities appear on the scene and the scope of the threat becomes clear [...]

    5. I might write a longer review later, but I didn't enjoy this as much as I usually enjoy books by this author. I think the main reason is that Höst's books share a lot of the same elements, and having read quite a few, I know them well enough to pick the twists well before they occur. The love interest, for example, which Host tends to hide (or rather, not make obvious like most writers), I picked from the very sentence he was introduced, so I wasn't surprised by or even very interested in the r [...]

    6. Such a good read! A bit confusing to start multiple POV with different levels of knowledge of the plot. However, this really allows for a lot of exposition without being info dumpy. Great character development, and real consequences for plot points. Highly recommended. Last logged: Mar 12/16First Read Nov 12 2014

    7. Its to be expected that I would enjoy this, all of Höst's books have been greatly enjoyed by me.  This is however the one I've put off reading because at first I wasn't certain about it.  I'm really uncertain why, I bought it (Kindle and paperback edition), I happily displayed it and told folks about it when I would mention Höst's works to them.  I just somehow didn't get around to reading it yet.Then I got sick and was laid up in bed unable to move more then a few feet and this just happen [...]

    8. I won this book through a First-Reads giveaway. Based on the blurb I was initially unsure if I would really enjoy this book; the quoted portion of the novel was kind of rough and the plot summary a bit vague. But after the first few chapters got me settled into the world and the characters better, the novel really swung into high gear and became engrossing. Things I liked the most:-The Kellian. Oh my, the Kellian. Stained Glass Monsters indeed. Yet I can see them as amazingly beautiful in all t [...]

    9. Another delightful, female-led story by Ms Host. I'm finding her writing consistently enjoyable, and her settings and tone different from series to series (as opposed to authors who just re-write the same basic set of books over and over with different tweaks - Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly, Monopoly-in-your-favourite-city). It is however fun to see how small bits of some stories turned into significant ideas for subsequent ones.I love the fast pace of this book, and how it started when the actio [...]

    10. Actually this book was 3.5 stars for me, probably because I read it so soon after The Touchstone Trilogy.The two bits that were problematic for me were the, to my mind, huge amounts of necessary magic system info - the whole plot centers on the attempt of later descendants of a very powerful mage who has been casting a spell inside the magic dimension Eferum up till now to stop her from succeeding with the final end of the spell - and the role of Faille, the most capable Kellian captain.The auth [...]

    11. I enjoyed Stained Glass Monsters. My rating is really a 3.5. I recently read And All the Stars by the same author and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I thought I'd try another of her works. Andrea K. Host has created a clever and intriguing world in Stained Glass Monsters, full of fascinating hints of further things to come.Stained Glass Monsters has an interesting premise - the real world, and The Eferum - a place which isn't really here, but is throughout everything, and is used to create magic in t [...]

    12. Stained Glass Monsters by Andrea K Höst is a standalone (ish) fantasy book from an author whose books I've enjoyed several times in the past. I added the "ish" because I just saw a listing on her website indicating that there will be another book in the same universe, apparently a sequel, but the first book is pretty self-contained.This was a nice read. The two main characters — Rennyn, the powerful mage who has been trained her whole life to save the world, and Kendall, the teenage orphan th [...]

    13. ShhooTHuMPThis is how this book starts, and in all honesty I very nearly stopped at that. I don't know why, but it just immediately put me off. In fact, I did stop reading after that first word, before coming back to it a couple of weeks later, determined to give it a chance to redeem itself.Luckily for the book, it recovered well from it's bad first impression, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't really follow the magic system at all and found the sometimes quite lengthy passages explaining i [...]

    14. I've been remiss about not posting about this earlier, bearing in mind how much I enjoyed the book. In a way, STAINED GLASS MONSTERS reminded me of Sharon Shinn's Summers at Castle Auburn, which happens to be one of my favourite YA fantasy books.I loved the story in this one - it had a really imaginative plot and is something quite different to other fantasy stories out there. I liked how the author trusted you to get the world, instead of spelling out every single detail. The dual POV worked we [...]

    15. Disclaimer: I received this book via a contest; there was no requirement to post a review.I initially signed up for this book to pre-read it for my 13 year old daughter, so I didn't have any idea if I would like it or not. To my surprise I found myself going back to read another section even after I had set it down. The characters were likable and their actions were believable given the circumstances they were in. While the general path of the story was somewhat predictable, there were several [...]

    16. Hello everything about this is basically my fetish. The blurb is terrible though, I think the one on Host's website is superior. When a Queen's pragmatism outweighs her care for individual lives, she is regarded as a monster. But what of those who try and stop her? If they, too, achieve their aims at the cost of lives, are they also monsters? Do those sacrifices become more acceptable if the victims are willing? If the ends justify the means for her opponents, then why are the Queen's actions "i [...]

    17. 3.5-4 starsThis was an interesting story, that was told from to main people, Rennyn and Kendall. Ren is on a quest to stop the Black Queens grand summoning from happening, something her family has been working on for generations. She had hoped to do it without being seen, with only the help from her brother. But things don't go as planed and she get's tangled up with others. Kendall, has the potential to be a mage, but doesn't really think she can do it. I like the story, I'll probably check out [...]

    18. This was an excellent fantasy adventure. Full of good characters, interesting magic and a nicely twisted plot - I didn't want to put it down.The ending was suitably final to be the end of the story but with enough loose ends to make more books possible. Personally, I'm hoping for more books.

    19. This one starts with a bang, as a mysterious woman in white appears out of nowhere, seemingly, into the middle of a peaceful village. She stays exactly where she is for the rest of the book, but the story races about all over the Kingdom of Tyrland as the former Queen, now exiled into Eferum, the ‘other’ world, tries to make good her return.There are two main characters, of whom Rennyn is the more interesting by far. Intelligent, competent and entirely self-sufficient, yet she never becomes [...]

    20. Before I go any further, I want to address an issue brought up in another review, namely the possibility that the sequel to this book will feature a love triangle between Kendall, Sebastian, and Sutaka. My reaction to that is:NO! Please, please don't! Kendall is my least favorite character in this novel, and the only moments at which I find her sympathetic are those moments when she is acting as a friend to Sukata. I want to see that friendship deepen and develop, and as far as I'm aware, no fem [...]

    21. Somehow I hesitated to read this novel -- I guess the description just didn't grab me. But I should have known better. This was another engaging story from Andrea Host. As of now, I will read anything this woman writes without second guessing. I promise!Once again we are given a very sympathetic heroine. I loved that Rennyn starts right out as a very accomplished, powerful magic wielder. This means her task is less about learning her abilities and limits (as in so many fantasies) but rather she [...]

    22. Definitely enjoyed. Could be a stand alone but I am excited for the sequel that was just released since I think it will pick up a thread or two left hanging (view spoiler)[Helecho's true motives and plans? (hide spoiler)] and I will enjoy revisiting these characters.I love the worlds that Host creates and I like that she takes time to think about the why behind the world- the rules that make the magic work, the hints at the start that support the reveal at the end. Just enough detail is given to [...]

    23. I'm a huge fan of this author's scifi works. I've read The Touchstone Trilogy twice (in the same year, even) and I loved And All the Stars.This is the first fantasy novel that I've read by her, and I can't say that I loved it as much as the others, and yet I found it very enjoyable. One of the biggest obstacles with her novels is that the world building and magic systems tend to be very complex, and I'm always left with a feeling that I don't quite understand exactly what is going on. (To be fai [...]

    24. Hmm. I am really undecided on this one. It held such promise at the start, but it definitely petered off as it went, and the ending was less than stellar and I have to admit I was bit disappointed and even felt a bit cheated by how the main conflict was resolved. It really did not feel like much of a climax at all.I also wasn't much of a fan of how the author did her best to paint the characters as self-sacrificing goodie two-shoes in their motivations and resolve. I wish there had been more gre [...]

    25. I absolutely love the other books that I have read by this author, so when I say this is my least favorite so far, that's not as bad as it might sound. Stained Glass Monsters was still a pretty good book. There are a lot of fascinating threads in the premise of this book, and Host once again manages to create a fantasy world and story that steers clear of the torrent of tropes that flood the genre. I love me some romance on the side in my books, and Host has, as usual, has created a unique and t [...]

    26. I've decided to drop this. I didn't find myself interested in the heroine (which turns out, is Rennyn and not Kendall), I was more curious about Kendall and I didn't like the focus on a different end than the one I expected/wanted. I'm not normally one to stick to this kind of feelings. I go with the flow and try to finish the book (most of the time) regardless of what I may or may not like. However, if I'm not interested, it's really just a no-brainer to me. I abstained from rating because I ma [...]

    27. The story was very original and I liked it very much. I do, however, wish there was more personal detail. I would have loved to know the characters a little better. I put this book off many times because the change of perspective between the two main characters threw me off (it always does, it wasn't anything particular with this story--just my personality). I'm glad I finally got through it, though. I love Andrea K. Host's mind! I wish I had more to read by her right now, but alas, I have gorge [...]

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