Bun Bun Button

Bun Bun Button Paige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma s pets in the Old Blue Chair And when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button an adorable homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose this special time becom

  • Title: Bun Bun Button
  • Author: Patricia Polacco
  • ISBN: 9780399254727
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Paige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma s pets in the Old Blue Chair And when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button, an adorable homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose, this special time becomes even cozy Then a balloon carries the little bunny away Bun Bun braves honking geese and a wide night sky, until luck or love magically brings her back home to tPaige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma s pets in the Old Blue Chair And when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button, an adorable homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose, this special time becomes even cozy Then a balloon carries the little bunny away Bun Bun braves honking geese and a wide night sky, until luck or love magically brings her back home to the little girl who loves her.This heartwarming story celebrates the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, and is perfect for children who imagine their toys have secret adventures when no one s watching.

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    1. Patricia Polacco has become one of my very favorite children’s picture book authors/illustrators. I’ve now read every book she’s written and illustrated. Historically, she comes out with two books each year, and for her last few books I’ve been waiting book to book, as I am caught up, and I’ll continue to look forward to any other books she creates.I finally got this book from the library today; it’s one of a very few picture books that ever made it to my on-deck shelf. I’ve actual [...]

    2. There is something magical in Patricia Polacco’s books. She creates a special story that draws people into the words and pictures. My very first years of teaching, I remember reading and falling in love with her work. Always popular in classrooms, Polacco writes for children’s imaginations, but also connects with adult readers. Her writing and messages are mature enough for middle grades, but innocent enough to make readers of all ages smile and imagine along with the characters. This is wha [...]

    3. Bun Bun Button by Patricia Polacco follows an adventure of a homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose, made by a grandmother for her beloved grandaughter.Paige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma's pets in the Old Blue Chair. This special time becomes even more cozy when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button, an adorable stuffed bunny with a button nose. A balloon carries the little bunny away, and Bun Bun braves honking geese and a wide night sky, until luck - or love - magically brings her [...]

    4. Increasingly, I am drawn to the artistry of Polacco. There is a warmth in her stories that leaves the reader peaceful.This is a lovely story of Paige and her grandmother. There is room for all in the overstuffed, large blue chair, filled with cats overflowing, books, and a grandmother who holds and reads to her beloved grand daughter. This book resonated because most recently, I spend time each night with our grand daughter Kayla and listen while she reads books checked out of her school library [...]

    5. This is a sweet tale about a little girl named Paige and her grandmother. I love that the two spend a lot of time together and that the grandmother creates Bun Bun Button, a stuffed bunny from scrap fabric, for little Paige. We recently made sock bunnies from old mis-matched socks and our girls just love them. So I can see how attached Paige is to her Bun Bun Button. (view spoiler)[The story shows how Bun Bun goes on a wild adventure and then finds her way back home to Paige and her grandmother. [...]

    6. What I liked best about this story were the illustrations-- all the animals, the beat-up blue chair, Paige's tearful expression as Bun Bun Button flies away, and Bun Bun's changing facial expressions even though it is just a stuffed rabbit. I found the ending a bit too coincidental, but children won't notice and will surely find this an enchanting story. Polacco mentions on the dust jacket that she based this story on a real Bun Bun that a young fan gave her. I wish she had included a photo of t [...]

    7. Typical Polacco illustrations. A nice ending to the book. (Maybe the child should learn to listen to the adult next time!) I don't understand why poor Bun Bun didn't get a bath, too. A good lap-read or real-alone choice, probably for a school-age since preschoolers or toddlers might find the book too sad at parts. (I did!!) Stories of lost toys always make me sad--and missing all my toys that did NOT come back to me! But I'm silly that way, and maybe the younger kids would be fine with it.

    8. This is a cute book to read to a class because most kids have that one stuffed animal or toy that they take everywhere with them. This would be a great book to teach text-to-self analysis.

    9. What is it about Patricia Polacco's illustrations that conveys the emotions of her stories so well? She's not the most amazing book artist I've ever seen, though she is very good. I suppose that her illustrations are just another form through which she expresses the powerful emotions in her stories, so intangibly and subtly that it's difficult to pin down exactly how she does it. Patricia Polacco is a wonderful writer and illustrator, and I can't imagine the landscape of picture book literature [...]

    10. Book Title: Bun Bun Button by: Patricia Polacco Short Description of the Book: Paige loves cuddling with Gramma and all of Gramma's pets in the Old Blue Chair. And when Gramma makes her Bun Bun Button, an adorable homemade stuffed bunny with a button nose, this special time becomes even more cozy. Then a balloon carries the little bunny away. Bun Bun braves honking geese and a wide night sky, until luck - or love - magically brings her back home to the little girl who loves herCUS: Narrative Fea [...]

    11. Polacco never ceases to amaze me with her talent as a storyteller and artist. This is a book where love spills, not only from the old blue chair or the lovely grandmother, but from her illustrations as well. They are not like the ones I have seen so far. There is much freedom in colours, colouring and lines. There is liveliness all around it as Bun Bun Button embarks in the greatest of all adventures. It is impossible not to fall in love with this children’s book — even just a little bit.

    12. This is such a charming children's tale about a grandmother who stitches a teady bear for her granddaughter. The bear goes on an adventure via a balloon ride from Grandmother's mom, up through the clouds, and into space. Eventually, the bear makes himself home again. I was drawn by the love between the granddaughter and her grandmother. They have a relationship based on love and understanding. The most powerful statement of love happened when Bun Bun returns home. Grandma tells her granddaughter [...]

    13. Anyone who has loved a precious teddy, or blanket or any item of affection will enjoy this book. It is a story of a girl who falls in love with a special stuffed animal that her gramma makes for her but then looses it while it is attached to a big red balloon. Most can remember the heart ache of watching their balloon float away, but Paige watches her balloon float away with her Bun Bun Button. The story is told in a way, along with the detailed illustrations that really makes you feel like you [...]

    14. A girl and her grandmother have a very special relationship where they spend lots of time together. Grandma's house has lots of dogs, cats, and even a squirrel. The best part for the girl is Grandma's comfy blue chair where there is so much love. The granddaughter realizes that something's missing and she asked her grandmother for a stuffed friend and her Grandma makes her Bun Bun Button. When Bun Bun is taken away unexpectedly, they have to trust that love will bring her back. This book had way [...]

    15. Bun Bun Button is a book about a little girl whose grandmother sews her a stuffed bunny, but then the girl loses the bunny when it flys away tied to a balloon. The next day, the bunny falls back down in the grandma's garden and everything is happy again. I liked this book because it reminded me of my own stuffed bunnies! I'm a college student and I still love my stuffed animals and this book gave me a glimpse of how I used to be when I was young. Although this book was cute, there wasn't much th [...]

    16. One of the things I like about Polacco's picture books is that they are great for the K-2nd grade group (and, sometimes, even older). In a world sometimes awash with toddler/preschool favorites, it's nice to pick up a picture book with depth, longer text, etc.This one is interesting, though, because the storyline is really a younger storyline (special toy gets lost and then found). It makes it a perfect read for the experienced preschool listener as well as for those kindergarten+ kids who are s [...]

    17. Bun Bun Button is another heart-warming, cozy story from Patricia Polacco. Paige loves her Gramma's house full of dogs, cats, love, and home-baked cookies. But, most of all, Paige loves the Old Blue Chair that they snuggle in to read and cuddle. Paige asks Gramma for a something to hold when she sits in the chair. Gramma gets out her calico cloth and presto! Bun Bun Button is born!Paige holds tight and never lets Bun Bun Button out of her sight. But, when she ties the doll's arm to a helium ball [...]

    18. (Mommy's review from 3/4/12) We didn't like this one very much. My daughter and I both go back and forth with Polacco but, and I'm somewhat ashamed, we were kind of making fun here.The illustrations and the story are both so-so, they don't suck, but Julia kept saying, "She should have listened. She should have listened." And, well, she's right. The kid should have listened. I couldn't argue with that.This just isn't one that's memorable for us and we definitely wouldn't want to read it again.

    19. A darling (ha!) story about a girl's favorite stuffed rabbit and his adventures. A great story for children who love their stuffed toys dearly. This is not, however, the best choice for a child who has recently lost a beloved toy as it will certainly inspire false hope. I love Patricia Polacco! Her illustrations are charming and rustic, as usual. The story is lovely and will make a great bedtime story for preschool aged children.

    20. What a disappointment. I am a huge fan of Polacco, but this story was not up to her usual storytelling genius. It is a sweet story of a little girl's homemade gift from her doting grandmother, apparently based on a toy given to her by a young reader. It seemed to be a very personal story without the universal appeal and deeper message that make so many of her reflective and personal stories sing.

    21. I liked everything about this except the end. The illustrations, as always, are wonderful and I did think the repetative language would make it a nice read aloud. I just thought having the bunny magically fall at Gramma's feet was a bit too pat.I did love the jacket note and worry that lots of kids will want to bring their beloved stuffed animals to author visits.

    22. The book was a solid three star book for me until the last page. Paige's grandmother bumped it to a 4 star book that made my voice crack when reading that tender statement aloud. If you want to know what that is though, you will have to read the book :). Besides, Patricia Polacco books are always worth the time.

    23. Inspired by a real story Bun Bun Button embarks on an adventure when the balloon she is tied to floats away from her keeper, Paige Elizabeth Darling. Paige's Grandma had made Bun Bun Button especially for her Granddaughter to snuggle with while they sat in the Old Blue Chair and read stories along with 2 mini schnauzer's, 5 Siamese cats, 1 goldfish (on the table) and a squirrel.

    24. Based on a real-life story told to Patricia Polacco by one of her young fans, this is the tale of an adorable stuffed rabbit who takes the ride of his life -- accidentally! Bun Bun Button is a Grandma-made bunny rabbit beloved by his owner. Everything is going well until one day he gets carried off by a balloon! Readers of all ages will find this story irresistible. - Karen

    25. The little girl visits her grandma often and they sit in the blue chair with the kitties and the dogs and a pet squirrel. The little girl asks for a something to hold while they snuggle in the blue chair. So Grandma makes Bun Bun Button and Bun Bun Button goes everywhere with the little girl. Till one day Bun Bun Button has his own adventure. Nov. 16, 2011reread on july 27, 2017

    26. In Patricia Polacco's ​Bun Bun Button​, we meet Paige and the lovey her Gramma makes especially for her. Bun Bun Button travels everywhere with Paige, until the day Bun Bun's adventures take him a little bit too far. Inspired by one of Polacco's own experiences with a young reader, ​Bun Bun Button ​will resonate with any young child who has ever had a special stuffed friend.

    27. Picture Book 42Such a cute, and beautifully illustrated story! I think everyone can relate to losing your most prized possession as a child, whether it was a stuffed animal or blanket, so this story is very easily relatable! Good bedtime story.

    28. I thought this book was decent. It is about little girl who ties her stuffed bunny to her balloon and it gets away in the wind. In the end she gets her bunny back. The kids in my class really seemed to enjoy it.

    29. Read this as part of my library's very first "Stuffed Animal Sleepover". It complimented the theme quite well since it was the story of a little girl and her stuffed bunny (a lot more to it than that, but wouldn't want to spoil the plot!) and it seemed to be enjoyed by the kids.

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