Lady Emma's Dilemma

Lady Emma s Dilemma Once lovers Lady Emmaline and Baron Devreux have differing points of view concerning a long ago tryst and some what ifs But in an unexpected encounter the two simply have too many questions and the

  • Title: Lady Emma's Dilemma
  • Author: Rhonda Woodward Rhonda Woodword
  • ISBN: 9780451217011
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once lovers, Lady Emmaline and Baron Devreux have differing points of view concerning a long ago tryst and some what ifs But in an unexpected encounter, the two simply have too many questions and the answers only come by moonlight with a little mischief.

    One thought on “Lady Emma's Dilemma”

    1. A theme I always love to read is that of second chances and for Lady Emma and Baron Jack Devreux, their second chance at love was a long time coming. Thirteen years both Emma and Jack were young and in love, Jack building back his estate after his father nearly ruined it and Emma the shining star on the ton.Due to Emma's family being against the match, Jack and Emma decided to run away and elope but before they can go far fears and youth drive them apart until years later Emma's return to Societ [...]

    2. This book is a companion to The Wagered Heart but can easily be read as a stand-alone. Lady Emmaline Fallon, the older sister of the Duke of Kelbourne, is a young widow grown tired of life in the country and come to Town for some adventure. Emma becomes the new reigning beauty, much to the dismay of an actress named Mrs. Willoughby alias Queen Willow, the former beauty. Emma is looking for love but not to remarry. She vows never again to allow a man to have complete control over her. Several can [...]

    3. The writing style is good, and the story had so much potential, but as things progressed it was incredibly one-sided. I could not see the heroine's point of view AT ALL. She was just wrong. Wrong, wrong! And that would have been okay if the story had progressed to her REALIZING that she had been wrong and coming to terms with her young, stupid self. But she never does. In fact, at one point the hero says "Then you forgive me?" Forgive him? She should be the one asking for forgiveness. She could [...]

    4. Once again, Rhonda Woodward has captured my romantic heart with this wonderful novel! How I fell in love with Jack and Emma! And I absolutely loved the little connections to the book "Wagered Heart" (also by Mrs. Woodward). The ending chapters were certainly exciting and romantic! How I found my heart racing and leaning over the edge, ready to fly away. And--oh!--how I flew~And Jack Oh, goodness, what a man to swoon over! I certainly did--his character, the description of him He was quite intrig [...]

    5. I enjoyed this one and thought it was well written. I liked Emma and Jack. I did think their separation was rather long, 13 years, and their reason for parting was kind of silly. But, they did have some good moments. I would have tweaked a couple things, but overall it was fun. The ending is a bit abrupt, I think it needed an epilogue. Content: Clean. Some mild talk of mistresses.

    6. Insubstantial fluff. Not quite ridiculous enough to be enjoyable for over-the-top hijinks, but more than enough to get the eyes rolling once or twice. I found myself most interested in the "villain's" outrageous mistress and the heroine's married friends who are having a spat over jewelry.

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