Artists and Models

Artists and Models Both stories capture a moment of sexual awakening and reveal the subtle or explicit means by which men and women are aroused Lust obsession fantasy and desire emerge as part of the human condition

  • Title: Artists and Models
  • Author: Anaïs Nin
  • ISBN: 9780141022369
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Both stories capture a moment of sexual awakening, and reveal the subtle or explicit means by which men and women are aroused Lust, obsession, fantasy and desire emerge as part of the human condition, as pure or as complex as any other of its aspects Previously published in The Delta of Venus 1978 and Little birds 1979 respectively Artists and Models A Model

    One thought on “Artists and Models”

    1. As a fan of Anaïs Nin's body of work, it is difficult to be objective. Her life is fascinating! This book was much more erotically charged than I expected- silly, of course. Just look at the cover! That's why I gave it 3 stars. It would have been more interesting to me to hear some non erotic stories in the mix. I love her books because of their poetic, conversational style- a difficult combo to execute. This book had elements of both. I would recommend it.

    2. No había leído a Anais, aunque tengo sus diarios incestuosos y alguna otra cosa más. Este librito, como otros de la colección, es una buena introducción (bueno, cualquier cosa que digo ya suena a doble sentido). Son dos textos sobre lo mismo: modelos femeninas posando para escultores, pintores e ilustradores, de variados estilos, pero todos queriendo encarmarse con las modelos. La sucesión de escenas, al acumularse, produce un efecto porno soft en loop. Las escenas de sexo suenan todas con [...]

    3. Love Anais Nin and her impeccable sense of lust and desire. Her work is beautiful and at times confronting but always erotic and pleasantly exhausting.From the Pocket Penguin 15 (2005, 56 pages).

    4. Except for very prudish readers, there's nothing wrong with Anaïs Nin's writing. She portrays interesting characters in situations where sexuality is depicted in an unashamedly frank and forthright manner. So far, so good. The low(ish) star grading is the result of Penguin's packaging. Nin is another author who was also inluded in the Penguin 60s. That is not problematic per se, but in the Pocket Penguin 70 there are only two stories, one of which also apeared in the Penguin 60 booklet (with ab [...]

    5. feminist awakenings? a novel by Anais Nin who subverts the notions of the passive, submissive, sterile and frigid notions of women. she explores and exploits the very real hold that women and the sexual feminine body wield over men.i picked up Anais Nin because I came across a quote from her, "We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are." which really rang in me. How short, how simple and true.

    6. I'm going with three stars on this one. The writing seems almost gentle and fluid, easy to get lost in the words. I think I would like to read a novel by Anais Nin, this book was two short stories, but a novel to get to know the characters a little more with a longer storyline.

    7. Quite raunchy. Told in first person from the perspective of a woman telling of her experiences modelling for various artists.

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